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You need salt to stay alive — so why does a can of Pringles make you swell up like a toad? The answer lies in the kind of salt we use in our society.  Most of our salt is mined […]

How do you feel when you start a weight loss plan? I always felt angry.  I would think about the people who were not satisfied with me as I was and, yes, I resented them!  It just wasn’t fair that […]

Sometimes it just happens.  You are rolling along on your new healthy lifestyle and feeling pretty good — and good about yourself.  You are developing a taste for good-for-you low glycemic food and only rarely miss that soda.  Exercise has […]

What’s causing your weight gain?  You might have picked up the culprit at your pharmacy.  Antibiotics are wonder drugs that have changed the face of medicine and saved countless lives over the past 70 years or so.  However, no drugs […]

You knew that exercise is good for your circulation.  You can feel your blood pumping, oxygenating all your organs as you do a vigorous workout.  Did you know that you have another circulatory system going on?  It’s  like the body’s […]

“As long as we keep eating, we don’t have to wash the dishes.” My Grandma used to quote that old saying. It probably referred to more in life than eating, but it applies to those of us who are moving […]

Set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth. (Colossians 3:2) Can’t stop thinking about food?  Maybe that’s a signal to you that you need to change your focus.  The more you set your sights on the Lord […]

Sleeping better may help with your weight loss goals by keeping your hunger vs. fullness hormones in balance. Besides that, avoiding being over-tired can help you also avoid over-eating and binging. Not to mention that you won’t be in the […]

Sometimes you gain weight when you lose sleep.  Will sleeping more help you drop the pounds? Maybe.  First there is the relationship between the hunger hormone ghrelin and the fullness hormone leptin that we looked at yesterday.  When you are […]

Lose weight while you sleep!  That sounds like a late-night infomercial for a miracle pill.  Too bad those things never work.  However, there is a definite connection between how much you sleep and how much you eat.  The amount — […]