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Video: The 12 (Bipolar) Days of Christmas

It’s that time of year again!!! Ready to hear it again???

DISCLAIMER: I am no Barbara Streisand. I’ve never taken a singing lesson in my life. Not one.The inspiration for this song came two weeks before Thanksgiving when I received a call from my doctor: we had better get together a plan for lowering my cholesterol.



Getting to it … right after I fix my pituitary tumor, abnormal aortic valve, bipolar brain, and facial fungus.My high cholesterol is not a new issue. Somewhere around the time David was conceived I found out that my cholesterol scores were higher than my verbal SATs. But for the last six years I didn’t do anything about it because (honest confession coming up here) many of those days I was so depressed that I really wanted to be with God in his mansion upstairs. Dropping dead of a heart attack sounded like a great alternative to suicide. It’s easier, cheaper, much more socially acceptable, and involved stuffing myself with brie cheese and Eggs Florentine. Sign me up.


Then something inconvenient happened. As I gradually began to fix all my broken parts (pituitary tumor, bipolar brain, facial fungus, abnormal heart) I started to wake up excited.

About life.

I wanted to try and stick around for David’s high school graduation and Katherine’s Little Mermaid wedding and maybe, just maybe, for the birth of grandchildren.

As a jogged around the Naval Academy the morning I got my SAT scores, I mean cholesterol count, I reflected on all the parts of my mental-health program–prayer, therapy, fish oil, medication, family support, sobriety, vitamins, yoga (even though I hate it), guardian angels–and it sounded like the lyrics to a song, “The 12 Days of Christmas” or something.


Yes, “The 12 Days of Christmas”!

With sweat dripping down my face, I pulled out a sheet of paper from my pocket and a pen (I run with those in case something like this happens) and madly scribbled down the words as if I were Moses taking down the Ten Commandments.

So, pretend that I have just invited you into my home, poured you a glass of Merlot (if you’re not a recovering alcoholic), and made you endure a live version of “American Idiot.”

With a holiday twist.

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  • Nancy

    Okay – Therese,
    Yes, Yes & Yes –
    You’ve made it through to “Hollywood”. You get the yellow ticket!
    Watch out, Carrie Underwood.
    That was great. I’m going to start making my
    “I love Therese” posters for the audience now!

  • Larry Parker

    A transcription would be great — not because of your singing (which would have been wonderful in any church choir), but because, let’s face it, with all the note changes and rushed phrasing, if you didn’t have a cheat sheet you wouldn’t remember the lyrics to the original anyway.
    You’re definitely a born performer, Therese. Big surprise there :-) And what’s this about a face infection? One would never know, unless it’s something that makes you look better, of course …

  • Lynn

    I agree with Larry, Therese. You have a beautiful face and you look very classy.I think the original is too cutesy, I like your version better. :)

  • Sue

    Awesome!! I laughed and cried at the same time. Thanks for a great start to my day. =)

  • Babs

    Very cute — and you are properly dressed as a vocal major at her senior recital. Your production values are getting better each week.

  • content

    12 day of mental helpiness
    On the first of lifeholiday etc, my true life gave to me…
    1 savior who loves me (thank god!)
    2 friends who will listen to me (i am glad i have more than two..)
    3 excellent blogs (blogs and emails are always cool)
    4 shopping trips ( i survived toys r us!)
    5 Golden rings (mental stuff is like the oympmics!)
    6 laps in the pool (exercise is good for mental health)
    7 doctors who help me ! (i am thankful for them and the medicine)
    8 fruitcakes to eat (since no one else will..)
    9 tissues for watching tv ( Tnt is showing a christmas story 24/7)
    10 hugs for me (because you are loved.)
    sing out on your video blog!

  • Anonymous

    Dammit Therese ! You gotta quit this stuff … you’re making it very difficult for me not to fall in Love with you … and I’m happily married too! Lucky bastard, your husband (and don’t let him forget it either !)
    LUV 2 U / LUV 2 ALL

  • Kay

    Wonderful funny performance Therese…..You are looking radiant! God bless you and keep you in your present state of happiness.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for making life real! I laughed so hard b/c I too suffer from depression over the years…and through meditation, kickboxing, omega fish oil capsules, thearpy, and long walks in the woods….I’m starting to feel almost normal. Bless you for putting this altogether. Your performance was graced by God! God bless you

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for making life real! I laughed so hard b/c I too suffer from depression over the years…and through meditation, kickboxing, omega fish oil capsules, thearpy, and long walks in the woods….I’m starting to feel almost normal. Bless you for putting this altogether. Your performance was graced by God! God bless you

  • Inga

    Loved it!!!! I like when I see the word crap. It makes me laugh!!

  • Blanche

    You are a hoot!! (You’re also very pretty)
    Your sense of humor is a gift. Relish it. :)

  • Ratty

    Consider, on the 13th day, returning one of your husband’s gifts for singing lessons. I guess you warned us in your very first sentence.
    But I loved your intro, very very funny. Thanks for a better day today.

  • Cindy

    Thanks for the laugh! I had to print out the lyrics so I can walk aroung & sing it myself!!! I think it’s going to become a holiday standard around my house! Although I’ll have to substitute “husband” with “family”!!! Now that I’ve written that though, I have my own inspiration. I may have to write one just for him! What do you think of starting with…
    On the first day of Christmas my husband gave to me…

  • Larry Parker

    You’re mean, Ratty. (Ratty by name, ratty by nature.)
    I believe in Therese’s faith, the word would be “calumny.”

  • zana

    Better than a cup of coffee to get me going with a smile on my face this morning. Nice to see one of ous looking radiant. I think I’ll book that hair appointment afterall! Thank you Therese.

  • bird

    This is hilarious! And I love your formal concert attire. So refreshing and healing to be able to laugh about it all. Happy Holidays!

  • Angie

    It felt so good to laugh! Thank you it meant alot to me!

  • Angie

    I need to show this to my husband I have been driving the poor man insane he needs a laugh.

  • Lana

    thanks for making me smile

  • Valerie

    Crack me the heck up! You are HILARIOUS! Really, I agree with all the above comments. This is one time that I actually looked at my illness and thought, “you know what? I can be proud of it.” That sounds weird. I don’t necessarily mean “proud” per se, just I don’t have to be so ashamed of it. Cuz, you know, it’s a TOTALLY unacceptable disease.(tongue in cheek here since no one here knows my jaded sense of humor) But you made it absolutely hilarious. Actually, I just realized (or remembered?) what I was trying to say (my short-term memory is crap!)
    Listening to you made me feel that I don’t have to be ashamed or afraid to tell anyone that I was in the hospital–God forbid, in the Psych Ward! Lucky you–you get to say “John Hopkins” Psych Ward. I mean, now that sounds really important and in fact luxurious and spa-like. Thanks Therese! Keep up the awesome work on your videos and articles. You really are a gift. I just told my other Cognitive Behavioral Therapy group buddies about your site and can’t wait til they check you out! I’m sure they’ll find you just as amusing, refreshing, and really, really funny! Valerie

  • Larry Parker

    Johns Hopkins’ Psych Ward … yeah, that definitely beats Sibley Hospital’s Psych Ward ;-P
    (A “contest” we can joke about now, but I guarantee Therese and I would never, ever have wanted to have.)

  • Wisdum

    I spent a week in St. Mary’s psych ward, in Clifton,NJ. I had a lot of fun there (I guess fun also is a thing of perception) It didn’t take most of the inmates too long, to come to me and ask “We know why we are here, but why are you here?” … and my response to them was ” I came to deliver a message to you from the Holy Spirit, ‘I Love you, sayeth the Lord’ … Which is what got me put in there, going around telling everybody that same message! It’s a funny thing, all my Life they taught me to “Worship God, Love God, pray to God, take all your troubles to God, let God be your best friend, talk with God !” … But the moment that God talks back to you, you’re crazy and they will lock you up! (go figure!) It really pissed my wife off, that I was having a good time there. I said “You should try this place, no cares, no worries, they feed you, have great conversations with you, don’t judge you…What a great place to come and relax, it’s like being on vacation!” … Oh yeah! it was my wife and pastor, that had me commited (I did have to agree to go in though for observation) First time in my Life, that I felt what it was like to be a minister. That was the only year in fourteen years, that I did not produce and direct our passion play (I guess they felt I was not stable enough to put on a show about abuse, torture and crucifixion !)
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Larry Parker

    My mother was born in the old St. Mary’s Hospital.
    And my ex-girlfriend (the one who reminds me of Jenny Curran from Forrest Gump) used to live in Clifton.
    We live in a small world, my friend.

  • Wisdum

    Re -Larry Parker | November 30, 2007 11:58 PM
    My mother was born in the old St. Mary’s Hospital.
    ** How about this, I was born in Belview Hosp.(where the nuts come from!)
    And my ex-girlfriend (the one who reminds me of Jenny Curran from Forrest Gump) used to live in Clifton.
    ** Ahhh ! Forest Gump, one of my all time heros! Anybody like him is all right with me!
    We live in a small world, my friend.
    ** A lot smaller than we like to think! “We are many parts, we are ALL One body”
    LUV 2 U / LUV 2 ALL

  • kim

    Cool video. Was watching the tube last nite on how the earth was years ago and it seems like the countries were connected and not separated by bodies of water. I wonder how different our views would be if we knew our country connected say with China? Just a thought. Happy holidays.

  • Michael Dyer

    You are absolutely precious Therese,,,,, and happy holidays to you and yours my dear,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you’ve made my day,,,,,,,,,,Michael!

  • Jennifer

    i think you should do i video podcast
    love and god bless

  • Linda Cannon

    Enjoyed the video but your writing was the most inspirational and funny. You have a gift. Write a book. I, too, was suicidal at one time. I was VERY close to the edge. My children were young enough to need me and that along with my faith kept me from falling completely into that dark hole. I had to quit work because I knew that either I would have a major nervous breakdown and/or heartattack and would not survive either. You have to want to survive or come back and I didn’t. I, too, thought about how wonderful heaven would be–no more cheating husband, work stress, physical and emotional pain and children to drive you nuts. I had every stress factor in the book. Thanks to the Lord for giving me the needed strength to pull through. Zoloft is a miracle drug and lets me get through days without crying and screaming. The frustrating part is that I know I can’t work anymore. I realize my limitations. I’m 56 years old and have no income. My youngest daughter (age 28) lets me live with her. Have been turned down for disability because they say I can still be a secretary with all the stress I used to handle. I know I can’t and don’t ever want to get as close to suicide as before–might not make it the next time. It’s a sad thing about our country that I can’t go to a doctor and get needed medicine and help for all my problems and pain. However, if I were in prison, I could just get all the help I needed. You think maybe I should try to rob a bank? Federal prison would probably be better!! Ha, ha. It’s also wrong that we let child molesters, rapists, murderers, etc. live and take care of them but we kill innocent dogs and cats. It all seems wrong to me. As a Christian, I rely on Jesus to get me through each day. My church is Trinity Worship Center and the pastor is Bro. Jimmy Hagadorn. It is a penecostal church and you feel the love of the church and the spirit when you enter. Bro. Jimmy is on the list for a kidney transplant so I decided to offer one of mine. I have o neg blood and sure enough the blood matched on 3 out of 6 antigens–they said it was like we were brother and sister (we are “in Christ”). However, I still need to go to Birmingham for more tests and x-rays. I may have been born with only one kidney or my kidneys might not be functioning as needed. I don’t know since I’ve never had them tested. But, I need to lose weight before they will even do the testing. I even gave up sweet tea!! Didn’t think that would ever happen but I just quit drinking it. Have lost a few pounds but have lots more to lose. Everyone out there, please pray for God’s will in all of this and in my life. Didn’t mean to write a novel; but, it is good to “talk” to others. May God Bless all of you and joy and happiness in Christ.
    Linda C. Cannon

  • Darby

    Brilliant….I enjoyed this very much.
    I have waited a long time for someone to
    but the holidays for Bi-Polar people in
    I loved it.

  • Roz

    I have bipolar disorder and found this offensive. I know it was probably meant to be light hearted fun, but characterizing the bipolar aspect of ourselves as “broken” sets us up for feeling defective somehow. I embrace and celebrate who I am! I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it. I have received so many blessings on the Mind, Body amd Spirit levels from being bipolar. My disorder is well controlled, thanks to an excellent psychiatrist and me taking responsibility for managing it. Although I say, do whatever works for you,the 12 bipolar days of Christmas just didn’t work for me.

  • Bobbi

    I can’t thank you enough for this laugh (at myself, with you)today. Thank you for reminding us to laugh and not take life too seriously. Life happens, it’s what we do with it that keeps us sane or drives us insane. Thanks again, Happy Holidays!

  • Alana K Adams

    That was way too cute! My son is bi-polar and I know that there are times I’ve felt like that with him. It’s great that you can be funny and still be sensitive about it.

  • christine

    this was alright. i’m bipolar and wasn’t offended and didn’t think it was that funny but it was alright. happy holidays to u all. chin up like mary poppins used to say.

  • Lea Oliver

    Thanks for this … I am not Bi-Polar , I am being treated for ADHD . My brother is . He is depressed at the moment ..and I am sure this season has something to do with it . He is doing so well … has a good job that he does not like of course . I am encouraging him to give it up and do something else before the stress causes relapsing problems . Too much caretaking on my part I am sure but I am so proud but just trying to help.
    Christmas is hard for us always … . One year I was in a mental hospital right before Thanksgiving . The occupational therapist had everyone write something about what the holidays meant to us and she read them outloud . Mine was entitled “Merry Christmas and Other Disasters !” It was about a rather trying Christmas when our Father was drunk . Our Mother walked to the dinner table and dropped his plate of food in front of him and said”Here is your Christmas Dinner!” He was of course outraged . Since our Father’s death I do understand better , he committed suicide in 1988. He shot himself .A physchiatrist I went to told me that he was Bi-Polar . It does sort of fit .Suicide rate in males who are Bi-Polar is high.
    I try to look at the 12 step way of dealing with life as an Adult Child of an Alcoholic. I just try to survive the next 24 hours with divine help and start over again each day.

  • Leslie

    Very cute!!! Im proud of you for actually having the guts to sing it!! Thanks!

  • Cyn

    Hey, way to go. You are obviously a card & a half, oh wait, maybe two cards, haha! Anyway, quite a wit (no not half wit, hey, a two of wits?)
    Ok, Well done & done well. Keep up the good spirits.
    Nova Scotia
    Unfortunately I myself am not diagnosed with anything to explain why I am different than the norm, but I get that! haha

  • phillipl.cook

    Thanks for the look at the lighter side of this.My bipolar wife of one year left me in September,and I’m faced with holiday depression.Things like this help me to get by,Thanks.

  • misery

    You’ve got guts, that’s for sure! I could never put my singing on the internet. Thanks for that little bit of humor. This time of year is always difficult and this year is no exception. However, I’ve been feeling like I don’t want to be here for most of the year. I had a meltdown at work last week and now I don’t want to go back. I only wish I could get cancer, refuse treatment and just die. But what would all the selfish user people do without me as their toilet to crap in? I appreciate the momentary humor your song brought but reality quickly struck back and life just bites. Can I just sleep through the holidays? Maybe even the rest of my life? Whatever.

  • marylynn

    Thanks T! Usually your humor at the expense of this damn disease bothers me, or makes me mad because I can’t seem to laugh at it. But this was good and I think I’m going to try to put it on my myspace page. Today, anyway I agree with Christene, “Chin Up” Hope you all have a great Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate! Try to have a good time!

  • Luckygirl63

    WOW! I needed you today. We bipolars have to stick together AND keep a sense of humor. Tomorrow I see my surgeon to deal with the breast cancer they just found…..LOL… asthma, hypothroidism, bipolarism, weren’t enough!!! Now I’ll never get life insurance.
    Keep up your spirit. The rest of us need it. And, yes, for those of you who haven’t walked the walk, often the psych ward is the safest place. I wish more people would visit that location THEN the world would be a saner place.

  • Larry Parker

    Therese has written herself or contributed to SEVENTY books.
    Put in “Therese Borchard” for your search term at

  • Marcia

    I LOVED it!!! Life has it’s share of wounderful difficulties (LOL), no one is exempt and no day is without, some just a little easier to deal with than others. But Laughter is the best medicine. To make one person laugh is a very high accomplishment, and the fact that you have made many laugh on such a touchy subject is very desreving of angel wings. Thank you. If you should ever feel down remember at least one person you brought laughter to. Sometines our onr of our purpose in life is just that. Thanks so much. I love you.

  • Been There

    Hey Misery:
    I hope you make it back to work. Let the blasted folks @ you talk. The melt down is probably a sign that it’s time for you to make a change in your life. Try to be pro-active and don’t let things build up so you blow. Seek counseling w/someone you feel you can be open w/… someone who’s not giving you b.s. Be true to yourself. It’s time to take the ‘bull by the horns’. Been there. It’s tough to learn to steer your life yourself, but, once you learn you can do it, you’ll never go back!
    So, enjoy the holiday season and if you can’t this time around, make a commitment to yourself that you will enjoy it three years down the road.
    Best of luck! You aren’t alone.

  • mary ann

    great. Now I have something to sing about

  • Jill

    You are nuts! And I don’t mean like the Barbara Streisand movie “Nuts,” although I thought that was a very good movie. It’s actually a compliment! I’m so glad you can laugh at yourself and share your humor with the rest of us crazies! Certainly makes me feel better — and makes me feel like maybe crazy is normal and who is to judge what is crazy and what is normal! Merry Christmas — and keep writing and making videos!

  • Hillery

    Thank you,thank you,thank you. You are lovely and so was your song,many could learn from you. Make fun of your self and you will be healed.Happy Holidays,you deserve them. OH,and you are better than BARB!

  • Eris Discordia (Strife)

    Thank-you! Thank-you!! Thank-you!!! Thank-you!!!!
    I’d also like to say THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cathy

    You have had to be hiding in my closet. Today I needed this laugh! Thank you for giving me an uplift to make it through this Christmas in Florida, when I would much rather be snowed in up North

  • Marilyn

    That was Great.take care and God Bless

  • Denise Copeland

    I needed this! Every year at Christmas I walk on eggshells with my bipolar child. Thank you for giving me something that made me chuckle, reminds me I am not alone, and something I can share.

  • Rick

    Delightfully entertaining. It is great to see that you can look back light heartly at your experiences. This is a sign that you are truly getting better. It also shows your growth and an unwillingness to be stuck in the same void. You are a beautiful soul, keep on making that forward progress.

  • sue

    Isn’t it great knowing you have a room waiting for you? It is for me! Merry Christmas to you and yours,

  • Barbara Young-Dobson

    Thanks! That was the pill I needed for my bi-polar. May God bless you and your family.

  • understanding reader

    I enjoy reading your column and your insights into the human condition and psychological illness. However, today, I wasn’t moved, inspired or entertained. The holidays are a challenge for even the most stable minded or “normal functioning” individuals out there. Quite frankly, on my santa list of Christmas’s future, I wish for better break throughs in psychotropics and the treatment of mental disorders, not a room at John’s Hopkins, although their staff is quite admirable. People with Bipolar disorder get discriminated against enough as it is, please write a happier twelve days that honors our existence here on earth. After all, indiiduas with bipolar disorder are people who are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and someone’s friend, mentor or personal confidante. I wish for a happier understanding of each other while we traverse this expereince we call our lifecycle—may it be a long and well written one.
    Thank you again for your comments. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  • Lauri

    Brava Therese, Brava!!! Mad round of applause, culminating in a standing ovation while cries of encore, encore, reverberate throughout the Beyond Blue community.
    Rather chic outfit as well. Give yourself some strokes lady, you earned them.

  • Lynne

    Re: Understanding Reader. If you’ve been following this blog for any ammount of time you DO understand that there is a great deal of gallow’s humour that goes on here,don’t you? If we were’nt able to poke fun at ourselves and diminish some of the cruel attitudes people have toward these illnesses, it would be so much more difficult to deal with the world at large. Sometimes you have to lighten up or run screaming into traffic! Laughter is still the best medicine. (and the only one with no side effects) I hope you can discern the “spirit” in which this post was displayed and not be offended by it. I am quite sure no disrespect was intended and I second your desire to see progress made in the treatment of bi polar and similarly affected individuals.

  • Herself

    That was hilarious! Thanks :).

  • papillons

    Bravo! my sentiments exactly… Thanks for the good laugh.

  • Jeanne

    Darling Therese! You totally light up my life! I am in the midst of a pre-holiday blues session (NOT of the musical style variety!), and needed your “12 Days” more than even I realized! You are hilarious and your sense of humor lights up the darkest of these early sundown December days! So with that, I have just remembered to find a website for full spectrum lighting…even if it’s just one bulb, perhaps the darkness will have just met its match! Thank you for being YOU, for sharing you, for being together enough to keep on keepin’ on with this blog. You are helping so many and and so much more than you will probably ever know. Rock on and Happy Holidays to YOU!
    Blessings and Light, comin’ at ya!

  • Jana

    Absolutely loved it!!! Quite sagacious and funny. I am sending this to all my family and friends. Thank you for your bravery of doing that.

  • Christine

    Therese, Honey you are such a blessing to me and for so many others. God says, Laughter is like good medicine….Bravo, you are good medicine!
    Blessings to ya!

  • Namaste

    Namaste, Just what you wanted to hear, like the welcoming of your next yoga session. Thanks for sharing this in the light of humor you brought to it. Interesting holidays for me. I’m just divorcing my bi-polar, alcoholic husband of 10 years. I’m so happy and grateful to be alive now. I can feel joy and peace and express it in my own home without getting yelled at because he’s so miserable. Who knows, maybe he’ll spend his holidays in a place like John Hopkins psyche ward, I wish him the best, merry merry, just do it as far away from me as possible. Oh God, I’m free now after 10 years of feeling like I was a hostage. I know the alcoholic and bi-polars suffering is far greater than mine, I just couldn’t live one more day with insanity. The ironic thing is that everytime an episode would occur, it just felt like a roller coaster taking off that had a big hook on the end and when I didn’t even know it, it grabbed me and off on the roller coaster ride we would go. Thank you God for giving me the courage to leave. I will ever be grateful and help others to live peacefully and happily.

  • SuzanneWA

    HAPPY HO, HO, HO, Therese! What an absolutely ironic way of reinterpreting the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!! This year, I hope to do away with the “Johns Hopkins Psyche Ward,” but everything else sounds about right…I am planning a trip to TX next WEEK, and am sick as a dog RIGHT NOW. I spent the whole day in bed, with my chest aching with every breath, a headache that would knock out Mike Tyson, and my iconic back ache. I took 2 morphine to “knock me out,” and just now came on the computer, and, “what should I find,” but Therese in full voice, echoing my sentiments exactly! You, my dear, have completely MADE MY DAY!
    The other bloggers are right when they say that laughter is the best medicine. I have this quote on my refrigerator from Milton Berle (that’s dating me), that says, “Laughter is a short vacation,” and it truly IS.
    Just so that I can get on that plane next week, I am seeing my family doctor for a “quickie” cure, in hopes that I can/will survive the trip. At this point, I don’t see any “help” at all, being as all my symptoms are physical. YOU have put me in the “Holiday Spirit,” dear Therese, and I hope to God it will continue for ALL of us.
    Again, may your family have the MERRIEST of MERRY this year, and your times together be blessed.
    Love allways,

  • Jeanne

    Thank you for this smile, and many of the other smiles/comforts I receive from your writings. I first started reading your musings because of the name Borchard (grandmothers maiden name) but have continued because you seem to know how I feel at times. Thank you very much…………Jeanne

  • Larry Parker

    Some of those with bipolar disorder choose to use sarcasm as a defense mechanism (like Therese and yours truly).
    Others don’t. I’m guessing you don’t. Which is fine.
    But as someone said above, everyone can appreciate “gallows humor.” Can’t they?

  • Mike

    Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. My only two disappointments: I would like to have (honestly!) heard the whole thing and I would like to have the written lyrics (I often have an issue discerning the words to music).
    While my depression was not nearly as deep as many have endured, I certainy can relate to the song and I am certain most others can as well.
    I could go on for hours about my bout(s) with depression and what it means to me (and I believe others) but that is not what ‘this’ is about. ‘It’ is about lovely Therese being given a gift and then, with wisdom and love, sharing it with those of us that need it as well.
    Thank you, Therese, for sharing.
    Love & namaste,

  • Al

    I feel the humor in your song and can appreicate the comments made by namaste. I too am spending my first holiday in a happy home, no more bi-pola husband to scream at me. I have found though that he really did damage me, I have re-curring nightmares and wake up cussing at my boyfriend. He is sucjh a great man, he takes so much from me, of course I don’t know what I’m saying cause I’m sleeping…Anyways, thanks for shedding some humor on this mental craziness…we all need to laugh sometimes…

  • Dottie

    Funny Funny Funny-this was good for a very much needed laugh in this hurry up world.
    ~May God’s unseen hand hold you and bless you~

  • Billie Jo

    Oh, thank you so much for this. It is beautiful and reminds me that no matter what we are going through we can add a touch of humor to made it more tolerable.
    Blessings and Namaste’
    Billie Jo

  • jenn

    That was just too funny…and sometimes too true. I laughed my butt off. Thanks!
    Bright Blessings!

  • Shelley

    Very nice! I, too, would have liked to hear the yada yada and have written lyrics. And your voice is nice!

  • Dianne

    Dearest Therese…you are an angel…and with a sense of humor such as yours, you cannot help but heal…your own life and the lives of others…having been married to a schizophrenic and having a son who may be bi-polar, I can actually laugh wholeheartedly at the muse in the song. Truly you have made me full of joyful laughter this day, and inspire hope in all of us…no matter what our mental state…God Bless you and Happy Holidays!

  • CLeo

    Thank you for making fun of the ‘disorders’. After enduring a life of criticism by a person who ought to know better about bipolar disorder, but doesn’t…I appreciate your sense of humour. Sometimes I feel that we, those of us who know our disorders and try to work on them or accept them, are much better off than those living in utter denial.



  • Dlaw

    What a great video, I had to forward it onto others who I know also suffer from depression. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our own problems that we forget to laugh.

  • Karen Noyes

    Loved it,Loved it,Loved it, You sang my song.It really made me smile!THANK YOU

  • Staci

    Thank You!
    As a Mom, Woman and Social Worker I constantly am working to manage my depression and ADD. I so very much appreciate your open heart and sense of humor! Warmest Holiday Wishes from the Pacific Northwest,
    : ) S.

  • Dawn

    Why not sing a second jingle about people who kill themselves at Christmas time?????
    That’s the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

  • Larry Parker

    I would refer you to my 12/4, 12:52 a.m. post.

  • Blanche

    Dawn, if you are not bi-polar, or are with no sense of humor, and are having a tough time, you shouldn’t be reading this blog. There are many other “serious” bloggers and authors out there that may fit better for you.
    Therese contributes a lot to us, as you can see by the other posts.
    You’re entitled to your opinion, but as a Therese fan, I was insulted by your post. (Oh, did you hear on the news this morning that a young man killed 8 people in Omaha Nebraska at a shopping mall, allegedly because he got fired from MCDONALD’S ? How incredibly sad.)
    That would be the subject of a completely separate blog, and not the 12 Bi-Polar Days of Christmas.
    Prayers for you……

  • Larry Parker

    I don’t meet to (well, I can’t say the usual word, can I …) waylay the messenger of glad tidings, but just remember that the Omaha shooter almost certainly had mental illness as well, and we must all keep that in mind.

  • Anonymous

    I thought your blog was kind of depressing, but it can be a stressful time of year for the people who do have bipolar and those folks could use ALL the prayers they can get and they should pray for God to give patience to deal with the holidays and they should always take their medications. Hopefully everyone with these types of problems will have a wonderful Christas, I plan on it.A positive attitude and a little humor always helps. I really like and understand what you had to say !!!! LaDonna

  • Kimberly

    I thought that the video was funny,and well done. As a mother with 2 chidlren that have bipolar, I appreciate the humor because sometimes we all just need to lighten up! Happy Holidays!

  • bonita

    As the mom of a bipolar, alcoholic, I had hoped he would listen, but to no avail. His loss!God bless us all.

  • Sharon

    I really needed that, very humerous….I suffer with bouts of melancholy…I don’t consider depression. But I have several family members, friends and bosses with bipolar disorder…If not on wreaks havoc!!! Thanks for sharing this on the lighter side.

  • latasha

    I thought the video almost painted a picture of myself at times it really made me laugh, I needed that. even one doesnt want to admit I think each and every one has one kind of problem or another if it bi polar or what.and I agree a little laughter in ones life is F A N T A S T I C ……… HAPPY UN STRESSED HOLIDAYS.

  • marilyn

    one of the best i have watched in along work they always tell me everyday did you take your meds so maybe this is what i will get for christmas lol…

  • marilyn

    great clip it sounds like what my freinds would give me for christmas.we all have to have a little humor. thanks

  • Eula

    I love it! Now I know I’m not alone. Thank you for making my day. This song will get me through some very sad times.

  • purplefox

    As always, you are a Blessing to us all!!!! Thanx, again, for your special way of getting across what we all think, but don’t dare to say.
    I truly enjoy reading your blog and especially your video-casts. I’ve said it before and will continue to do so, that you are truly a very special lady. You have helped millions–maybe trillions–of us who daily walk the road of the depression/bi-polar highway.
    You make it easier for all of us to see ourselves in a different light. You dare to put into words what we don’t dare even think to say. I believe that God has set you upon a special mission to reach many.
    I wish for you and your family a Very Blessed Merry Christmas and A Wonderful and Happy New Year!!!!
    Best Wishes….and a Heartfelt Thanx to you….You will Always be in my thots and prayers~

  • Ivy

    I want to thank you for this song. I am newly diagnosed as bipolar, and it is tearing my life apart. I am on meds, and things seem to be undercontrol. Though my husband cannot grasp why I am wired the way I am. This song fits me. Thanks so much for the light hearted fun for the holiday season.

  • Diana

    I am most surprised that so many people found this funny. I suppose it kind of fits in with the 2007 warped humor going around that makes fun of people. I think mental illness is a very serious condition that too many people don’t understand or take seriously. Making fun of bipolar people with a song like this only takes the dignity away from these people. Maybe the doctors and nurses can sing it to their families after their Christmas shifts in the psych ward and have a laugh. Just as I wouldn’t find a song mocking anyone with any kind of handicap funny, this was kind of sad. I’d prefer that you stick to singing it in the shower to yourself or at your therapy sessions. I pray that I will be singing something more positive on the Holidays like Joy to the World.

  • Pam Brandon

    I have never met you before. I have never seen anybody do a clip before and I am very greatful and appreciative of your efforts. Very well done! I applaud you!! Best wishes and have a safe and happy holiday season. Congratulations on having a great spouse.
    Take care. Pam B

  • Bobbie

    Keeping a sense of humor is a step toward good health and shows you are coping with your problems in a positive way. Good for you! God bless you and keep you well for your family’s sake and have a blessed Christmas.

  • Marilyn

    Therese, I LOVE your column. My husband is bipolar and it isn’t always easy to deal with the ups and downs. Thank you for your honesty and inspiration. You really DO make a difference. Keep your sense of humor. Have a blessed, wonderful Christmas. Marilyn

  • Linda

    That was great. My son (23 yoa at the time)was diagnosed in Feb. 2000 and we’ve been through hell and back. I could write a book but I would have to sell it for fiction because no one would believe the stories we have to tell. No it was not fun nor funny at the time…but we have to look back and laugh to keep from crying. If you don’t, you will be consumed with misery and anger. Besides, a sense of humor is one of the greatest aids for good mental health. Also, for those of us that have “been there” we aren’t laughing at you…just with you because it makes it more bearable. I work with “at-risk youth”. After my son was diagnosed and we had several “adventures” I asked God why it happened to “us” because it affects everyone close. Since then I have had to deal with several bi-polar kids and their families and hope that in some way I’ve helped. He has been able to share his story in hopes of helping someone cope. Hang in there and maintain that great sense of humor.

  • de

    Get a Life! Being a female who also is blessed enough to have a bipolar thing going on….i know i MUST laugh at myself or we all know the alternative if we get too serious. Even during these “Happy Holidays” there are many of US out there who aren’t always feeling like a bubbly glass of champagne. We have our ups and DOWNS and boy are they both! So what’s a little laughter? It’s good for the soul. My old Babushka used to say, If you can’t laugh at yourself then you are surely being laughed at by others.” She didn’t really say that…she said something more like” Put on clean might get hit by a car!” Happy Holidays even the Blue ones…It’s all just a Big Journey and then it’s over…for awhile!

  • C

    You are brave and funny. Can you please tell me what the details are of your facial fungus. I believe I suffer from that condition but cannot get my doctor to diagnose it ultimately or give me medication to clear it up. Flares up during times of stress and I am very tired of dealing with it. Any info you have would help. Thanks.

  • Terri Mathis

    Thanks so much for the humor and making our challenges a real part of life and the upcoming celebrations.

  • Karen Johnson

    I know how you feel over having medical problems & the prolonging of the illnesses you face. I deal with endometriosis (cysts) seizers I’m anemic & I have depression from all of this. These pains are unbareable! Along with how I developed these illnesses to start off with are just added to my pains (emotional issues). It seems like a never ending situation. I try to focuse on God to help me cope with all of this. Sometimes it feels it takes more then just faith to helping you get through day after day. The discouragement there can be overwelming. So I know where you are coming from. But I’m always told to hang in there. & God will one day get me through. I have come to realize there are others out there like me. So as I went to read your story I knew then you are another one that can relate. Everything you described based over your feelings felt so close to home!!
    Karen Johnson

  • Greg

    Awesome video! Loved it. I have been depressed for about a year now–since my wife passed away. I was normally very happy all the time. Her passing through me into a super deep depression. I lost 130lbs–good thing I was super fat. :?)) Made me very bipolar. I can relate to you.
    Thank you
    I am starting to normalize, but am down a lot. I have much to be thankful for. Must focus there.

  • NancyKiss

    Hi Therese – I loved your video song – what a beauty you are!
    I find that those of us that battle depression are also very creative. Our minds race from idea to idea, thought to thought, distraction to distraction. But, during those times that we’ve harnessed the energy of our brains, we create and do amazing things.
    Happy Holidays, my friend! -Nancy :)

  • Sunny

    You are a such a beauty with joyful mind. Thank you for sharing.

  • Kimberley

    Oh, I love you so much! I cry with you, I laugh with you; I especially laughed at your last videopost “The 12 Bipolar Days of Christmas!!” That was the first time I laughed today. It’s really great that you are here, Therese, to relate to, and for all the times I feel like I am all alone in the world. Thank you!!! and Merry Christmas!!!

  • LYnette

    I loved your video. It made me laugh. I am grateful that you have the humor and wit to make light of a serious cross to bear. We all have our crosses to bear and it’s a good reminder to all of us to keep our spirits up and to find humor even in the darkest moments. Thanks so much again.
    Aloha and Mahalo,

  • Emerald

    Thank you for sharing. Everything positiive is always welcome by me. Attitude is very important, and you have certainly shown a very positive one. More blessings to you.



  • Celeste

    Wow! I never comment on these, but since I too had a Pituitary Tumor (which was operated on and the surgery caused a massive brain bleed & subsequent 5 month coma) AND Mitral Valve Prolapse (“broken” heart valve)and I’m only 45, I thought you might like to hear from someone who completely understands what you’ve gone through.
    By the way, the bi polar condition could have been brought on by the pituitary problem – fyi.
    Much like you, I have been using humor to deal – although I’m not lucky enough to be able to carry a tune, so my version may be different.
    Anyway, this post is a gift to you and a reminder that you are not alone!!! You are welcome to contact me via email – should you wish to share. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  • Rick


  • Jana

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I try to laugh at myself as much as possible, because it helps if I don’t get too serious. The fact that you can be silly helps me to know it’s okay. And I haven’t been in the psych ward for 2 whole years! (That’s something of a record for me!) Stay safe and happy–Jana

  • Linda McBroom

    God works in mysterious ways all the time, and He always works whatever a day may bring to our good (eternal good). I love Him so-o-o-o much. I am Bipolar, and so is my daughters. You kind of look like my youngest, expecially in what you are wearing. She went to a dinner party tonight with her husband. She is so lovely, just like you. Merry Christmas, dear. You truely are lovely, blessings.

  • Marilyn Bilyeu

    I don’t have bi-polar, but do have depression, along with fibromygalia, arthritis, etc etc. Like you, I would have loved to drop dead so my family didn’t have to explain the why I took my own life. So, also, like you, I try to have humor, and, I know each day is a gift from GOD. You hang in there, girl, you give hope!

  • Kathy

    Thank you for sharing with us. I want to share something with you. Please buy and read the following books: The Essential Enneagram by David N. Daniels, The Enneagram by Helen Palmer, and The Enneagram in Love and Work by Helen Palmer.
    These books can change your life! I have been where you are and spent a lot of time and money searching for improvement via private therapy, group therapy, marriage therapy and innumerable self help books with minimal success. Then I was introduced to the Enneagram. It has made a profound difference in my life as well as the lives of family and friends.
    To get the most out of a study of the Enneagram you must attend the classes that study each personality type. When you listen to a panel of people who share your personality type talk about their life and perspective you will be moved to laughter and tears. You will feel that finally someone understands you.
    Be Yourself and Be Happy. It is possible through the Enneagram.

  • tina

    i know exactly how you feel and i also know the importance to have some kind of humor about. i love your song and some days wish for that very thing

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t think that was very funny at all. There is no need for a person with bipolar to be in a psych ward. All you have to do is take your medication as prescribed and all will be ok. It might be funny to you, but I failed to see the humor in that little skit you just did. God Bless, always keep your faith in the LORD and you will be just fine. Next time just kneel down and pray to the almighty LORD.

  • Gaye

    I loved both your story and your video! You made me start my day off with a smile. God bless you and maybe we’ll meet someday at the John Hopkins Psych. Ward!

  • Stella

    Humor heals and you can always refers those who don’t to heel!

  • funracerx

    Hmmm, it seems two me that so many weeks ago i were just thinkin ti meeself, just how many days are there to chrismas, but alas, i seem to have fergotten even how many months are in a year. O’ is me…

  • Debbie

    Thank you so much!! Not is a trying time for me and mine. Prayer and hope make my day for humor and laughing make it bareable. I hope you enjoy every second no matter where you are or who your with. We never know in what face we will see God or Angels on earth.

  • elizabeth

    being bipolar myself it helps to laugh at yourself sometimes, this helps alot, i like your song, its cute and funny, we all need something like this to laugh about sometimes. and i do have a good sence of humor too!!! happy holidays to you

  • Anonymous


  • Lisa K

    Thanks for making me smile. Not a lot of things do that. Btw, just to share my breakthrough with you…I was able to add Ritalin to my meds cocktail and voila! A break in a major depression which had lasted more than 6 months. I’m able to focus at work and avoid sleeping 12+ hours a day. I do take 4 other meds too,but this seemed to be the breaking point. Now, I get to not consider ECT for a while. And I feel good enough to be back, reading your blogs and chuckling, because for a while there, I couldn’t even get online much. Thanks Theresa.

  • carol

    I am bipolar and thank you for the laugh! I know it’s nice to laugh at myself for having this disorder but if i didn’t laugh i would be worse off then what i am!
    thanks again



  • Donna Jensen

    I have been reading your stories about yourself.You are going to have to excuse any miss spelling or things prehaps that dont make sence,due to I have Fibromyalgia,which I am having a bad flare and brain fog.I had this medical problem for over 20yrs,but finally diagioned 5yrs ago.I surrefer from deep depression and being medicine sensitive ,My doctors are having the worst time on giving me meds eveb at the lowest dose.So I take nothing,but I am Bipolar,chronic fatigue.My life is a mess,but reading your page has helped me in certain ways,plus I know I cant let my Fibromyalgia control my life,plus I also take meds for it,but they dont work.I want no one to ever feel sorry for me,I carry alot of unhappiness from my past to the presnt that we all must let go to move forward.I am writing you to tell you thank you for this wonderul site and may Love,Light,Laughter and Happiness follow you where ever life leads you…hugs donna

  • Anonymous

    the message is lost because of the bad singing. i just wanted to turn it off.

  • LadyGinger

    I have to say, you are amazing. Some people may be upset that ‘we’ are laughing at mental illness, but really we are laughing ‘for’ our own saneness. I was diagnoised in 2001 w/ Bipolar Disorder, however I do not use the term I actually use- Manic~Depression- rapid cycler with stress induced seizure, because people understand this better. I have had to many doctors, to many therapist, to many medication and not enough me. I stopped taking my medications in 2003 because I was worse off w/ the meds instead of better. (message: do not stop taking your meds without your doctor authorization) Anyway I am better 9 months out of the year and okay 3 months. I do not have overwhelming feeling any longer. I have read every piece of material I can get my hands on re: BPD. I have reclaimed me. The best therapist I ever had was in a small town (Northfield,MN), she told me to ‘know my enemy (BPD)better than myself’. I have not had a serious episode since 2001 and because my seizures are stress induced, everyone in my life understands that ‘I do not do stress, it tends to put me on the ground’literally. I am so very happy that you are here and that you are better enough to put this site up for people who have BPD and other mental brain conditions. God has blessed each of us to be alive today, to tell our stories, to share so that the next person can live and be just as happy as we are. Smile— LadyGinger

  • Rev. Tracie Voss

    OK, Alice, we all know it’s a serious illness. If you have bi-polar disorder or love someone with this illness, I think you’ve figured that one out. However, the beauty of Therese’s Blog is that she is able to infuse a little warmth, humor, and humanity into what can be a devastating and, yes, life threatening illness.
    Elsewhere on Beliefnet, I’ve seen a few columns written by a truly gifted author (whose name escapes me, unfortunately) who chooses to approach her struggles with cancer with a little warmth, humanity, and, yes, humor. She, too, has a real gift for looking at something that would otherwise crush the human spirit and fight it with the best weapon she has: laughter.
    I’ve had Bi-Polar disorder for most of my life. I take medication for it, along with many of the other treatments that Therese mentions in her new song. Many patients find that a combination of various therapies are more effective than any single therapy alone. While the song is humorous, the message behind it is sound.

  • Carmen

    I think this is great! My son is bipolar and I disagree that it’s nothing to laugh about. Of COURSE it’s devastating…..of COURSE it’s scary and horrible to deal with. But, you have to be able to see the humor in life. You just have to. I once had a brain tumor that was supposed to kill me. (It ended up completely disappearing). Sure, I was scared most of the time, worried about my kids (I’m a single mom), wondering what would happen when I couldn’t work anymore. BUT….I HAD to laugh. When I did something stupid (like we all do), I’d say “it’s ok, I have a brain tumor.” I’m sure some people didn’t quite know how to take that. But I truly learned how to appreciate life and even the humor in it by dealing with that illness. Life is so much sweeter when we don’t always feel the need to be so serious about it.

  • Alice Ridgley

    laughing at ourselfs is important, everyone has to well or not, we all do dumb things, staying on my meds is the most important without them I am unable to do the family thing right up there with meds in importance I love them they love me it has taken a couple of yrs for them to trust me and see that the meds work good sleep is needed to stay level for me a routine helps also just so glad I feel what might be really close to normal my oldest son,of 2, almost gave me a hug last night I don’t push or ask anymore’ no more desperation in my life, such a relief, I will stay on the meds because my life is better, so expensive, it is easy to understand why some don’t use meds, without some kind of insurance they are not affordable to most, I take trileptal 1200 milligrams at night[ causes double vision ] thanks to all

  • cathy wright


  • “Dippy” Damsel

    Ive BEEN reading these “Whatevers” & “I” THINK, THEY make “A lot!” of sense!
    Now, I just gotta say, BEEN on “BOTH~!” sides of the road-u know, THIS “Joke!?” they COULDNT FIGURE, ANYTHING, BUT “Life!” tp call!
    I DID, ask My Shrink, ONCE-“Whats “NORMAL!?” (“DO” HAVE “ANY” replies!?)

  • Katherine Stone

    I think the most important thing for all of us is to not take ourselves too seriously. I have to laugh at all of my travails because it’s much better than crying. I have very funny stories about being institutionalized and I’d much prefer to tell those than to think about what a horrible experience it was. Thanks for the humor Therese!

  • M. Sims

    The holidays are a HORRIBLE time of year for me since my father died and my ex husband took the children from me. I thought I could never laugh. I knew something was wrong and of course they told me I had holiday depression. News flash there… Then I came across your video and OMG did I laugh. It felt so good to see someone take the negative in their life and with a little humor turn it into a positive! THANK YOU!!!

  • Patricia

    thanks for the the video it does remind one to laugh at themselves !!! I take life one hour at a time and do a lot of prayer and meditation.It doesn’t stop the holiday blues but it makes them easier to handle!! As to what is “NORMAL” I’m still trying to get a handle on that one !!! What if thou …just what if we aren’t ” nuts” were the ones that just got caught. My therapist says the only difference between me and an eccentric is they millions and I don’t so now whose normal?!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’ALL!!!

  • ruth


  • Lenez Samuels-Ward

    Your stepping out to write and establish Beyond Blue, etc. inspite of the fears and uncertainties you had is very encouraging. I recognize you did have a system of support and encouragement. However, we still have to find a way to bypass internal negative forces/voices that attempt to stand in the way of our destiny and the divine purposes of God.
    Congratulations!!! May Almighty God continue to open doors for the release of the gift(s) He placed, stirs up, and is continually perfecting in you. As you use them to help others or for the benefit of others, they will make room for you. The operative word here is to “use them” with wisdom and discernment. If you are faithful over the little He has given to you/blessed you with, then He is able to trust you with much.
    Continue walking by faith…, trusting in the Lord.
    Be blessed and be a blessing.
    From a Bi-polar survivor of 18 documented years. Praise the Lord!!!

  • Shirlene Gosek

    Thank you for giving me hope. My daughter won’t let me see my grandchild. My family thinks I’m crazy, because I won’t be a puppet. I almost lost my son 3 weeks ago and I’m soo grateful to God for the blessing of saving him…There are no words… After seeing his car, I do believe in Miracles. I always have believed in God. I have so many emotions I’m trying to deal with.
    Readings on Beliefnet help me soo much. Thank you for your encouragement.
    Shirlene Gosek

  • Sarah Benton

    Nice. : ) You smile at the end cheered my heart. Thanks for the cheer!

  • adrienne g.

    sorry, but I didn’t find anything humorous about your little jingle…never being married as you are, I really thought you would say that God, not your husband, gave you such and such. Being bipolar now for 20 something years, and only 46 years old now, I can reflect on those days of anguish during bipolar attacks and everytime I do, I feel pain, not the urge to sing about the supposed gifts your hubby gave you. Perhaps, if your hubby is this generous to give you all these strife driven gifts maybe it’s time to remarry another fellow…I know the song is meant be be hilarious, but having an excellent sense of humor myself, I just cannot find anything funny about your skit. sorry, had to write my negative comments Nice try, perhaps after your divorce from current husband.

  • linda bru

    When you get to the point where you can laugh at your life’s trials then you know you are on the path to being healed. I’d say your husband must be a wonderful person to stay with you during this trial for both of you. Being able to laugh with you and cheer for you are very good signs.
    I would say God has blessed you.

  • Tom Durkin

    Dear Therese,
    Thank you for the 12 Bipolar Days of Christmas! I’m bipolar and it made me laugh out loud. I shared it with all my “psycho” friends. Sometimes all I’ve got left to hold me together is a sense of humor.
    Keep the faith,

  • Bonnie Jean

    I thought you did a great job!! I too have been bipolar. But with the Grace of God and lots of love & understanding I’m well enough to laugh now.
    Your husband must be a saint.I know mine is and thanks to his great love for me. I’m still here today..
    May the Angels of Lord be with you my dear…
    With Love and Understanding
    Bonnie Jean

  • Diane Cerone

    When you started your rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, and you said my husband, I felt envy. I have Unipolar Depression and a panic disorder, and I am in remmision now, however, my husband left me because of my health. I begged him not to leave. Our two children were little then. He showed no compassion. Anyway, he found another woman before he left me.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVED this video!! Not only are you able to make light of some serious stuff (which really IS a sign of healing!) but you edited it so that it wasn’t the usual repeditive song.
    I only hope my Hubby will be that generous with me!
    Happy Holidays!
    Blessed be..

  • Regina Gilliard

    Newly diagnosed bipolar. This site has helped me to know that I’m not alone. And still have a great deal to learn about this aliment. Sincerely,
    Regina Gilliard
    Phoenix, AZ.

  • Peggy

    I Loved your 12 Days of Christmas video. I have Bi-polar but it does not have me. Just found your site and your sense-of-humor is the greatest. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us! Happy Holidays!
    Blessings to you,

  • Blanche

    Sorry I didn’t explain myself clearly, Larry. Of course that young man had a mental disease.
    I think that Alice, Adrienne, and the person who won’t even post with name or nickname, should find a different blog.

  • Bettie

    Thank-you for your article–Your sense of humor is so healing—I pray that God will give me the Same strength.
    I was unable to get you vedio :O(
    God’s Blessings

  • Dorine Pratt

    Dear Over-Comer!
    I keep telling myself someday I will be a permanent (not feeling as if I have one foot on a banana peel ;^)! ) member of that group. I so enjoyed your musical Christmas present. Dorine

  • Juanita Dorsey-Fears

    Hi, I too loved your 12 Days of Christmas song. The holiday season is very depressing for me too. My children are grown and gone, which is a good thing. I miss them during the holidays but they have their own thing going. I know that they love me but I feel sometime that if I drop dead I would not be missed. I’m not ready to leave, I have too much to do. And with the good Lords’ help I will achieve it. So know this, “God loves you and so do I”.

  • kathy

    GOOD FER YOU!!!! I also “possess” Bi-Polar disorder and as the other … lady I believe said it DOES NOT possess me!!! I take one med a day for my BP and I manage very well with that. I was diagnosed in 96 with mine and it took a bit to find which med would make my life as normal as is possible for me with all the other “stuff” in it…. you have rather inspired me about my own cholesterol which is though the moon!!
    I will remember you in my prayers and ask that you do the same, and also my sisters man just had surgery on his tongue to remove a cancerous tumor and they took quite a big hunk of it and he has always used his mouth for his living, lol, i mean he talks for a living. My sister is a rather weak of heart and constitution type pf person and she already looks like she is going fall apart and this ordeal has just begun so if you think of it a prayer for Mark and Cindy would be DEEPLY appreciated!!!!
    My blessing to you and thank yo8u

  • MistyChild

    Love It!! Bravo!!

  • Grace

    You are BRAVE – that is inspiring – thank you for taking the plunge into the singing. – Grace

  • MC

    Ok perhaps it was creative but it didn’t do a thing for me….the lighting was very poor…but it really missed the message I think of how you were able to help yourself, rather than have someone else do all the work for you…support is one thing but recognizing that you have the capability to empower yourself and do the things that help you be in a happy state are just as important.

  • boatlady13

    I sent this to my husband who thinks I am crazy, mainly to give him gift ideas!
    I sure appreciate the humor you injected into your situation.

  • Mary Anne Thompson

    A yr later and I STILL love this song as well as seeing you dressed
    up looking so pretty having the braveness to sing it for all of us. Those
    that criticize you do not have the creativity or the recovery skills and
    experiences you have had. It upsets me when I see comments left by
    people who are angry, rude and say hateful/hurtful things to you. I
    wanted to comment a cpl of days ago and attempted to post but was
    timed out by the new code thing at the bottom. It really upset me after
    the thought and time I had put into my comment. Rather than attempt
    a second try I just signed off. Now I am typing THIS comment in my
    ofc program to cut & paste as to avoid the same thing from happenning
    to me again. I AM teachable! Today, I had a session with my therapist
    who I see for depression and anxiety. I asked her for something to take
    for the anxiety that I have this time of the yr. Because the Dr’s were not
    in the ofc and my appt with my psychiatrist is not for another 6 days
    I was denied any medication. I remain on my Cymbalta which was
    recently increased to 90 mgs from the 60 I was originally on. I had my
    wisdom tooth surgically removed a week ago today and have been in
    a lot of pain physically not to mention an emotional wreck for the last
    cpl of wks. Being a HIGHLY sensitive person and prone to anxiety as I
    am I know u understand SAD (seasonal affective disorder) I have read
    the many posts you have had lately on the Holidays and this time of the
    year. I am in the PITS and ask for all of you who read this to PLEASE
    keep me in your prayers. I DO believe in the power of prayer and I also
    believe there is power in #’s !!! My therapist told me today IF I can just
    hold on for 6 more days till I see my Dr. she is sure I can get something
    to take for my anxiety then. I left her ofc crying. My friend who went
    with me into my session today gave me the last 3 Valiums she had in her
    own personal inventory that she keeps for her own anxiety as needed.
    Our plan is for me to break them in half, take one half a night to help me
    sleep. If I break 3 pills in half that will cover 6 nights. I don’t know what
    I will do about the daytime……other than recite the Serenity Prayer over
    and over, sing chants and songs. Spend a lot of time in prayer and
    meditation myself. I REALLY want to hurt myself or someone else. I
    actually just want to QUIT hurting so fuc*ing bad, sorry about the curse
    word to you Christians out there who dislike the 4 letter word but it is
    one that I use frequently. I am not a people pleaser, I say what I mean,
    what I say and do TRY not to be mean when I say it !
    I will be thinking of you especially thru the following days thru Chris-
    Mas Therese. I do not celebrate it myself, I DO celebrate the Winter
    Solstice and Yule on the 21st. I set up the Family Christmas tree on
    Monday night and cried through the whole experience because of bad
    memories from Christmas’s past. I kinda feel like Scrooge in the famous
    movie the Christmas Carol. I have had visits from ghosts of the past,
    and the present, it is the Future that I am not sure about. It looks
    rather bleak at the moment I admit. I will keep in touch with you all
    and ask that you do the same, email me privately or at least keep me
    in your thoughts. Thanks to all my friends at Beyond Blue for your
    love & understanding. My sincerest thanks to you T for your sense
    of humor, you keeping this site going for us all and for touching my
    life. I love you, Mary Anne

  • marilyn

    therese i never get tired of this.i share it with evrerybody.i think its the best christmas tradition anyone can have lol… hope you are enjoying the holidays.

  • Carol Ann

    If you can’t laugh at yourself, what on earth is the reason for living? Sign me up!

  • jj

    I just love this…I listened and forwarded to everyone last year and this year! It’s always good to laugh. Thank you!!!! I applaud your bravery in doing this.
    thank you, jana

  • Your Name

    Mary Anne, I am a Christian and I hope you don’t mind if I pray for you. I have had problems with depression for many years myself, though my diagnosis is disthymia. That means low-grade depression which lasts a long time. Crazy as it sounds, sometimes I wish I could relate more to how you and others are feeling and I could if my really bad episodes were fresher in my mind. Perhaps it can be of some comfort to you to know that there is hope. People do get better. I’m still on 20 mg a day of Paxil and if I forget to take it for a couple of days I can easily become incapacitated. Any setback or challenge life gives me seems insurmountable.
    I personally don’t like the F-word, but I can overlook a cuss word now and then when someone is really needing a way to express their feelings.;) I wish you the best, Ellen

  • Jo

    I take meds for clinical depression. I also do small animal rescue(if you can’t laugh while caring for 5 rescued pet rats & a off-the-chart ferret, you’re in the wrong line of!). That has got to be one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time!
    Take care all & Happy Holidays!

  • Your Name

    Mary Anne,
    I read your coments. I am sorry that you are in so much pain. I do understand. I have felt the same kind of pain in my life. I am glad that you are seeing a doctor. Please be honest with your doctor about your feeling but, also your self-medicating with your friends medication. The only way your doctor can help you is if your are totaly honest with them and yourself. Depression can be over come you just need to take one day at a time ( sometimes just one minute at a time). I know that it seems like life is overwhelming at times. I used to work in the mental health field and I have seen many people come to live full happy and productive lives when they are on the right medication. Please work with your doctor to find what will work for you. Mary Anne Don’t give up you are to important to your friends and family. I know that may not seem like it now but you are. I will be praying for you…

  • Darla

    Amen! Ain’t it a b****? Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only intelligent, attractive woman with a messed up head that is my own worst enemy.

  • Melissa

    You are awesome–so creative!!

  • Amanda

    thats not funny at all!! There are alot of issue with biopolar and its no laughing matter!! The video sucked by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your Name

    Wow I knew what i wanted to say when i started this and the thought left,go figure.I suffer from BiPolar,and have been without medication for two very long years due to not having insurance.Can you say ouch? I am trying to get back but all i can do is cry it seems even when i really wanna scream.Change is hard. And the holidays stink. I am trying to get back just taking small steps at a time and i must admit however that i watched that video trying to find a smile and couldnt nice try though

  • Your Name

    I think you have covered bi polar disease very well. I can relate to your feelings of having a heart attack being much more politally correct than an overdose, which, I think about also. I think you have created a living memorial to yourself, and the depressed during the holidays. TY

  • blurb

    It appears you have a highly developed sense of humor which is certain to help you on this difficult road you’re on. Good luck in always seeing the happy side of life – even with the bumps in the road! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  • Survivor of All

    Oh my gosh I never laughed so hard. Being Bipolar and all that goes with it my husband lovingly refers to me as defective. We both laugh. I thought that was priceless. You gotta keep that laughing spirit.

  • Amy

    I love this video.. It made me laugh. I suffer from Schizo Affective ( Schizophrenia and Bipolar Mix) and the holidays are always hard. I saw this in my email and had to check it out. So funny!!!! Thank You for the twist on the holiday.

  • Your Name

    An absolutely terrible example of Bipolar. Wow what critical way of seeing people with Bipolar Disorder.

  • http://Laughter Sandra in Pittsbugh, PA

    It feels me with joy and warmth in my heart, that you have turned to your sense of humor for the obstacles you must face on a daily basis. I also have had years of medical problems similiar and more harsh, but it was always my sense of humor and my husband that made life worth living. The ability to see I could make the ones around me forget the pain for just a moment, and share in the laughter. Just seeing my family’s face in happiness during my darkest moments made everything awesome for me and could almost say that I could visibly see faith and hope. Laughter is the best medicine, never forget that!

  • Jung

    While I am glad you kept your sense or humor, I must have missed something in translation, even though I do share your sentiment. Regretfully, I do have to say you may be lucky to not have gotten an extra day in that ward for singing. I guess you did this after you got out instead of before.

  • Kathleen

    Great version……… made me laugh this morning..

  • Your Name

    I guess I just can not find the humor in this! Of course I am not the one in my family suffering from Bi-polar. My mother has had this disease among others and being raised by someone that was in and out of pysch wards, abusive at times, and really not a mother at all makes you realize that this is no laughing matter.

  • shirley

    i’m sorry i have bi polar also i learned that i have it about a year ago but that was down right scarry, i hope that this is something that i don’t have to look foward too…merry christmas

  • Heike

    Happy Holidays! I love your humor. My father and sister suffer from bipolar disorder, and living with them is quite an experience. It takes a lot of humor and forgiveness to survive.

  • Solman

    Wow you really glam’d up for this! Fantastic!
    What a wonderful creative way to help mood maintenance during this season!
    And for the critics…carrying a tune was never what Christmas caroling was all about. Therese has got the right idea!

  • Mary C

    I love your piece; Been there ; Done that; Bought the t-shirt. Old enough to be your Mother to Boot. More experience! Some time things were crazy, but I survived. I made it one day at a time. 35 years. I got Lucky; I married someone who loves me just as I am and I love him the same way. God had a laugh on me. Thanks be to Him!!!

  • Dot

    BIPOLAR is no fun. I did not “get” the humor in any of your suggestions either. Holidays are extremely difficult for bipolar people. Where did you come up with your “humorous” ideas?????

  • Nancy Naggy

    Bravo !!!!! Having been Bi-Polar in my early 20’s then it being Dormant for 20 years,and now Back, its nice to see it doesnt have the hush hush stigma of past years. I love the song, and at the moment would love the 12 days of gifts.
    P.S. If you figure out what the cost of the 12 days of gifts would be that would be outrageous!!!!

  • Your Name


  • VAL


  • blanche

    Dot, I suggest you find a different Bipolar blog; one that is not “humorous”. The laughter Therese inspires is a live saver for many of us. So if you don’t like it, please LEAVE. Good luck.

  • pumpkinellis

    I am happy that when I feel So Badly I still will not let pity or a dourness take 100% hold of me ESPECIALLY when seeing “one of my own” make fun of an often humorless condition.disorder/illness,dis-ease,etc…I am sorry for you Dot and I am thankful l am not in the place that Dot is. I go there and being there is horrible and lonely. “Pity,party of one your table is ready.”
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, creativity and humor with us Therese.

  • pumpkinellis

    I am happy that when I feel So Badly I still will not let pity or a dourness take 100% hold of me ESPECIALLY when seeing “one of my own” make fun of an often humorless condition.disorder/illness,dis-ease,etc…I am sorry for you Dot and I am thankful l am not in the place that Dot is. I go there and being there is horrible and lonely. “Pity,party of one your table is ready.”
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, creativity and humor with us Therese.

  • Your Name

    I am also sitting here alone while others are headed out to parties and shopping. I have had failed relationships because of my highs and lows. Relationships are exhausting for me and I have resigned to aloneness for the rest of my life. I avoid eye-contact with men for fear one will ask me out. It is safe in my apartment.
    Being Bi-polar has put many limits on my life in that I can’t plan anything because I don’t know how I will feel from one hour to the next.
    I am glad that I found Belief-net. I can at least acknowledge to someone how I feel.

  • Your Name

    I was sent this link from a family member,and laughter is always the best medicine.Especially when your alone!I loved this…thanks for sharing the 12 days….sometimes i like to say my life is a soap opera but I dont get paid for it….also with my family I know I could fill up Jerry Springers shows for years,he would never have to search for stories or guests….so smile with yourself and at yourself and the world smiles with you…………..TA DA !

  • Your Name

    Thanks for your video!! I am bi-polar and feel closest to others with my condition. It is so important to be able to laugh and share your struggles with others (who understand). I am truly grateful for being able to laugh at myself. Please continue your videos. You are certainly a blessing from God.

  • Your Name

    Mary Anne, I will definitely pray for you. Dot and Amanda, I suggest you find a different blog. Refer to Larry Parker’s number one rule.

  • Your Name

    I have been playing my own version of russian roulette (emotionally anyway)But I am indeed still among the living. I know this to be true because body parts still hurt..ouch! I have finally come to the inevitable conclusion that I’m bi-polar. Dang it! Denial was so much more desireable than admittance. Or is it submittance..well, whatever. It’s unfortunately in my genes. Mommy Dearest gifted me and my brother with more than her LOL good looks! Crappy Holidays (Oh that’s just me..sorry)

  • Your Name

    I can only repeat what I said last year when I saw this video (Ok, I’ll shorten it up ;-)…):
    “Therese, you are a brave and a beautiful woman.”
    (Insert picture of the “Therese glamour shot” that God sees… By the way, it worked for me too!)
    Happy holidays to you and your family!

  • Charlie

    As far as the high collesterol goes do nothing that involves drugs.
    Lipitor and crestor cause heart attacks and cancer so what ever you do go natural. My doctor has been trying to prescribe lipitor to me for years and I refuse to subsidise big pharma.

  • Mary

    Find God and pray daily, exercise, meditate, seek therapy, continue to do whatever you can to release you from the grips of depression. I feel hopeless some days and find it difficult to go to work and do all the things that are required of me.
    I too have high collestrol but am being treated for it in a natural way, without chemical drugs.
    Enjoy each day as it is a gift that is why it is called the present.
    Happy Holidays.

  • Your Name

    Hello; LOVE your video!!!! YOu are just fantastic. You are actually bringing joy and a sense of humor to others!! KUDOS to you!!!
    little about me: Disabled living back at home temporarily. Getting knee rep;acement after holidays and hopefully back to my old independent self. Oh Try looking into garlic in any form. Friend of mine had High blood pressure and cholesterol and controled everything.
    Best to You

  • Susie

    Thanks, I needed that:-)

  • Greg

    Funny. It’s great when you can poke humor at your defects. Like me being a heavy guy. I have the body of a god-Buddha.

  • Your Name

    I don’t think you have to much to worry about,as far as your mental health is concerned,we need more funny souls in the world,like yourself.Have a Merry Christmas!{and thanks for the smile I got from your video!}

  • Era

    That was great, I was on medication,got off,and turn to Prayer Instead.

  • Your Name

    I have made humor a major part of my treatment with my bi-polar disorder and my faith in God to get me through life with its ups and downs. I live a normal life with my medication along with prayer and meditations I have had from many different beliefs. I have a go to a support group that helps me to cope with life. If I look at myself having a bi-polar disorder in a positive way then others around me will feel positive as well.

  • Judith..UK

    I think it is wonderful that you can laugh at your physical problems sweetheart.
    Laughter is the best medicine which I believe the Lord weaves into our lives as a safety valve.
    Your are a wonderful example to other sufferers, and may the Lord bless you as you share this video.
    May you have a very blessed Christmas and New Year

  • Your Name

    Dearest Therese,
    I have been reading, and loving and absorbing your messages for about 3 months now and this video MAKES me give you some feedback!! You lovely, kind, understanding, giving, brave young woman!! I stand in awe of you!! I have been depressed for years (some medicated, some toughed out….)and when I was younger and the hormones still worked and propelled me, was occasionally MANIC…..but, now in my 70’s have slowed waaaayyy down and only an out of order appliance or non-working car can push me into that state. but….your generous notes and videos have helped me sooooo much!! Finances were dragging me down and my gloom and doom saga was replayed over and over in my mind until one day I “clicked” on your site thru Beliefnet. What a blessing!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so honest and exposed in your feelings!! I look forward every day to reading what you have to say. God Bless You!!! Granny B. :)now

  • Cathy

    That is awesome…. how like us bipolars to something so wonderfully off the cuff. You made me smile and feel a little less alone tonight.
    Thanks Beyond Blue.

  • Jane Bonkoski

    Laughter–what I needed on this Christmas eve. Thank you; you are the gift.
    One hundred years from now people will wonder what depression, bipolar, manic depressive illnesses were; oh to be there now. How difficult this journey is especially if any one is like me, drug resistant.
    But I will continue on my journey, even at age 66.
    So, for you young folks, enjoy each minute; it all goes in a heartbeat.

  • LadyBlue

    Your video isn’t showing up, there’s just a white space where it was. I’ve had that happen on my blogs a few times. Could you provide a URL so it can be found on YouTube?

  • Londa

    You brought hope for bipolar me and a tear of remembrance of a bipolar friend who passed on because his doc let his liver die unchecked . Edd, I miss you.

  • Beth

    That is so great! You have an amazing website.

  • Leslie

    Oh cool, another Pendulum fan! I’ve always loved that parody.

  • Patrick Tracey

    You are a thing of beauty who should be leading the revolution . . . we are kindred spirits . . . you are totally off the wall and I mean that in the nicest sort of way . . . we should all be so mad . . . nice pearls too . . . and i mean that in the nicest sort of way . . . i come in peace . . i mean no harm . . . . or yer it might . . . tra la la la la . . . . land you back . . . tra la la . . . on the john hopkins psyche ward . tra la

  • Annapurna Moffatt

    I already watched this on YouTube this year–it’s become a classic right up there with the original Twelve Days of Christmas. BRAVA!!


    What a hoot,LOL!
    Being Bipolar and Scizophrenic ( don’t know how to spell !),I can relate to the song.
    A sense of humour is GREAT medicine!

  • Pat Groshong

    First off, you just rock. Your website. The 12 days song, come on that was great, funny, astute. A hoot, totally. I got a laptop back last night that failed me months ago. (Either that or it came unplugged.) What ever. So I was reading about life. Mine, obviously. I discovered problems everywhere. I’m thinking like why did I ever think it wasn’t that? Full of angst and problems and people that failed me. It’s still happening. Life. Problems, angst. I read your blog. I laugh. Want to read more. Thanks for having a life and laughing about it and letting others know about it. I believe that’s the hardest, thinking there’s no one that gives a hoot. There is. I have 5 dogs. They are so happy to see me come home from work. So is my mate though alittle sloshed is his norm, still. I’m going to find more to laugh about. And forgive more. Thanks for all you do and write and am. It’s cool peeking into your life. Peace. Happy Xmas and all that. C:

  • Berta

    Thank you, thank you! You never fail to cheer me :=) This never gets old and always makes me LOL! xoxo Happy Holidays…keep laughing and seeing the humor.

  • Eric Lorentzen

    The system said “your message was lost, try again”. Hmmmm. Maybe I said the wrong thing. Maybe I should obsess about it and ruminate……start to race in thoughts, words, and deeds…. get depressed, or change the world. Or how about “thanks for the laughs……….you’re a peach” Happy Holidays from one nut to one and all.

  • tim flatley

    besides being bi-polar, i’m also a recovering alcoholic.This always seems to be the hardest time of there really something to “seasonal depression”?my therapist is always rushed & i never get much time w/her.

  • Justaman

    Would you please restore my comments, rather than make me try to recompose them?
    After all, you claimed my comments were not lost.

  • Justaman

    And then they were.

  • angela

    all the therapists I know are bi-polar psychotics… Don’t waste your money…

  • John

    Bravo! Well done!
    Sometimes you have to just accept that life is what it is. And then try to make the best of it. I wasn’t blessed with the great brain chemistry of my wife, who can accept what the world has to offer and not let it drive her into a deep dark depression.
    The holidays are always hard on the depressed. Trying to maintain that facade of “holiday spirit” when all you want to do is hide in your room or runaway, where no one can find you or hurt you.
    My self esteem ebbs at this time of year, and the facade of “happiness” that I hide behind during the holidays takes a lot of effort to create and maintain. One small crack can instantly shatter the whole thing. Then there I am, exposing my emotional vulnerability to the whole world.
    And if I hear one more person telling me to just “be happy” I think I will scream.
    Or maybe better yet, scream the 12 days of Christmas.
    Happy Holidays and don’t worry about the things you can’t change. God will take care of that.

  • Your Name

    I suffer with seasonal depression. Moody blues. If I can afford it; I run to the beach. If not; I use suntan lotion for the scent of the beach, I look at my summer pictures. Hold my face to the sun anywhere I can. Bright lights help. There are lights you can purchase that mimic the sunlight. That helps too. Listen to beach songs;talk to friends. Stay busy if possible. I watch the Golden Girls. I seem to relate to them. And they live in Miami. I also have a plan. I am moving to Florida or somewhere soon if possible after my things here are done. Anyway good luck!

  • Cloudygirl

    I love your blog. I love how you use humor to counter life’s difficulties. I’m at work so I can’t listen to your song but I will listen when I get home! I really enjoy writing and would love to write about my life (battling depression, diagnosed as an adult with ADD, mis-diagnosed as bi-polar instead) but I’m in the middle of a nasty divorce and everyone warns me not to spill my guts in public and especially not in writing. But once this is all over I will start writing again – your work is an inspiration.

  • Charlie

    Hey!..You DO have talent. Have a happy holiday and a happier life!

  • Mary

    Therese, you definitely ROCK! I’ve enjoyed (yes, enjoyed)identifying with your struggles, your encouragement to change the things that are changeable, your determination not only to survive but to LIVE, and now, just in time for the holidays, this!
    Thanks for the fun!

  • diane

    Bravissima Therese! Much too cute and on the Mark! Thanks for the laugh. diane

  • Mary Sunshine :)

    You are just the best and your 12 Bi-Polar Days is GREAT… Keep up the good work…

  • Deborah Glen

    I loved it. I am there right now…entertaining my friends, family and blog readers with my psychosis. Its no picnic. Hang in there, girlfriend, at least you are thin and pretty. I am gargantuan and crazy. Take Care.

  • Ellen

    I love your humor, humility and the happiness you bring to others! When you come to NC I will be your welcoming committee!

  • Ray Janikowski

    This is just brilliant!!! Thank you!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Linda

    BRAVO!!! I needed some down to earth humor today. Keep it coming!!!
    Happy Holidays!

  • Jennifer

    real great I am mental disabled and would a copy of the lyrics to your version of the 12 Days of Christmas!

  • http://Brava martha preckler

    as a recovering misdiagnosed bipolar person…amazing how helpful menopause is to your emotions…i smiled ear to ear reading your intro and listening to your version. Thank you for shortening it. Always hated how long and repetitive the original is…but then again I am ADHD. Merry Christmas and thanks for your great humor. Martha

  • Mary

    That was JUST TOO FUNNY!!! I loved it–sure put some humor into my evening. I am going through a very stressful time in a move from CT. back to Ohio and even though I REALLY wanted this move, it’s not been easy. I have had a horrible 3 months trying to find a house as I spent like there was NO tomorrow when I was in CT.–well, it was cheaper than drugs, and more socially acceptable than becoming an alcoholic and even though I had tried suicide, the angel(s) in my life prevented that from happening. So to make this move, I had to make a hard decision to really downsize and that is where I am struggling. I know it’s the right thing to do, but even so–not an easy journey. YOUR song really lifted me up and makes me realize it’s not all doom and gloom, and reminded me–I NEED to laugh at myself. I am getting what I want–so why not take it easy on myself? THANKS!!

  • Jill

    That was so funny LOL. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Tom

    God bless you & your healthy sense of humor, Terez! I’m gonna have to pass on the Merlot, it being so early & all … but on 2nd thought, it’s past noon somewhere 😉

  • Ron

    Enjoyed immensely your self-assessment – with a great sense of humor and irony. I remember hearing about an airplane that was experiencing a great deal of turbulence. Some passengers were crying,some praying, some stone faced.
    As the tension was cresting – a tall fellow (Texan, we are told) stood up and said in a loud voice,
    “I don’t why you all are carrying on like this – it ain’t our plane!”
    I have a blog: with the latest post – `Can you Really Find Humor in a Heart Attack` – You might enjoy.

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  • Ray

    Oh Therese, It just wouldn’t be Christmas without this lovely song. I do love it. Your good humor has helped me more times than I can say. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!!!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Dee Fairchild

    That is too precious for words! I laughed like a loon! Thanks so much:)

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment pattie

    I don’t know what else to say except…me too.

  • Pingback: 8 Ways to Keep Your Sanity During the Holidays | Therese J. Borchard


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