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Glaucoma and cataracts — two of the major age-related sight stealers.  Today we will look at the third of the big three: macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is the gradual breakdown of the macula cells. The macula is the small, yellowish […]

We’ve learned that eating foods high in vitamins A, C, and E, as well as getting plenty of  Omega 3 fats, can help with glaucoma. There are other lifestyle changes you can make that will also help. One of the […]

We take our five senses for granted — until age begins to steal them away.  One sense we particularly want to guard is our eyesight.  I know this, because I was recently diagnosed with glaucoma, one of the eye diseases […]

Noise — it drives us nuts. It also damages our hearing.  As we get older, we see the cumulative effect of the blare of loud music, screaming kids, and roar of traffic of a lifetime.  However, there is hope!  I […]

Church fellowship is precious — but oh that weekly time of fellowship that involves snacks!  It can be (and often is, in my case) a deadly time for a healthy eating plan. Perhaps I had better explain that our church […]

One way to break the failure cycle is to identify the reward you get from your bad habits.     Then you can change your routine so you get the reward without going through the harmful behaviors. For instance, say […]

Habits. They can make or break you when you are trying to establish new, healthier routines in your life.  We’ve seen that there is a definite habit pattern.  First is the cue, which leads to the routine, which leads to […]

Ha! Another study just proved my theory was right.  You can have greater success on your healthy eating plan by making it easier on yourself. In an article appearing in American Journal of Preventive Medicine, a team of Massachusetts General […]

We’re always looking for it — that magic pill that will make the fat melt off our bodies.  A new study shows surprising evidence that the magic pill might have appeared.  A study published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity […]

Plan for failure.  Hey — don’t panic!  I didn’t say “plan to fail.”  You are planning to win.  But along the path to the finish line there will be many stumbles and falls.  You will lose some battles on the […]