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Maybe too many of us have heeded that advice, “Eat dessert first.”  It may be true that you sometimes miss out on good things by saving them until it is too late to enjoy them.  When we are talking about […]

It’s all in your head — the research proves it! Not to call you a fathead.  I just read an article about a study done at Rush Medical Center in Chicago, published in the August edition of the Journal of […]

Who wants to eat a boring old salad?  Nobody. So make an interesting salad that you will actually enjoy eating.  How do you jazz up a salad to make it tasty? Start out with the greens.  Use different ones — […]

We’ve met the leader, the sparkler and the analyst.  Have you recognized yourself yet?  If not, today must be your day. The fourth personality type is the supporter, or server.  These baby-steppers are usually people-pleasers. They honestly care about others, […]

The Lord knoweth the days of the upright….and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.  Psalm 37: 18a and 19b Having a tough day?  The Lord knows all about it and gives a special promise. He will satisfy […]

When goods increase, they are increased that eat them. Ecclesiastes 5:11 This Scripture verse probably has a deeper meaning — but it is true for us who are on a quest to live a healthier, more active life and are […]

The last in our series of surprise low-glycemic foods is another which you probably avoided in other diets.  The avocado has received a bad rap over the years and is listed as an exception in the “eat fruits and vegetables” […]

It’s amazing what  a little whipped cream can do to make a bland dish into a indulgent-feeling dessert.  Yes, I said whipped cream. Like most dairy products, whipped cream has a zero glycemic number and, a  1/4 cup serving has […]

Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.   Ps. 17:5 Sometimes a healthy eating plan seems like a slippery slope, doesn’t it?  It’s so easy to slide into bad habits and to make poor choices.  […]

Here is another surprise for you — cream cheese.  You probably thought it was the cream cheese on the bagel that was adding the inches to your waistline.  Actually, it was the bagel!  Cream cheese is on the green-for-go list. […]