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 It’s recipe day — and here is one that is surprisingly low glycemic. The avocado has received a bad rap over the years and is listed as an exception in the “eat fruits and vegetables” chapter of many diet books.  […]

Today is recipe day.    Here is one of my favorites. I love to take it to potluck dinners so there is something filling and yummy I can enjoy without giving myself a setback.  Next week I’ll post my favorite […]

It’s tough to be good during the holidays!   I know that — so today I’m posting a cookie recipe that isn’t exactly good for you, but is significantly, well, less bad.  The protein lowers the glycemic load and it […]

It’s recipe day — and I’ve been working on a healthier version of an old favorite. I found a recipe for Lemon Cloud on a low glycemic Web site.  However, I have learned a lot during the years I have […]

It’s the season for sweet potatoes.  We most often eat them in holiday casseroles that taste more like desserts than a side and which, unfortunately, are so full of sugar that most of the good-for-you qualities are negated.  But there […]

It’s recipe day — and I want to share a second cranberry recipe I found while looking for cranberry sauce recipes the other day.  It’s for dried cranberries.  Most of the time dried fruit is counter-productive.  There is too much […]

We’ve been talking about the importance of eating those raw veggies to prevent age-related eye diseases like glaucoma.  One way we do this at our house is to have a vegetable tray ready-made and ready for snacking. The veggie tray […]

The smell of baking goodies fills the air as you bake holiday goodies for for parties and for gifts for your friends and loved ones.  But — what are YOU going to eat?  You are committed to a low glycemic […]

Cranberries can do wonderful things for you — including helping you to feel and look young. (See yesterday’s blog.)  A USDA study showed them to be the fruit with the highest antioxidant values. But how do you eat them?  You […]

It’s recipe day — and here is one using the super nutritious sweet potato. Ingredients 2 medium/large sweet potatoes 1 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil 1 bag fresh baby spinach 1/4 cup sour cream 2 ounces cream cheese 1 cup chickpeas […]