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Fight fat with fats– the right kind of fat, that is.  Several clinical studies (one is in the May 2007 edition of “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”) have shown that adding Omega 3’s to your diet, along with exercise, can […]

Don’t be afraid of hunger.  It isn’t the enemy. It’s just a tool your body has of letting your “conscious pilot” know it is time to refuel. We talked in earlier posts about the “auto-pilot” in your brain who controls […]

I stopped in front of a storefront at the mall. “Oh, look!” I said. “They’ve put in one of those ice cream places we’ve seen advertised.  Let’s try it.” “I’ll get you something if you want,” my naturally-thin husband, Paul, […]

Sometimes you gain weight when you lose sleep.  Will sleeping more help you drop the pounds? Maybe.  First there is the relationship between the hunger hormone ghrelin and the fullness hormone leptin that we looked at yesterday.  When you are […]

Lose weight while you sleep!  That sounds like a late-night infomercial for a miracle pill.  Too bad those things never work.  However, there is a definite connection between how much you sleep and how much you eat.  The amount — […]

We used to say our stomachs “shrank” when we dieted. I always imagined that the poor starved thing withered down to a smaller size so that it was full with less food. That’s not really what happens when we lose […]

“I can’t help being overweight,” a friend told me. “My hormones are out of whack.” And she is exactly right.  I could tell without a peek at her blood work or a word with her doctor.  I’ve heard that same […]