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How can you actually keep your resolutions this year? We talked yesterday about the importance of preparing physically.  Begin eating healthier and start weaning yourself off sugar to give yourself a better start.

You can also start preparing yourself mentally.  Write down all the reasons you want to lose weight and get in shape.  If you don’t really want the results that badly, you won’t do what it takes to actually accomplish your goals.  Does your list of reasons starts with, I want to lose weight because: “I want to get spouse off my back about my extra weight,” or “I know I should, ” or something similar?  You are doomed already.  You need to have valid reasons that are important to YOU.  Some good reasons?  Here are ten results that you will see from losing 10% of your body weight.

Better blood pressure

Improved heart health and lower cholesterol levels

Decreased risk for diabetes

Enhanced sex life

A better night’s sleep for those with obstructive sleep apnea

Less pain associated with arthritis, joint disease, and lower back pain.

Better breathing

Decreased risk for colon and breast cancer

A healthier gallbladder

More energy

Make sure you have your “why” down pat.  Next step — Figure out the how.  We’ll look at that tomorrow.

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown

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