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Another story that helps me to put things into proper perspective is a passage from Anna Quindlen’s “A Short Guide to a Happy Life.” The text was originally her commencement address to Villanova University. Click here for the entire speech. […]

Fellow Beliefnet blogger and bestselling author Bruce Feiler believes that Mother Teresa’s crisis of faith makes her more human. To read his blog post about the modern saint, click here.

Find out how grateful you are by taking Beliefnet’s gratitude quiz (by clicking here). Do me a favor, and don’t tell me your results. Because knowing yours is higher than mine will have me in the same funk I felt […]

I’ve been meaning to compile all the sentiments among you readers that thank fellow readers for being transparent (along with me), those who share their stories and wisdom on the message boards. I, of course, appreciate them. But so do […]

It’s official. I’m not a country girl. Eight days buried in rural Cedar, Michigan, without access to high speed Internet, was just too much for my online-dependent self to bear. I’m not sure how my twin sister and I shared […]

Here’s a cool blog post (click here) by Wendy Schuman about the singer Edith Piaf, who prayed to St. Therese of Lisieux (whom she credited with curing her childhood blindness). In the movie, she hears Therese’s voice. I’m always intrigued […]