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It’s not often that I find good advice on how to approach my depression in a diet book, but as Eric was reading his most recent volume on how to shed pounds, “The Structure House Weight Loss Plan,” by Gerard […]

I never considered myself an athlete. My twin sister grew up with the reputation of being the tomboy of the family, the sporty one who participated in soccer and other organized sports. I was the brain and artsy one, who […]

I’ve always known that I climb out of any pool a lot happier than when I dove in. Yes, I know any kind of aerobic exercise relieves depression. For starters, it stimulates brain chemicals that foster the growth of nerve […]

Here’s an entry from my archives that you’ll appreciate. Maybe. If you have a sense of humor. And are a tad OCDish like me. The most challenging part of my sprint triathlon last weekend had nothing to do with physical […]

I found this helpful blog post from “” by Dorothy Foltz-Gray and Beth Dreher on finding your ideal weight. Here are the first two steps:  1. What’s your BMI? How tall you are, obviously, has a lot to do with […]

This is a favorite post from my archives on facing your fears (with a little common sense). Speaking of irrational phobias and obsessions, I learned an important lesson the morning (last month) I was supposed to run the 22nd Annual […]

I found this great blog post from Craig Harper, one of Australia’s most respected motivational speakers and educators from my blogging buddy Talia Mana’s “Emotional Eating Carnival” (sounds like cotton candy, but it means collection of blog posts, sorry to […]

I don’t think workout queen Kathy Smith would have stuffed herself like I did at my sister’s farm all week. Her exercise regime is a tad different from mine, but we’re alike in this regard: exercise saved our lives! Here […]

Did you ever consider designing your workout to match your personality? You think the author of this concept has too much time on his hands? I agree with you. But interesting, nontheless. “Fine-tuning your workout based on your personal tendencies […]

I found this article, “Day of Rest, Posture of Rest” by Diane Bloomfield an interesting read. Excerpted from her book “Torah Yoga,” she believes that both Shabbat and yoga teach us the art of relaxing and restoring ourselves. To read […]