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My doctor’s visit today felt a tad bit like confession. “So how are you?” “To tell you the truth, I’ve been feeling a bit fragile. Nothing like last summer when I awoke each morning fighting feelings of wanting to be […]

In order to be discharged from the inpatient psych unit at Laurel Regional Hospital, all patients had to make a list of goals that they would work on once they got to sleep in their own beds. Three top goals […]

Awhile back a reader asked if I would address the topic of weight gain as a side effect of medications. She feels less depressed now, but is struggling with the excess weight. In the Winter 2007 Issue of the Johns […]

What is the worst possible question you could ask a woman with a history of an eating disorder (or any female, but especially a female with body-image issues)? I’ll give you a hint—it’s three words long and ends with an […]

Speaking of races, triathlons, and contaminated Annapolis water, I was so relieved to read Charles Henderson’s article on how long distance running can be an important spiritual practice, because, here’s my confession: I can only meditate when I’m moving. The […]

I used to attend a weekly candlelight yoga class. Every Friday evening I would seek courage in warrior pose, stability in tree pose, and peace in lotus pose. And for what seemed like eternity I wondered, “What am I doing […]

Now here’s an image worth a holiday chuckle: a dozen naked women in the gym locker room rushing to get their pants on to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” “I wish they would just kill the music,” one woman says, […]