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There was that look again.  My friend’s eyes began to glaze over — and I realized I had been talking too much about my weight loss plan. It happens. We talk about the things that concern us, the things going […]

We don’t really want to lose weight. We want to lose fat.  Other things, like bones and muscles, we want to save. Unfortunately, when the pounds leave, blubber isn’t the only thing to go.  You lose muscle, too.  Let’s take […]

You’ve been working hard on your weight loss plan — so why aren’t you seeing results?  Chances are the results are there  — but you are looking for them in the wrong place.  We use the scale as the primary […]

You knew that Vitamin C prevents scurvy.  And when you have a cold you reach for the C supplements.  But did you know that Vitamin C can give your fat-burner a boost? The University of Arizona did a study in […]

Fight fat with fats– the right kind of fat, that is.  Several clinical studies (one is in the May 2007 edition of “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”) have shown that adding Omega 3’s to your diet, along with exercise, can […]

Numbers — I never have liked them!  That comes from being a word person instead of a math person — and also because of a decades-long fight with the numbers on the scale. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story.  […]

Fat is the evil monster that makes you unhealthy and packs on the pounds — or so modern thought would have you believe. For the last 20 plus years, dietary fat has been cast in the role of a villain, […]

Do you have to deny yourself the goodies that you make and enjoy just during this holiday season? No.  God made all good things for you to enjoy. So enjoy them. You can do that without a problem as long […]