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We’ve met the leader, the sparkler and the analyst.  Have you recognized yourself yet?  If not, today must be your day. The fourth personality type is the supporter, or server.  These baby-steppers are usually people-pleasers. They honestly care about others, […]

What are you like?  Knowing who you are is a big help in finding a plan to help you succeed in your weight loss/healthy living goals. We are going to look at the four basic personality types. See if you […]

Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down for the Lord upholdeth him with His hand.  Psalm 37: 24 Whoops!  Three-year-old Henry slipped on the wet pavement and plopped to the ground. Good thing Grandma was holding his […]

Here’s another food  you probably thought you could never see again on a healthy eating plan — pasta.  Most pasta, when cooked al dente, is low to low/moderate on the glycemic index.  That doesn’t mean that your whole diet can […]

How are the steps coming?  Do you need suggestions for working more steps naturally into your day?  Here’s one that changed my numbers dramatically. I used to be frustrated at the amount of time I had to spend on the […]

“Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.” Dorie the Fish from Finding Nemo “I have more than a hundred pounds to lose,” a friend told me. “It seems hopeless — like I’ll never get there.” How do you eat an elephant?  One […]

Why a two o’clock post? Because, for me, two is slump time. We all have body rhythms that peak and fall. There are times of day we feel creative and have energy. Larks have them in the morning while owls […]