Beyond Gorgeous

Get ready folks!  The eating season is getting ready to start. From this week until the first of the year there will be candy, pastries, and  other fattening goodies in plenty to tempt you from your healthy lifestyle.  How are you going to cope with them?

It’s probably not reasonable to suppose that you will forego every one of your favorite goodies offered during the holidays.  Unless you are of a particularly strong disposition or have health issues, like diabetes, that make sugar deadly, the smartest plan might be to go for damage control.

If you eat in a particularly careful way most of the time and make a special effort to get your exercise in, you likely won’t do any major health damage if you indulge occasionally.  It’s throwing in the towel and pigging out during the whole month of December that will kill you.  So plan to be careful most of the time and, when you do eat those favorite treats, enjoy them!  Take small bites and savor that pie or homemade fudge.  Remember that overindulging will not only put those pesky pounds back on, but you will feel really crummy tomorrow if you overdo it today, so be moderate.

You can get through this time unscarred. Just plan ahead and don’t neglect your exercise!

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown


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