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Good morning!  Are you ready to get down to brass tacks about how to start giving your autopilot the right message?  Ready to start losing the pounds and feeling stronger and more energetic? That’s where we are headed.  We’re talking […]

Cereals seem to wander from one category to another more than any food in my various lists.  One reason for that might be that formulas for the cereals often vary from country to country and the bulk of testing has […]

Most of the breads do fall in these categories and should be eaten in small amounts and in moderation, especially if they are a trigger food for you.  Some of the yellow light breads are: barley flour bread some fruit […]

There are a few more of these than there are veggies. Here are some fruits that should be eaten in moderation: apricots banana cantaloupe melon coconut figs fruit cocktail (canned) kiwi (borderline red light) mango papaya peaches (canned) pineapple raisins There […]

There aren’t many of these, but there are a few.  Some of the vegetables to eat more sparingly are: beets butternut squash cooked carrots acorn squash new potatoes pale skin potatoes rutabaga spaghetti squash sweet corn You can still have […]

You are probably looking for it — the “King’s X” food.  Is there a food that doesn’t raise your blood sugar?  Well, yes.  Meats, poultry, seafood, and eggs do not have any insulin response.  That’s because of the fat and […]

You will enjoy these — especially after you have been off high sugar treats for a while. When your taste buds have revived from the sugar-numbing, fruit will taste sweet and satisfying.   In general, eat the fruit in as […]

Look both ways as you approach this green light! Most dairy products have a low GI — including yogurt, some puddings, and even ice cream.  They contain both protein and  fat, which slow down digestion so that you don’t have […]

Yes, there are some!  However, do NOT believe those stupid commercials that promote Sugar-Coated Sweetie Blasts as healthy “whole grain” food!  I’m not sure what their definition of whole grain is — but those easy-to-digest and calorie-laden foods don’t qualify […]

“Man cannot live by bread alone — but a woman can.” I identify with that quote!  If there was a healthy bread-only diet, I could stick to it with no problem.  This is  definitely a category that is easily overdone, […]