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Are you really hungry, or do you eat because of habit?  I’ve been doing some research on habits and addictions — and have come to conclusion that many of our problems with staying on a healthy eating and exercise plan […]

Ha! Another study just proved my theory was right.  You can have greater success on your healthy eating plan by making it easier on yourself. In an article appearing in American Journal of Preventive Medicine, a team of Massachusetts General […]

We’re always looking for it — that magic pill that will make the fat melt off our bodies.  A new study shows surprising evidence that the magic pill might have appeared.  A study published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity […]

You knew that Vitamin C prevents scurvy.  And when you have a cold you reach for the C supplements.  But did you know that Vitamin C can give your fat-burner a boost? The University of Arizona did a study in […]

Here’s one you may have heard about.  Drinking tea — especially green tea– can help prevent belly fat, boost metabolism and speed up weight loss. One way that green tea prevents belly fat is by counteracting cortisol.  You might remember […]

Want a new way to speed up your fat burn?  Press the fast forward button for 10 to 40 seconds and your workout can become a much more effective metabolism booster.  I personally would be content to do just about  […]

Maybe it isn’t creeping age that is playing tricks with your memory.  It could be the desserts and soft drinks that caused you to forget your neighbor’s first name. You have heard that high fructose corn syrup damages your body […]

Does your body seem to hang onto the calories instead of burning them off?  An answer to speeding up your metabolism may be as close as your kitchen faucet.  You can speed up your metabolism by drinking more water. Here’s […]

I thought I had this series about wrapped up until I took that final trip down the alternative sweetener aisle at the health food store.  “Sugar Made Healthy” a package proclaimed.  I picked it up and looked over an alternative […]

The desert lies bare and brown for years — and then when it rains, it suddenly blooms with color.  How do these plants stay alive and dormant during those dry years?  By means of the sugar we are looking at […]