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 This is only my opinion, but here is a summary of what I consider the best of the alternative sweeteners.  These are the ones I will be using: 5. Xylitol.  This sugar alcohol has about 10 calories per teaspoon, and […]

Honey has a lot going for it as a sweetener of choice.  We have seen that it has vitamins and minerals as opposed to the empty calories of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and a lower glycemic index number […]

How about a homemade, honey weight loss drink?  A cruise of the Internet  turned up several interesting recipes from a variety of places.  Please note that I am not prescribing these, or even recommending them, necessarily.  I’m just sharing with […]

Good news!  You do have some healthier options. We’ve been looking at sweeteners that are hidden poisons.  Now we’re going to examine some choices that are natural and good-for-you, as well as some that are natural-and-not-bad-for-you.  Unfortunately, they all have […]