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A sweetener that has no calories, a glycemic number of zero, and no side effects. Besides that, it is relatively inexpensive. So why doesn’t everyone just use Stevia?  The comments I’ve received on yesterday’s blog tell why.  The taste.

I understand.  When I first used Stevia, I thought it was dreadful.  Here are some tips for getting over that hurdle.

*Use less.  That’s what I did wrong at first.  I used too much.  Try adding a tiny bit to your tea or coffee and gradually add more.  Too much will definitely leave a licorish-like aftertaste.

*Use a different form.  I had a bad experience with liquid Stevia, but found the powder much more palatable.

*Try a different brand.  There is a huge difference in taste and in potency among the different brands.  Don’t give up if the one you chose first isn’t the best.

*Try it first in hot beverages.  It dissolves well and the flavor is less noticeable in tea or coffee.  Add it to other foods and beverages as you learn how to adjust for its potency.

*Still don’t like it?  Try cutting it with sugar.  In fact, there is a sweetener on the market that is half Stevia and half cane sugar.  By doing it yourself, though, you can gradually decrease the sugar portion as you get used to the flavor of the Stevia.

We’ll be talking about more options in posts to come, but I hope you give this one a chance.  It will be worth the slight effort your taste buds will be making!

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown

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