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Video: Inside My Self-Esteem File

Beyond Blue veterans will recognize this video … one of my first attempts at talking to my computer as if it could hear me, in which I read some of the letters in my self-esteem file. For newbies, here is the effect that such a file can make in your life.To view my YouTube video, click here.

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  • Anonymous

    What a wonderful example of both reaping what you sow and getting back ten-fold what you have given to others!If your seef was a garden, you’d have bushel baskets full of fresh produce which you’d no doubt pass around to ll of those around you whose gardens weren’t quite so fruitful because of your generous spirit! Even though this was a repeat for me, I once again enjoyed seeing the tranformation from beginning to end. The numbr of people you have helped by teaching this practice is immeasurable, and no doubt their files have also grown because of your exanple and the genesis of the SEF project. For me, not only did that expand my file; it introduced me to some other memers of B.B. who have become dear cyber-friends with whom I now regularly correspond. I’m glad to know you plan to ressurect this practice in the fall. It should at least HELP replace, figuratively, at least, some of the loss of sunsgine that season always brings aroundto pass.

  • SuzanneWA

    I re-ran your “Self-Esteem File” video from one of your posts on the “health” of tears. I find myself UNABLE to cry right now; the financial stress of these times has really gotten to me, and I needed to hear some of the “pros” (instead of cons), that you iterated in your video.
    To the point: whenever I go on BeyondBlue and read your blogs, there is ALWAYS something that sticks with me. Not only are you a beautiful person (to look at), but you have a beautiful heart for helping other people through their traumas. Your compassion and empathy for people who are, essentially, strangers, comes through loud and clear – because “you’ve been there.” STRENGTH can oftentimes be passive; you are LOADED with strength. The fact that you can “bounce back” after the “black dog” bites, tells your cyberfriends that you are an exceptional woman. Your namesake would be proud…
    Your sister in Christ,

  • Mia

    Throughout most of my life, my “dysfunctional” family
    always put a negative twist on crying. It was a bad
    thing to do. It meant you were weak and that was the
    worst way to be, weak. They couldn’t understand what I
    was saying either so somehow that made crying really
    bad. Little did they know that it didn’t matter what i
    was trying to say to them when i was crying, what
    mattered was what i was saying to myself. Now most of my
    family has passed away. Now I cry most of the time.
    Everyday I’m quite sure. Sometimes its a commercial that
    starts me off. Maybe something i said to my dog that i
    thought was wrong. None of my psychiatrists can stop
    me. They are all trying to stop my from crying. There is
    no dosage of Prozac to stop me. I guess it will just go
    on and on. But now I don’t care who hears me or what
    anybody else wants. I can’t stop myself A long, long
    time ago my Mother told me that tears were God’s way of
    cleansing the soul. I’ll buy that.

  • Your Name

    I really like this video. I am generally a person that crys. My sister and I laugh that we could be professional mourners. I do think crying brings people together. One Christmas which was especially difficult for me I was crying and two people who needed comfort in their lives ended up comforting me. I will always cherish that moment.

  • Richard

    Dear T
    Ah yes, it was a stroll down memory lane to review this video. I guess I have seen it three or four times now but it is starting to mean more to me. I think it is the survival aspect. For too many years and too many details to go into, I have finally stumbled onto the solid ground of being declared disabled. Never really wanted to be disabled and I was in denial for longer than I want to discuss. Life is pretty simple for me–there is Social Security, food stamps, and the rest of the government assistance. This ain’t lifestyles of the rich and famous but it is the most solid ground I have been on in a long time.

  • Bhagi

    Congratulations on a wonderful concept! Wish I could get some help for my shopping addiction. Please post here is you have any adice.

  • Karen

    I liked your video very much and the idea of having friends come up with 10 good things about me (because as you said in your post; I cannot come up with 10 things either). I just have to get my confidence up to ask them and some of them I have not even explained what Im going thru because I have been afraid to tell them.
    Thank you very much for your blog. It has been a source of comfort to me and gives me hope that things will get better.
    Thank You! Karen

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment S

    Do not let your fire go out.
    Spark by irreplaceable spark,
    in the hopeless swamps of the not-quit ,
    the not yet and the not at all.
    Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lone frustration ,
    for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach.
    The world you desire can be won.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Bobbi

    You make me smile and always give me hope. You are loving, strong,and beautiful inside and out. Thank you so much for always being so honest and so real in sharing your life strategies and bright spirit. God Bless you and yours.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment barb

    dear therese, thank you for putting that video on the blog again. i have said it before, i’ll say it again: i LOVE your videos!! they always make me smile. we can hear your voice through the words you write, but when we can see your face, your emotions, your laugh and cry lines, it makes you that much more personal to us, as if you lived right next door.

    i once gave my best friend a coffee cup from Flavia. there was a couple of stairs and two chairs on the porch if i remember correctly. the important part was not the picture, it was the words: “If i could talk to God, i would thank Him for lending me you.”

    that’s how your videos make me feel. like you are right here with me, talking.

    thank you for all you do for me, every day!


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment peggybythesea

    I so understand where you are in this…I didn’t make a file but I did ask friends to do that…I have to look for it now as I prepare to make a major life change in leaving my husband of 30 yrs. I feel horrible, i hurt…I look to people who understand thank you…Can you write me? God Bless…

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