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ShareWIK: Depression Before the Holidays

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I thought I’d republish post from last year since Diana has it featured on her website, for the holidays.

A few weeks ago, a woman I knew only on Facebook, Diana Keough, arrived at my door with her savvy business and production partner, Matt Clement, to do an interview of me about depression around the holidays. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I felt guilty for exercising some of my boundaries skills by saying no to flying to Atlanta. (So they came to me!).

No more than 15 minutes after they arrived with their heavy luggage did my living room transform into a professional production set: fancy lights, backdrop, an expensive (big) camera, and so on.


We talked for like four hours (two hours spent on poor Eric: “What’s it like living with chick who has her period, or acts like she does, all the time?”), and then they took off.

The result is an incredibly polished video (much more so than my modest productions on youtube!) that you can view by going to, or by clicking here.


Diana’s website is a fascinating project. ShareWIK stands for “share what I know.” She is a survivor on so many levels, and is passionate about creating a forum in which people can help each other by sharing their truths, the precious pearls of wisdom learned after illnesses, tragedies, frustrations, and victories.

I sincerely applaud her dream with ShareWIK, as I recognize her passion coming from the same energy with which I launched Beyond Blue.

May you succeed in your mission, Diana! We’re rooting for you! 

Again, here’s the video.

  • Katherine Stone

    Bummer. I wish you’d come to Atlanta!!!!

  • Meghan

    Therese and Eric,
    Such simple eloquence from both of you. It cuts right to the core of the situation. Beautifully done.
    Sending love and light to you and your family….

  • Barbara Bowman

    Very well expressed by you both.

  • Sharon

    Thank You

  • Your Name

    I was touched so deeply. I experience the same feelings this time of year. I wish i had the support of my spouse. You 2 have an amazing relationship. I lost my spouse because of my depression. I wish someone that understood had reached out to us before it was too late. I pray that this messages reaches many people.

  • Kim Jackson

    Yes I like the video I really can feel were she is coming from cause I we all go threw so much in life and the Hoilday’s do at times make you sad for me by not working I to get really down in the dums.

  • debbie

    Therese & Eric,
    Thank you for making this video. I am a depressive who has lost my husband and 16 year old as a result of this disease in our family. My husband never “got” depression, and didn’t know how to work with me about it. My 16 year old has diagnosed depression (for 3 years) and will not take medication. He doesn’t want to see me or speak to me. Have also lost a dear dear beloved manfriend (who has depression and BPD) because of our mental illnesses. I have been on meds and therapy for years and have a pretty good handle on it, most days. But during the holidays, I am miserable. I’ve been following beyond blue for a couple of years now, and it has helped me so much. Thanks for validating the fact the holidays are a challenge for those of us who suffer from this awful disease. Thank God my 11 year old, who still spends a lot of time with me, and is so inspirational and loving to me He is my angel.

  • maxine

    Thanks so much for the video.I so can relate. I have bipolar and I also suffer from SADD and I know for myself that from Halloween until Easter, with all my personal painful anniversaries and the holidays will be a challenge, daily to get through.Family still does not really understand– or accept that I have anything. Just suppose to “suck it up” and be happy. Wish everyone health.

  • Your Name

    Thanks so much for the video.I so can relate. I have bipolar and I also suffer from SADD and I know for myself that from Halloween until Easter, with all my personal painful anniversaries and the holidays will be a challenge, daily to get through.Family still does not really understand– or accept that I have anything. Just suppose to “suck it up” and be happy. Wish everyone health.

  • Frank Parker – Birmingham – England

    Well done to Diana for making such a professional looking video and to Therese and Eric for their honesty.
    I have been a long term sufferer of depression now since my teenage years. I have been a single parent for the last 15 years and Christmas is one of the most difficult times for me. I have not got a partner or had one since my divorce in 1995. I don’t have anyone I can really talk to except my 18 year old Daughter and 21 year old Son. It is slightly easier now but when they were Children I really just could not cope.
    I wish you, and anyone else who suffers from Depression, the strength to get through the gloomy winter months and I wish everyone a very peaceful Christmas. :-)

  • Richard

    That was a fantastic video! I am still trying to absorb it. Now with tongue firmly in cheek, may we expect your future videos to be of this quality?

  • Darcy

    Thanks for making this video. I have been battling depression since the age of 18. There are not too many days when I feel a real reason to live. I have been through multiple therapists and anti-depressants in search of an answer and nothing truly works. The only reason I am still alive is because I feel guilt when I think about my family and my pets if I killed myself. What would they do? It is sad to admit this, but such a relief to hear that others feel the same way and battle this demon along with me. I always feel so alone. I have lost many people in my life due to my depression because they truly could not understand why I am such a b*tch all the time. This video is a wonderful depiction of how us “depressees” live. Great work!

  • Catherine

    My goosebumps and tears are my body talking; “Oh, my, that was just beautiful and so real,” are my words. Your serenity while you speak such truth is inspirational to me. I am passing it on to family and friends. Rest this holiday season in the love of your family and those of us who are your readers.

  • Your Name

    What a wonerful video. Therese, you and your husband have done so much to open up and express your true feelings about depression. I have always enjoyed your message in both print and on the internet. Your spiritual message to the Catholic faithful is so meaningful. It’s all very appreciated!

  • Bev

    Everyone should view this video to make it through the holidays. Most people nowadays are practicing “fake it until you can make it”. Thank you for reminding me to be a friend to myself. Best wishes to everyone!

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  • Geri

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    I have commented 2x and lost some really good comments.
    Must everything be so hard?

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  • JLLB

    Teresa, I have been worried about you, not posting anything personal with how you’re doing lately. I hope you are holding up ok through this difficult season. Know that you have TONS of people out here in internet world who care so deeply for you and are very thankful for your blog and what YOU have to share!!
    I wanted to let you know that I’ve been unable to get to the video despite trying to get to the video despite trying each and every link you offer in the body of your writing and at the end of your post. Do you know if the link has been removed or if there is a back door to get to it? Thanks!
    Please let me know how you’re doing!

  • JLLB

    Oh boy, you can tell how out of sorts I am by trying to make sense of my earlier comment. Heck, I think I wrote the same thing 3 times. My brain is on overload!
    Terese, is there any way I can respond to you? Life is totally hectic right now, but at some point (and maybe, just maybe today) I’d like to respond.

  • sfafasfas

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  • Michael Galligan

    I have tried repeatedly, but the ShareWIK site says the video can’t be found. ???

  • http://Video CJ

    The “, or by clicking here” link that is provided above (before the video box) was the one that worked for me. The video is really good.
    I too have been wondering why we haven’t heard how you’re doing lately, Therese. Hope you are well, and have a wonderful holiday.

  • Mary

    Dear Therese,
    Thank you for your videos. I watched this one and two others. It was nice to have someone to cry with on “Having a bad day”. Forgive me, I would not wish that feeling on anyone but we were both sitting there crying and it helped. Also, will your dear husband consider cloning himself? My husband is abusive, I didn’t really notice it until I woke up one morning and found that I had no friends. He had driven most of them away with lies, and I guess the others wandered off. Then my Mother died a year ago and he must have thought that I had no one to back me up anymore. The first time he physically abused me was last Christmas and has kept up since then. I just wast to die so badly and he just laughed. I have no support at all and I can’t exercise since I am disabled. I want to go outside just like you said. I’m afraid if I do I won’t come back.

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