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Some folks can turn anything into a party.

We’re looking at the four personality types in this series, because WHO you are makes a big difference in HOW you can be successful in losing weight and getting fit.  Today we’re looking at a group who are almost always baby-steppers. We’ll call them sparklers.

The party starts when the sparklers arrive.  They are enthusiastic, out going, and friendly. Sparklers are sometimes called promoters, cheerleaders, or socializers.  They are those social folks who like being around people and enjoy being the center of attention.  They are the life of the party — and they like to party.  Words of praise are important to sparklers and they have a special need for approval.  Sparklers are fun folks.

They have a short attention span, don’t like details, and have a special aversion to dreary.  A eating/fitness plan that involves self denial and pain will be a certain miss with them, especially if it takes a long time to see any results.

The leader will accept hardships and self-denial because her eyes are on her goal and reaching a goal is what lights her fire.  The sparkler is looking at the present, and if the present isn’t fun, then she loses interest and drops out.

So how can you stay the course if you are a sparkler?   Make it fun.  Weight loss support group leaders pray for people like you!  Join a group and start making it a party.

Sparklers bask in praise, so it makes sense to find a group where there are large helpings of praise and encouragement dished out.  And you can do your part by serving up encouragement to others.

If you are a sparkler, you most likely won’t enjoy solitary walks and workout routines.  Find an activity you enjoy, like bowling, and join a league.  Or find an exercise class you enjoy and help make it fun for everyone.  Sparklers will probably like Zumba more than a step class.  Make it easy on yourself and choose a routine that you enjoy.

Sparklers won’t want a restrictive diet, either, so add variety and try out new things from the green list and allow more from the yellows.  Click here to learn about the Green Light/Red Light eating plan.  Your weight loss may be slower if you eat more borderline foods, but if it will help you stick with it longer, then that’s okay.  Figure out new recipes — and send them to me!  I’m not good at it, but would like to publish great low glycemic recipes.

Sparklers have lots of strengths and can be a blessing and encouragement to others.  Build on those strengths and you will succeed — and have fun while you do it.

Eating to live and living for Christ,
Susan Jordan Brown

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