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Some of have “friends” like this ultimate teaser.  A real friend won’t torment you or try to make your healthy eating plan harder for you.  Some folks tease or place temptation in your path  because they feel more of a […]

A crumpled check is still good money, if the signature is on it. So is a crumpled prayer, if Jesus name is really on it. -J. Piper Is it okay to pray for help on your weight loss journey?  God […]

Suppose that I went to the doctor with a suspicious lump and got the bad news from the doctor. Cancer. “Do I have a chance?” would be my first question. The doctor might answer,   “Yes, I think so.  Of course […]

Sometimes you just need something munchy.  Here is a recipe that is good for you, easy to fix, and inexpensive.  How can you beat that? Our post yesterday featured the often-overlooked, low glycemic wonder food — garbanzo beans, or chickpeas.  […]

  Problems with high cholesterol?  Help might come from an unlikely source. It’s another surprise good-for-you and budget-friendly low glycemic food: garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas. Many people around the world eat garbanzo beans as a staple part of […]

But I’m HUNGRY!!!!! You’ve already had your lunch, and you really aren’t just stalling — wanting to nibble before you get back to work.  You are just not satisfied.  What can you do? Almonds — the next item on our […]

A new diet super-food that helps prevent heart attacks, lowers blood pressure, and improves brain function!  Are you ready to shell out big bucks to get it?  Keep your money in your wallet.  It does, indeed, do wonderful things for […]

Sometimes you feel like you’re being buried — as if the whole world is trying to do you in.  Everything goes wrong, and you want nothing more than to reach for the cookies. I had that kind of day yesterday […]

We’ve talked a lot about things you don’t need to eat — expensive “diet” foods that don’t really help your waistline or your health.  You can also save money for the “good stuff” by bypassing the expensive, pre-processed convenience foods […]

Let’s imagine that you are very rich.  You have ten billion dollars in the bank. Now let’s suppose that  your friend Sally comes to you and says, “I’m in a lot of trouble.  If I don’t get some money I just […]