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God didn’t make us with a cookie cutter.  Every single one of us is different.  Your New Year’s resolutions should fit YOU and your personality.  We’ve talked before about ways the different personalities can approach losing weight and getting fit.

People tend to be either Blitzers or Baby Steppers. Click here to read about Blitzers. Blitzers are goal oriented people who thrive on challenges.  They are the folks who really get into New Year’s resolutions — at least throughout January.  Blitzers tend to go all out, and then burn out.

If you are a Blitzer, you can reach your goals for 2012, if you keep in mind both your strengths and weaknesses.  Since you enjoy going a bit overboard, go ahead and jump in!  Just plan to fall back to a reasonable program when you run low on steam.  Don’t give up and go back to your bad habits. So write out your big plan and also write out your fallback plan.  You might want to work out vigorously every day and stick to a stringent diet plan.  But have a more generous, low-glycemic eating plan ready and falling back to three times a week exercise, or a simple walking program, is perfectly acceptable.

Leaders are usually Blitzers.  They do best when they have someone following them.  Now is the time to find out if anyone is interested in a weight loss support group or if anyone else wants to join an exercise class or join the gym.  Knowing people depend on you will keep you faithful and headed toward your goal.

Knowing yourself and doing what works for YOU can make this your most successful year yet!

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown


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