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For all of you readers who are curious to know what Barack Obama’s stance is on mental health parity, I did some digging and found this letter he wrote (okay someone from his office) to mental health blogger, Alicia Sparks. […]

I have long wanted to write about depression and the stigma felt in the African-American community. In both my inpatient and outpatient treatments, black women and men talked about the need to keep their mood disorder private. Newsweek magazine recently […]

Jennifer Kushell, the President and Co-founder of Your Success Network and author of “Secrets of the Young & Successful: How to Get Everything You Want Without Waiting a Lifetime” has compiled 10 tips for the tens of thousands of people […]

Since we are having a discussion in Group Beyond Blue about which movies we hate the most, or which do a horrific job of portraying mental illness on the big screen, I thought I’d post Movie Mom’s fun gallery on […]

Beliefnet’s Esther Kustanowitz has written an interesting blog on actor Willie Aames, citing the interview with Star magazine about his depression and suicide attempt. If you’d like to read more, check out Esther’s blog by clicking here.

Want to know the real story behind “Marley & Me”? This USA Today article from the bestselling author John Grogan is an interesting read. Sometimes amazing gifts come in small packages, and sometimes they come wrapped in soft white fur. […]

I am republishing a post I wrote around the time of Pausch’s death. It seems like the closer one is to death, the more genuine one becomes. The more courageous one is to speak his truth, and nothing but the […]

Also from Save the Assistant’s Lilit Marcus comes this interesting nugget … Dr. Drew, the psychologist/addiction specialist who runs the clinic on the TV show “Celebrity Rehab” said the following about Tom Cruise: A lot of people in the public […]

When it comes to fashion, I usually run about two years behind. Right as the bell-bottom jeans are no longer in vogue, I decide to buy a pair. But, hey, when it comes to the state of psychiatry and support […]

Among those quoted for CNN’s article, “Your blog can be group therapy,” was Therapy Doc, whom I‘ve interviewed for our “How Do You Move Beyond Blue?” series. The article is worth reading. You can get to it by clicking here. […]