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  Problems with high cholesterol?  Help might come from an unlikely source. It’s another surprise good-for-you and budget-friendly low glycemic food: garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas. Many people around the world eat garbanzo beans as a staple part of […]

But I’m HUNGRY!!!!! You’ve already had your lunch, and you really aren’t just stalling — wanting to nibble before you get back to work.  You are just not satisfied.  What can you do? Almonds — the next item on our […]

We’ve talked a lot about things you don’t need to eat — expensive “diet” foods that don’t really help your waistline or your health.  You can also save money for the “good stuff” by bypassing the expensive, pre-processed convenience foods […]

Eating good food that promotes weight loss doesn’t have to break the budget.  You don’t have to have the pricey, pre-packaged “diet food.”  Concentrate instead on buying the highest quality “real” food you can afford.  Here are some tips to […]

Yes, you can afford to eat a healthy diet with quality foods!  One easy way to add more money to your food budget is to push that grocery cart right past the beverage aisle. Don’t stop! Americans spend $66 BILLION […]

How can you afford to lose the extra weight when everything on the diet food aisle in the grocery store is so pricey?  Easy answer.  Skip the diet food aisle. A trip down that section of most stores will reveal […]