Beyond Gorgeous

Yes, there are some!  However, do NOT believe those stupid commercials that promote Sugar-Coated Sweetie Blasts as healthy “whole grain” food!  I’m not sure what their definition of whole grain is — but those easy-to-digest and calorie-laden foods don’t qualify as either  healthy or low-glycemic.

But here are some that will satisfy you and keep you on the program.  By now you can figure out that these will be chewy and full of fiber.

There is quite a bit of difference, for some reason, in where specific cereals fall in the different reference lists I have.  Grape Nuts, for instance, has been listed in all three different categories in three different books.  It doesn’t really matter too much, though.  If you are eating mostly on the green lists and have one serving of a borderline cereal, you probably are not going to suffer from it — especially if you enjoy it and it helps keep you on the plan. Grape Nuts cereal isn’t likely to slow down your weight loss — unless you eat the whole box in one sitting, of course!

Note that low- GI cooked cereals are not “instant” but slow-cooking. That’s because they take the fiber out and pre-process the cereal to make it quick.  Plan on a longer cooking time

Oatmeal (old fashioned and steel cut)

All Bran

All Bran Buds

Special K (green on some lists, yellow on others. Just keep it to one serving.)

Fiber 1

Kashi Go Lean


Grape Nuts — maybe.


That’s a short list — but you can add others by reading the labels.  A good-for-you cereal will have at least 10 grams of fiber and be low in sugar.  Try to keep it under 10 grams, but the lower the better.

I have a book that references many specific brands, so feel free to ask about your favorite.  In general, most cereals are yellow to red, though.

And remember, green is not the same as free. This category is another that is easily moved from green to yellow or red if you have more than a single serving.  Also, read the box for the serving size.  A serving of Special K is one cup. A serving of Bran Buds is 1/3 cup.

Eating to live and living for Christ,


“Man cannot live by bread alone — but a woman can.”

I identify with that quote!  If there was a healthy bread-only diet, I could stick to it with no problem.  This is  definitely a category that is easily overdone, and eating too much can change these from green light to red light in a flash.  Try to stick to one serving per meal or snack.

The good news is that there are breads that can be eaten in moderation without giving your autopilot that dreaded message to store fat.  These breads will be dark and chunky, because they have lots of fiber.  That means your stomach will have to work to digest them and the sugar will go into your bloodstream slowly and steadily instead of in a spike.  Here’s my list of breads with a glycemic index less than 55:

100% stone ground whole wheat bread

Whole wheat tortillas

Corn tortillas

whole wheat pitas

sourdough bread  (something about the acid content makes this one low GI)

Whole grain pumpernickel

Whole grain rye

Oat bran bread

Ezekiel bread

A note of caution: Read the label!  Some breads are labeled “whole wheat” but they are really only white bread with carmel color added to make it look browner.  Just remember– the chunkier and chewier the better.

Also, be aware that breads might be a trigger food for you. It is for me. I have to leave them alone!  Try and see what works for you.

Are you wondering about a particular type of bread that isn’t on the list?  Feel free to ask and I’ll look it up for you.  I have a multitude of lists in my resource stack of books and will be happy to check it out for you.

Eating to live and living for Christ,


Well, here is good news!  This is a category of food that is free — or nearly so, especially when you eat them raw.  The fiber makes them hard to digest, so it’s difficult to eat enough to give you a big insulin spike.  They also fill you up and provide lots of nutrients.   Spend some time checking out the produce section of your grocery store and buy some different varieties of vegetables.  Here are some suggestions of old standbys and some that might not appear regularly on your table.


alfalfa sprouts



bean sprouts


brussels sprouts


carrots (raw — they move to yellow-for-caution when cooked.)





green beans






peppers — all varieties

peas (fresh or frozen)



snow peas

sugar snap peas

summer squash (yellow crookneck and patty-pan)

sweet potato (surprise!)


cherry/grape tomatoes


Beans fall in this category, too.  Here are some to choose from.

black-eyed peas

baked beans

kidney beans


chick peas

pinto beans


If it isn’t on the list, it is still probably okay since the yellow and red light list is pretty short.  However, feel free to ask and I’ll check it out for you.

Eating to live and living for Christ,


Why a two o’clock post? Because, for me, two is slump time. We all have body rhythms that peak and fall. There are times of day we feel creative and have energy. Larks have them in the morning while owls are at their best in the evening hours. And we all have a time that is a low time — a time when our spirits as well as our bodies slump.

That’s the danger time for dieters. At 2 o’clock I don’t really believe I can lose weight. I no longer believe what I’ve learned about how my body works and I think it doesn’t matter anyway. I bet you have a time when it is hardest for you to stick to a plan, too.

The smart thing to do is make preparations for slump time. In the morning I’m going to write something encouraging and post it at my personal low time. You can check it out any time after 2, when you hit your slump.

And if you have encouraging words, I’d like to hear them! Groups like Weight Watchers succeed mainly because of the support system. We can do that for each other. What is your favorite quote or inspiration when you are down and tempted to fall? Post them here and I’ll feature them in later slump-time posts.

For today I want to give you a challenge. You can give up on your weight loss/healthy living journey any time. It’s up to you. I’m here to encourage you, not to shame you or force you into anything.  But, I want you to commit to NOT giving up at slump time. Do it with a clear head and with good reasons (if you can think of any). Don’t sabotage yourself at slump time when you can’t trust your feelings!