Beyond Gorgeous

Okay folks, we’ve already been on every diet known to man — or woman. We have done without fat, red meat, sugar, and carbs at various times. We have eaten grapefruit until it was coming out our ears. We have crunched, kicked, danced, and jogged.

But now it’s different. Why? Because, let’s face it, we always starved and tormented ourselves so we could be gorgeous. In a world that says thin = good and fat = bad and unwanted, we did everything we could to reach that impossible standard of beauty. We starved to look like pencils.

Now we are on a different quest. We are mature folks who have fought the good fight. We raised our families and are at, or nearing, retirement from jobs. Now it’s time to think of ourselves. Now is the time we can fulfill our dreams. And we want to feel good enough to actually do that!

Before, we dieted and exercised to look great. Now we are all about FEELING great! So we aren’t going to do painful, obsessive things. We are going to start doing things that aren’t just good for us — they are fun and fulfilling.

Most of us are over 50 (although “junior” members are welcome to join us), so, unless we live to be over 100, we have less than half of our life to go. If we don’t start living our dreams now — when are we going to do it?

How can we live an exciting, fulfilling, vibrant life after 50? There are three keys:

Behind the first door: Have a REASON to live. Who wants to just hang around? We’ll talk about the fulfilling things you can do to make a difference in the world. There are plenty of them so you can take your pick!

Key number two: Get a move on! It’s now or never. Use it or lose it. You don’t have to do those stupid stomach crunches if you don’t want to. (I don’t know about you — but I”M not wearing a bikini this summer anyway.) But you do have to do SOMETHING. We’ll talk about lots of “somethings” you can do to get moving and start feeling terrific. You are unique. We’ll work together to help you find what type of exercise fits YOU and makes you happy.

And number three: Give your body what it needs so it will work with you — not against you. I’ll be introducing you to your auto-pilot soon. That’s the part of your brain that keeps you going. Find out how to give the correct signals to your autopilot so you can get rid of those pounds that slow you down and make you feel blah and depressed. You’ll be surprised!

I am ready for the best part of my journey. This is your invitation to join me on the trip!