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Some folks — we call them Blitzers — love New Year’s resolutions, because they are always up for a challenge.  And the bigger the goal the better!But you may not be a Blitzer.  If you don’t like change and if big goals are intimidating to you, you may be a baby-stepper. If you are, you probably will do better with small, reachable goals.  Once you have made those little changes and reached your first goal, you can set another bite-sized goal for yourself.

Don’t say, I’m going to do my killer, painful video twice every day and cut my calories to 1,000, like a Blitzer is inclined to do.  Perhaps you can say, I’ll cut down my calorie count by 100 to 200 a day by cutting out dessert.  And I’ll keep track of my steps with my pedometer and add 200 steps to my average this week.  Those things are easy and doable, so you will be more likely to accomplish them.

After these small things become a habit, in a week or so, you can add another baby-step goal.  Perhaps you can switch from sodas (including diet soda — which doesn’t help you lose weight) and drink tea with Stevia instead.  Keep on adding 200 steps to your daily walk so your numbers will keep adding up until you are passing 10,000 steps a day.

Baby steppers are just as likely to reach their goals as Blitzers — if not more so.  You just have to adjust your goals to suit your personality and do what works for YOU.

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown


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