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You are starving. Or are you?  We are so disconnected from the messages our bodies are trying to relay that we misinterpret them — a lot! Often we think we are hungry when we actually are getting the “thirsty — […]

How can hunger help us in our journey to a healthier weight?  It can tell you when you need to eat — and what you need to eat. Well, duh.  You would assume that to be obvious.  But is it? […]

Don’t be afraid of hunger.  It isn’t the enemy. It’s just a tool your body has of letting your “conscious pilot” know it is time to refuel. We talked in earlier posts about the “auto-pilot” in your brain who controls […]

I stopped in front of a storefront at the mall. “Oh, look!” I said. “They’ve put in one of those ice cream places we’ve seen advertised.  Let’s try it.” “I’ll get you something if you want,” my naturally-thin husband, Paul, […]

Losing the battle with hunger?  A recent study from the University of Sydney, Australia gave a helpful tip — make sure that at least 15% of your meals are protein.  Researchers found that when they gave the test subjects meals […]

But I’m HUNGRY!!!!! You’ve already had your lunch, and you really aren’t just stalling — wanting to nibble before you get back to work.  You are just not satisfied.  What can you do? Almonds — the next item on our […]

Eating is easy.  It seems like a quick fix to make us feel better.  Unfortunately, food doesn’t really solve any of our real problems.  Like drugs and alcohol, it just gives us a temporary boost.  To be free of an […]

We used to say our stomachs “shrank” when we dieted. I always imagined that the poor starved thing withered down to a smaller size so that it was full with less food. That’s not really what happens when we lose […]

“I can’t help being overweight,” a friend told me. “My hormones are out of whack.” And she is exactly right.  I could tell without a peek at her blood work or a word with her doctor.  I’ve heard that same […]