Beyond Blue

If you’re feeling depressed today, you’re in good company! January 24 is supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

According to Dr. Cliff Arnalls, a British psychologist with Cardiff University, it’s almost like clockwork. A number of factors coincide to make January 24th “the perfect storm” when it comes to feeling down. According to Dr. Arnalls, an expert on seasonal disorders, a number of factors “line up” to give this date in late January this dubious distinction:

* While it is not technically the day with the least sunlight – that’s December 21st, the “Winter Solstice” – weather patterns often conspire in late January to deprive us of the sunlight we might otherwise enjoy.

* Christmas bills come due around this time, and – especially in this economy – that’s a harsh blow.

* Even those remarkable individuals who have faithfully stuck to their New Year’s resolutions for a few weeks, are now beginning to falter.

All in all, these forces coalesce around January 24th to leave a remarkable number of us feeling “down in the dumps.”

In a twisted sort of way, that means I will feel good on January 24. Because I’m SUPPOSED to feel bad, which will create less pressure for me to feel happy, like say on the first warm spring day.

For some pointer on getting through today (and the next two months), consult 12 Winter Depression Busters.

Good luck!

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