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When I was an assistant editor at U.S. Catholic magazine, I remember publishing a piece by Christine Gudorf called “Don’t Cancel That Guilt Trip.” She makes a strong case for why we should, as a society, hang on to a little guilt […]

Group Beyond Blue member SurvivorForce started a discussion thread called “Are we damned if we commit suicide?” at Group Beyond Blue on Beliefnet’s Community. He wrote:   I have heard that some believe suicide is unforgivable, and that God will […]

Because I’m on vacation this week, I’ve decided to publish posts from the two-week test pilot of Beyond Blue back in October of 2006, two months before its initial launch in December 2006. We’ve come a long way! Throughout my […]

Thanks to my friend David Gibson, now I can’t blame Catholicism for my guilt complex. To read his post on a recent study showing that Catholics (as well as other Christians) are actually no more guilt-ridden than anyone else, click […]

I don’t know if you’ve heard but David Gibson, the award-winning religion writer who is the Catholic expert in most (okay, all) circles ever since he converted at the age of 30, is now blogging for Beliefnet! His blog, appropriately […]

Gus Lloyd, host of “Seize the Day” on Sirius Radio, the Catholic Channel, posts a 60-second reflection on his personal website everyday. Here is the one that we talked about on the air yesterday: Troubled Hearts Today in the first […]

There have been many interesting articles on the state of the American Catholic Church, but I found this essay by Dan Barry in the New York Times especially charming and intriguing, probably because I agree with so much of it. […]

With Pope Benedict’s visit to the US (check out Beliefnet’s coverage by clicking here) comes an opportunity for me to explain why Catholicism is, hands down, the best religion for the mentally ill. Here are a few cool devotions and […]

Be sure to check in with David Gibson, who is blogging for Beliefnet on all aspects of the Pope Benedict’s visit in the US, if you want to know why he is here, and how it’s going.

My friend Jim Martin has a great video clip from Stephen Colbert’s segment about the pope. In true Colbert, it’s priceless. Click here to see it. Jim Martin writes: There are few people who are more excited about the pope’s […]