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Video: Sticky Thoughts

I am at war against my thoughts most of the day. “I stink at this. She hates me. I’m a bad mom.” Blah. Blah. Blah. So, much of my therapy involves finding tools to help me filter and let go of negative thoughts so that my day isn’t ruined by them. A visualization to the rescue yet again! Actually two. I hope these help you as much as they have helped me in the last few weeks. Summary 1: Don’t be a sucker.Summary 2: Let it go.You’ll see what I mean.To view my YouTube video click here.

  • Melzoom

    I needed this so much today. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

  • Rivershine

    That was great! Thanks so much! Muah! Hee hee!

  • Anonymous

    Hey I LOVED this one T ! Those of us here in the path of Hurricane IKE are having problems letting go of all the worries, stresses and repetitive thoughts of what might happen. It does not help when all the tv stations are preimpting all the regular programing for continuous reporting on the preparations, evacuations, updates and the report is it is getting WORSE, scarier and heading our way!
    I am not gonna be a sucker and accept all the things they are predicting, I will use the wisdom that is God given to be able to weigh FACT from fiction. No one REALLY knows how this is all going to turn out, please keep us in dangers way in your prayers.
    Love & Light, Mary Anne

  • linda

    From Imaginif!
    A new tool that I hadn’t seen before now has found its way to my collection (look out all of my supervisees): Deep Speak. Designed to foster taking conversations to a deeper and more reflective level, it can be used in a multitude of ways – I answer myself, I ask you the question, I answer the way I think another person would answer. Perfect for ice breakers, group work or family therapy (takes circular questioning to a whole new level), I intend to use it in supervision as a new way of connecting to practice and indicators of connection to people.
    What would your friends say were your strengths?
    post on blog

  • Merely Me

    I am so happy to have found your blog. I came over from John D.’s site…A Storied Mind. I will definitely come back to read more of you.

  • nyjlm

    great video T!

  • dustmyblues67

    This is my first comment on “Beyond Blue.” I’ve been reading for weeks, though. Thanks for this blog, it is really encouraging and informative. Thanks for the vids too, I am one very simple person who benefits from visual aids. 😉

  • nyjlm

    great video Therese!

  • Anonymous

    Merey Me: WELCOME to our Beyond Bue family! It is my belief that no better site exists on the internet in terms of working on depression recovery Other types of recovery are strngthened as well(We’re a mixed group here, and everyone reaches out to help everyone else by sharing personal experiences) I hope that your own experiences here will be as rewarding and fruitful as mine have been and that you continue to dop in and participate. You undoubtedly have thoughts and/or methods to contribute and will(hopefully) discover others that will make your journey a bit easier.
    Everyone: A method I used in my classroom that worked really well(It’s not my own; I got it from my Jack Canfield self-esteem audio seminars.) works with both the spoken and the unspoken negatives. It worked with children as young as six as well as it did the older kids and helped them learn to retrain their own AND each other’s brains. Put downs, whether aimed at self or others were forbidden, and everyone became “detectives” to root them out. Any vocalized negativity elicited the “Cancl, cancel!” admonition by all who caught it and the “sinner(for lack of a better word) was required to transform the comment into a positive, edifying remark. the kids loved to catch ME screwing upas it afforded them the opportunity to reverse our roles momentarily. Observers in the classroom were always astounded by how quickly students reacted; they really had become attuned to recognizing negative thoughts. It’s a technique I still try to use on myself here at home now that I’m no longer teaching. I’ve modified it a bit so that I’m required to actually WRITE DOWN the positive thoughts on a post it and stick it up where I will see it frequently. There are several on my computer desk as I am now writing: “Everyone makes mistakes; it’s the response that counts”(Nikki Giovanni and “My life STILL makes a difference; I DO contribute!” are two of them. Since I live alone and have to catch myself all the time, these visual reminders are helpful in keeping me on task. I purchased some of the newer, neon colored post its to attract my attention more quickly than the less vivid pastels would do. I spent the first(nearly) sixty years of my life being a sucker; I’ve decided that was more than long enough. By the way, T, I don’t believe there really IS an untrained mind; it’s been trained to be negative through our illnesses and life experiences and we must REtrain it.I USED TO KNOW HOW MANY REPITITIONS OF A POSITIVE COMMENT IT TOOK TO UNDO ONE BEGATIVE ONE. i DON’T REMEMBR ANY LONGER, BUT IT WAS A PHENOMENAL NUMBER! tHANKS AGAIN FOR ONCE MORE PROVIDING A PERTINENT TOPIC FOR OUR REFLECTION; YOU ALWAYS manage to do that!

  • Jill

    I love your visual aids in your videos Therese! This was a very good video, thank you. :)

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Dave E

    Thank you so much for your honesty and courage to post this video. It was very powerful for me. I will get better. Things will get better. God Bless you and your Beyond Blue.


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