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I never considered myself an athlete. My twin sister grew up with the reputation of being the tomboy of the family, the sporty one who participated in soccer and other organized sports. I was the brain and artsy one, who […]

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Okay, before I start, I’d like to say that I do shave my armpit hair, and wear antiperspirant when going to any public event. I don’t hang out under trees all day, though I do occasionally hug them.  HOWEVER, I […]

I have decided to dedicate a post on Thursday to therapy, and offer you the many tips I have learned on the couch. They will be a good reminder for me, as well, of something small I can concentrate on. […]

Are you more susceptible to illness than other people? Do you have difficulty establishing proper boundaries in relationships, and communicating your needs?  You could be a Type C personality, which makes you more susceptible to illnesses, says Michael Jawer in […]

The following post is by Hilary Smith, author of “Welcome to the Jungle: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bipolar But Were Too Freaked Out to Ask” (Conari Press, 2010) and a cool blog to go with it, “Welcome […]

7 tips for all of us who are sugar-sensitive to stay on track during the holidays.

“Eating Your Way to Happiness” author Elizabeth Somer gives us some tips for healthy eating during the holidays!

It’s possible to leave Thanksgiving dinner with a tiny piece of room in your stomach. Here’s how.

I’m always looking for stories that will console me about my lack of cooking aptitude and talent. So this Associated Press story was clipper! “See, Eric, you don’t want me to cook, really you don’t.” To read the full AP […]