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How are the steps coming?  Do you need suggestions for working more steps naturally into your day?  Here’s one that changed my numbers dramatically.

I used to be frustrated at the amount of time I had to spend on the phone.  I wanted to be moving, but felt tethered to my chair while I handled calls for my home-based business, church matters, friends that needed an ear, and elderly relatives who were lonely and wanted to tell me their life stories.  I wanted to be a blessing to all these folks, but talking and listening just don’t burn up many calories.

Then it occurred to me that I wasn’t really tied to my chair.  My phone doesn’t have a cord.  I started getting up and walking around the house during phone calls. Soon it became a habit and now I automatically start walking when someone calls me.

Instead of making me sedentary, those calls set me in motion. The sometimes tiresome calls — the ones that required me to be on hold or that involved listening to a beloved family member tell me a well-worn story yet again — became my gentle workout time.  They were transformed from an irritation to a boon. I would think, “Oh, good. It’s So-and-so. She’s good for a couple thousand steps at least!”

If you are having trouble getting in the steps you need, start walking when the phone rings. And if you don’t have a lonely relative or friend who calls you frequently to give your numbers a boost — I recommend you find one or two and start giving them calls.  It’s an easy way to be a blessing — and to get one.

Eating to live and living for Christ.
Susan Jordan Brown


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