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We’ve been talking about planning — and how it can be the key to your success in your healthy eating and exercise plan.  Plan your food — don’t try to make decisions when you are tired and starved.  Plan your exercise, so you will be sure to have time to do it.  Take a look at what you have on your schedule for the week so that you can plan strategies for challenging events like parties and so that you can plan a workout schedule that will fit in with the things you have to do.

Here’s something else to add to your list:  Plan for the unexpected.

It will happen.  Your routine will be upset and you will find your good intentions teetering on the brink of abandonment.  If you have a “Plan B” for when life takes an unexpected turn, you can keep from falling over that cliff.

It could be something simple, like keeping a pre-measured serving of nuts in your purse or in your car in case you are caught out and can’t make it home to your healthy lunch.  That bit of foresight might preserve you from a 1,000 calorie burger and fries.  You might want to have an easy-to-prepare dinner in the freezer for days when you are too tired or too busy  to make the meal you planned.  Keeping boiled eggs and cut-up vegetables ready for a snack attack or to hold you off when your meal is delayed is another good strategy.

Think ahead.  What are events tend to bend your days out of shape and dump temptations in your lap?  How can you prepare ahead of time to meet those challenges? I’d love to hear from my readers about the things that trip you up, and what you are doing to keep your balance.

The unexpected will happen, but you don’t have to let it defeat you.  Planning ahead can save you some grief!

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown

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