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Plan to celebrate.  In fact, start celebrating now.

One trouble with doing healthy things is that we are used to having the bad stuff as “treats.”  If we don’t get them, we feel we are being punished. So don’t punish yourself.  What kind of non-food indulgences do you enjoy?  A manicure and pedicure?  An hour soaking the tub with a new book?  A round of golf?  Going to a movie?

Figure out rewards and celebrate each victory along your way to the goal.  Don’t feel deprived!

And I would recommend that you don’t reward yourself for weight loss. That’s its own reward, and you aren’t totally in control of that.  Instead, reward yourself with small daily treats if you have stayed faithfully on the plan. If you reached your exercise or step goal.  If you took your supplements and drank all your water.

A week of perfect eating without a slip-up?  Go for a bigger reward.  Reach your weekly step total?  Yea for you!  Time for a pat on the back in the form of something you enjoy.

One person bought herself little daily prizes and bigger weekly treats and wrapped them up like presents.  She knew what was in them, but having something to unwrap added to the fun.  Instead of feeling deprived, after a day of “good behavior” she had a reward to look forward to.

So I recommend you go reward shopping.  If you can’t resist dipping into the goodie stash, ask your spouse or friend to be in charge of handing out the prizes.  Make each day a celebration — and before you know it you will have the lasting reward of good, established habits and a healthy, vibrant body.

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown

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