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We think of them as the enemy — and we jump with glee at the thought of any diet plan that doesn’t require us to count them.  Those pesky calories.

The good news is that on a low glycemic eating plan you really don’t have to count them.  However, you can’t just forget about them altogether. If you are faithfully eating from the green list with some from the yellow and an occasional red, but still aren’t losing weight, it may be that you are getting too much of a good thing and are consuming too many calories.

Calories, by the way, are not demonic little creatures that make us fat while we are sleeping. They are simply units of energy.  If you take in more than you spend, you will gain weight instead of losing it.  It’s like you are fueling your body up at the pump.  If you keep adding fuel and don’t spend it, your body will have to create new storage tanks to put it in.

So if you aren’t losing, you can either eat less or exercise more — or both.  Some low glycemic foods that may be tripping you up:  Nuts.  They are terrific for your health and will keep your blood sugar steady and your energy up.  However, they contain lots of fuel.  Eat a handful, not the whole bag.

Dairy.  Cheese sticks or a square of cheese makes a great low-glycemic snack.  Eating a whole block won’t help you reach your goal.  Neither will ice cream.

Whole grains.  Even those on the green/yellow list can undo your good work.  Some folks have found that cutting out grains altogether makes the difference between a good weight loss and being stuck at a higher number.  Many people have an inherited condition that makes it difficult for their body to process grains.  If you aren’t seeing a loss, you might try leaving off all grains for a while.  See if going gluten-free makes a difference in how you feel and how you look.

Most people are able to eat comfortably on a low glycemic plan and won’t even have to worry about calories.  If you are one who tends to overdo, you may have to start keeping track of them for a while.  A food diary will be a big help in identifying problem areas.  And it will be temporary until the eating plan becomes a habit for you.

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown


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