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It’s slump time — the dreaded time when our emotions lag behind our wills.  Do I really want to make these changes?  Is it worth it?  Does it matter anyway? Yes!  Don’t listen to the negative voices inside your head.  […]

Most of the breads do fall in these categories and should be eaten in small amounts and in moderation, especially if they are a trigger food for you.  Some of the yellow light breads are: barley flour bread some fruit […]

There are a few more of these than there are veggies. Here are some fruits that should be eaten in moderation: apricots banana cantaloupe melon coconut figs fruit cocktail (canned) kiwi (borderline red light) mango papaya peaches (canned) pineapple raisins There […]

There aren’t many of these, but there are a few.  Some of the vegetables to eat more sparingly are: beets butternut squash cooked carrots acorn squash new potatoes pale skin potatoes rutabaga spaghetti squash sweet corn You can still have […]

You are probably looking for it — the “King’s X” food.  Is there a food that doesn’t raise your blood sugar?  Well, yes.  Meats, poultry, seafood, and eggs do not have any insulin response.  That’s because of the fat and […]

You will enjoy these — especially after you have been off high sugar treats for a while. When your taste buds have revived from the sugar-numbing, fruit will taste sweet and satisfying.   In general, eat the fruit in as […]

Look both ways as you approach this green light! Most dairy products have a low GI — including yogurt, some puddings, and even ice cream.  They contain both protein and  fat, which slow down digestion so that you don’t have […]

Yes, there are some!  However, do NOT believe those stupid commercials that promote Sugar-Coated Sweetie Blasts as healthy “whole grain” food!  I’m not sure what their definition of whole grain is — but those easy-to-digest and calorie-laden foods don’t qualify […]

“Man cannot live by bread alone — but a woman can.” I identify with that quote!  If there was a healthy bread-only diet, I could stick to it with no problem.  This is  definitely a category that is easily overdone, […]

Well, here is good news!  This is a category of food that is free — or nearly so, especially when you eat them raw.  The fiber makes them hard to digest, so it’s difficult to eat enough to give you […]