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One of the most hurtful comments made to me during the worst of my depression was this: “You must not want to get better.” I’m having a hard time forgiving the person who said that, even as I know she […]

One of the many reasons I very much respect my doctor, Milena Hruby Smith, is that she is extremely modest and humble. And while some patients are reassured by a doctor who delivers his assessment in an unequivocal, confident style […]

There was an interesting editorial in the New York Times last month (click here) about what to do when doctors err. All the malpractice suits has driven up insurance. Says the article: The willingness of doctors at several major medical […]

Thanks to readers Sandy Slaga and Larry Parker for bringing this AP story, “Study: Treating Depression Is Good for Business” to my attention. Here’s the gist: Investing in depressed employees — quickly getting them treatment and even offering telephone psychotherapy […]

It’s not everyday that you show up to a nice swim club in Belmont, Massachusetts as someone’s guest and get to talk shock therapy with Kitty Dukakis’s doctor. My guardian angel Ann introduced me to this wonderful man as “the […]

A depressive becomes a kind of detective in trying to solve the relapse dilemma. “What the hell triggered this?” I’ve been asking myself for about eight days. I studied my sleep-mood-menstruation-medication journal and realized one thing had changed: I went […]

Every depressive is different when it comes to crying “Uncle,” and calling the doc. My guardian angel Ann says that if she stays in bed three days in a row, she will call the doctor on the fourth day (or […]

Right after reading TJ’s uplifting success story, I learned about this disturbing story: An Australian woman accused of murdering her father and sister was denied psychiatric treatment because of her parents’ Scientology beliefs. You can read the entire story by […]

My doctor’s visit today felt a tad bit like confession. “So how are you?” “To tell you the truth, I’ve been feeling a bit fragile. Nothing like last summer when I awoke each morning fighting feelings of wanting to be […]

If a person weren’t mentally ill before dealing with health insurance companies about her mental health benefits, she surely would be after a phone call or two. Marbles start rolling out of the noggin a second after the back-stabbing representative […]