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Think of your body as an airplane. You are the pilot of your personal “craft.”  The part of you that lives in your brain and makes the decisions, has the memories and feelings, is your conscious pilot.  You pilot your body […]

People trapped by pounds of fat feel like hiding in the dark. (Been there!)  But one of the best things you can do to speed up that dragging metabolism is to get out in the sunshine. I know, we’ve been […]

How do you rev up your sluggish metabolism?  Try packing in the protein.   Numerous studies have shown that eating fewer carbs and emphasizing proteins help with weight loss, blood sugar issues, and cardiovascular health.  Let’s go inside our bodies […]

Want to speed up your dragging metabolism?  How about eating more?  More often, that is. When you skip a meal your autopilot gets worried. “Fuel is running short,” he signals to all your organs. “Everyone slow down and conserve.”  And […]