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For those who want a list from best to worst in one place — here it is: 1. Stevia. Zero calories. Glycemic Index: 0 2. Coconut sugar.  16 calories per teaspoon. Glycemic Index: 35 3. Trehalose. 11 calories per teaspoon. […]

There are a lot of sugars out there!  This series has brought lots of questions, comments, and not a little discussion and disagreement.  Several people asked me to do a summing up of what I found.  Let me stress that […]

Variety may be the spice of life — but too much of that spice may have contributed to our epidemic of obesity.  A study in this month’s  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tested the idea of putting a meal […]

Think of your body as an airplane. You are the pilot of your personal “craft.”  The part of you that lives in your brain and makes the decisions, has the memories and feelings, is your conscious pilot.  You pilot your body […]

You lose weight by eating moderate portions from the green, low glycemic list and avoiding the high glycemic, red list, right?  The high glycemic foods make a load of sugar hit your bloodstream in a rush.  Then your pancreas pumps […]

Want to know what vegetable is the number one most nutritious veggie? The Center for Science in the Public Interest gives the award to…..drumroll please……..the sweet potato! Surprised? You probably thought these spuds were duds on the dietary level. After […]

It’s Memorial Day — a day to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. It’s also the big cookout day for most of us.  We will be tempted with potato salad, homemade ice cream, and a multitude […]

A stroll down the sugar and sugar alternative aisle in the health food store will….confuse you.  What are all these products and how are they different from sugar?  We’ve looked at some — honey, stevia, agave Nectar, and xylitol.  Today […]

Good news!  You do have some healthier options. We’ve been looking at sweeteners that are hidden poisons.  Now we’re going to examine some choices that are natural and good-for-you, as well as some that are natural-and-not-bad-for-you.  Unfortunately, they all have […]

It’s amazing what  a little whipped cream can do to make a bland dish into a indulgent-feeling dessert.  Yes, I said whipped cream. Like most dairy products, whipped cream has a zero glycemic number and, a  1/4 cup serving has […]