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The publishing and public-speaking businesses are no different from other industries. No one wants to publish you until you get that first book, because Lord knows what you might write between the covers. No speaking agent is going to take […]

Awhile back the Washington Post ran an excellent article by Maia Szalavitz entited, “So, What Made Me an Addict? Experts Debate Whether Disease or Defect Is to Blame.” This question is so crucial to how we treat persons suffering from both […]

I have decided to dedicate a post on Thursday to therapy, and offer you the many tips I have learned on the couch. They will be a good reminder for me, as well, of something small I can concentrate on. […]

Since it is going back-to-school season, I thought I’d educate you on some alarming statistics about depression among college students. Here are the facts, just the facts:   * One out of every five young people and one out of […]

I’ve long been a fan of Elisha Goldstein’s work on mindfulness because, more than any author on that topic, he seems to communicate the practice in a way that doesn’t totally overwhelm me and make me want to run the […]

I am republishing this piece from my archives today because a coworker just lost his son in a car accident last night. Please keep him in your prayers. Two boys went to bed with fevers last night. One is dead. […]

Most of us circle a few days of the calendar year that we know will be difficult to get through: the anniversary of a death, traumatic event, or even happy occasion. These dates are charged with emotion.  September 11 falls […]

I think we’ve all been dissed by a friend at least once in our lifetime, right? Recently I’ve had two people remove me as a friend on Facebook. Like that feels good. Was it my annoying status updates? The singing […]

This video was produced awhile back, when I was letting go of an important friendship. But I seem to always struggle with friendship … boundaries and so forth. I think friendships are just as complicated as romantic relationships. Especially when […]

Even as I love the autumn season, it is full of anxiety for me (like every other season, come to think of it). I start to mourn the ending of summer when I hear the cicadas grow louder the last […]