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Want the easiest way possible to speed up your metabolism?  Catch some more zzzzz’s! It’s true.   In 1999 the University of Chicago did a study with eleven lean young men.  They had them sleep eight hours for the first […]

Stress. It’s a part of our lives.  People give us problems.  We have money worries.  Our schedules are too busy.  It’s not pleasant. Now we know from numerous studies that stress not only takes its toll on your nerves. It […]

We used to say our stomachs “shrank” when we dieted. I always imagined that the poor starved thing withered down to a smaller size so that it was full with less food. That’s not really what happens when we lose […]

“I can’t help being overweight,” a friend told me. “My hormones are out of whack.” And she is exactly right.  I could tell without a peek at her blood work or a word with her doctor.  I’ve heard that same […]