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We all have body rhythms that peak and fall. There are times of day we feel creative and have energy. Larks have them in the morning while owls are at their best in the evening hours. And we all have […]

It’s the season for sweet potatoes.  We most often eat them in holiday casseroles that taste more like desserts than a side and which, unfortunately, are so full of sugar that most of the good-for-you qualities are negated.  But there […]

What can you do if you have risk factors for macular degeneration?  What if you have already been diagnosed with this age-related sight-stealing disease?  Is there anything you can do? Yes! You can avoid the risk factors that you can […]

What causes macular degeneration — that sight-stealer so prevalent among the more mature crowd? Free radicals are a major culprit.  They form when the blue and ultraviolet sunlight passes through the lens of the eye.  Consistently wearing good sunglasses is […]

Glaucoma and cataracts — two of the major age-related sight stealers.  Today we will look at the third of the big three: macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is the gradual breakdown of the macula cells. The macula is the small, yellowish […]

Sometimes I find myself thinking of my body as a naughty child who will unpredictably do something mean — like putting on a couple of pounds when I expected better behavior!  We’ve all experienced that phenomenon of mysterious weight gain […]

It’s recipe day — and I want to share a second cranberry recipe I found while looking for cranberry sauce recipes the other day.  It’s for dried cranberries.  Most of the time dried fruit is counter-productive.  There is too much […]

We already know that vitamins A, C, and E are good for your eyes.  Getting them in your diet will help prevent cataracts, among other eye ills.  The nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin also are helpful.  So are the B vitamins. […]

Cataracts, that film that grows over the lens of the eye, gradually steals away vision.  Age is the biggest predictor of developing them.  One statistic I found, but was unable to substantiate, said that 75% of people over 60 will […]

We’ve learned that eating foods high in vitamins A, C, and E, as well as getting plenty of  Omega 3 fats, can help with glaucoma. There are other lifestyle changes you can make that will also help. One of the […]