Beyond Gorgeous

I glanced down the cookie aisle at the grocery store — and felt a sense of loss.  Remember the days when I could pick out cookies — any kind of cookies — and treat myself?  I love reading and snacking on sweets.  That set off a rush of regrets as I thought of all the goodies that were no longer a part of my life.

And it made me mad.  Losing extra weight is not easy for me.  I can build muscle, but the flab still hangs on around my middle with stubborn determination.  Why should I have to always be denying myself?

Recognize that thought pattern?  I did, and pulled myself up with a jerk.  Those weren’t treasures I was passing up.  They are poisons.  Yes, they taste good, but the taste only lasts for a short while.  The aftermath hangs on for much longer. The sugars slow down my brain. I feel sluggish and crummy when I indulge. And I feel so bad about myself when the scale inches upward.  It’s not so much the numbers that bother me, but the lack of self control they represent.

I pulled my mind away from the cookie aisle and thought about the clothes I have that fit — almost.  A little more work and I can wear a smaller size.  How good it feels to have the zipper slide easily up a skirt.  To button a pair of pants without holding my breath.

And how empowering to be able to run across the parking lot to chase a runaway piece of paper caught by the wind!  To be able to hike and ride a bicycle.  To have energy to do worthwhile things.  To live.

Which do I want more?  I passed on the cookies and opted for life.

My challenge to you this week is to keep your goal in mind. Think about what really matters to you most, and make your choices accordingly.

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown

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