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Video: The Eating Season

I call the 61 days between Halloween and New Year’s “the eating season,” because the temptation to snack on all kinds of crap is intrusive this time of year, with boxes of Belgian chocolate coming in with every client who has paid his bill, cocktail parties with egg-nog and Yule logs, enough pumpkin pie to make you feel like a pumpkin, and trays of Christmas cookies everywhere you turn.

If your brain is as sensitive as mine–sweets turbo charge the brain and then zap it of all its cognitive powers–you, too, have to pull out ever trick of discipline known to man, more even than is used to train those dogs at the airport who can smell pot on a passenger.

Remember this during the eating season: Jesus’ period of temptation ended after 40 days. We got 21 more to go. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember this, too: technically, you can start over each day.


Good luck! We’re in this together!

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  • Wisdum

    I just discovered something yesterday. It appears that God scheduled fruits and vegetables (chocolate is a vegie too!) to mature and ripen at various times of the year. That suggests to me, that is the appropriate time to eat them. Also going into the winter(without the Agri-Biz Giants out there) it appears that God expected us to either store or eat all this stuff, to carry us through the winter(bears hibernate all winter) I saw that you had also an apple there, notice that apples only ripen this time of year, suggesting that there are nutrients that we need to sustain us over the winter months…and spring! Oranges, ripen sooner, in fact all fruits ripen at different times. This 98 year old friend on mine told me “If you want to repair your body, you must eat food that grows beneath the ground (root vegies, and even peanuts) Anything that grows above ground is for energy purposes only” Now this guy may not be an expert in health food, but he surely lived to be 98 (How many peopleyou know die of old age today ?) (How many people only die, when they run out of money !)
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was a Christian Website, so why is there cussing in the update. It may seem like a small thing. But still…isn’t there enough of that language on other sites…?

  • Larry Parker

    I thought dark chocolate was better for you ;-P
    Just got done with a big salad. Once upon a time you would have never caught me eating one — “I’m too macho for SALAD!” Well, the dressing and toppings add calories anyway, so it’s not unbelievably healthy for you weight-wise, but it will at least put you in the right direction with food groups, etc. and fill you up. (And help with some, uh, other bodily functions, too.)
    I do love dark chocolate bars (and Reese’s peanut butter cups, though fortunately these days I eat mercifully few of either). But give me a choice between a tasty big salad with not-too-unhealthy toppings and most run-of-the-mill chocolate and candy, these days, frankly I’d rather have the big salad.

  • Nancy

    Larry – Me, too, on the dark chocolate and the Reese’s peanut butter cups (especially the new oversized one). If I could I would eat them at most meals and somehow come up with the idea that I touched upon the 4 basic food groups. Veggies would have to be in a cup of V-8 Juice.
    I’ve dramatically changed my eating habits; to no avail. The pounds just keep packing on (no I’m not eating in a sneaking manner – who would I be kidding?), due to the second or third invisible illness that has taken up residence in my body. I wan’t him/her/it evicted.
    I could identify with the post and comments on anorexia and achieving a balance. Hopefully, I will get to that tomorrow.

  • becky p

    I didn’t notice any swearing. Could you be more specific of what you’re talking about?

  • Inga

    Remove the temptation from your kitchen. Donate your chocolate to deserving teachers!

  • Babs

    How about Reese’s extra large cups with DARK chocolate? It could be sold as a health food. After all, the peanuts chunks are legumes, yes? Why hasn’t Hershey figured that out yet?
    “My cut of the profits, please!”

  • james

    I loved your bipolar brain Therese – made me laugh out loud.
    For me, a big slice of chocolate cake, and I’m a wreck for a week.

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Nobody’s mentioned the “new” memorial Elvis peanut butter banana cream cups Reeses put on the market just in time to temp us for “Boo Day” Now, I’ve been known to smear a little peanut butter on a helpless banana i my day, and banana cream pie (with mile-high whipped cream, of course) was one of my favorite desserts back before I knew I was a diabetic. But squished all together into a candy bar? Even a Reese’s addict such as myself has to questionTHATone. (Sorry, Elvis, you’re still “The King, but this offering leaves me speechless…Maybe it’s the peanut butter gluing my tongue to the roof of my mouth?I confess, T. to being one of those holiday bakers who doles out tray after tray of special holiday treats for friends and neighbors (My specialty is “penuche”(brown-sugar fudge) Melt-in-your-mouth good!! Coupled with my late mother’s infamous cheese ball and deep bowls of HHER Chex MIX (WHICH SHE CALLED “SCRABBLE”–none of those substandard commercial mixes for ME–Mom’s includes cashews! there’s not a food group that gets left out! Nancy, I’m immensely grateful that V8 has developed a fruit juice with a serving of vegetables in each serving; I could never stomach the purely vegetacle variety so i’m anxuiys to give this one a try. sing Juicy Juice has followed suit, there might just be hope for me yet!

  • Nancy

    I hear you – loud and clear – I know what I should eat (we all get that part), but it’s another matter of having developed the “fine art” (not) of emotional eating, whether for comfort or escape or the caffeine high, or eating at someone (yea – that’s pretty mental). We now have these chocoperfection bars that contain no sugar and no maltitol, etc.- and I eat salads and fruits and veggies – but I still like the crap – REEECE’s PEANUT BUTTER CUPS – THE NEW BIG ONES!!
    Since I’ve acquired additional illnesses that are playing around with my body and has brought my metabolism to a grinding halt; I only look like I ate the entire company’s supply. So, this is a season of just not worrying too much about it, because I won’t be going anywhere.
    My kids aren’t sweet eaters?!?! Whose womb did they come out of. So if there’s junk around, it’s not for them. Gone are those days from when they were younger and I had to have the stuff stocked in the pantry for them.
    I love your video, Therese, The endings are classics!! – There will come a time where you will have enough material to put out a Beyond Blue DVD – Season 1 – for all of us to watch at night, while we munching on our celery sticks. Ok – so in all honesty, it won’t be celery sticks for me!!

  • Larry Parker

    I can’t believe Hershey’s/Reese’s didn’t come up with that idea already.
    It would make you a millionaire. It would make me 400 pounds ;-P

  • therapydoc

    Not hating “you” is pretty key here as holiday weight begins to add on. Come on, it’s only a little protoplasm!

  • Wisdum

    OK,OK, I have to admit that this take is better than the other, and I just noticed the smily-face on the chocolate impregnated brain! You Rock girl! This all reminds me of a commercial from my youth (I used to be young and stupid, but I’m nowhere near as young as I used to be!)… “Better to have Lived, and had heartburn, then to have never to have Lived at all!”… Bear in mind that the “bear” gorges itself, before hibernating for the Winter. If it does not accumilate enough energy to sustain itself over the winter, it will not survive and die, even though it keeps its bear butt in a cave all Winter,until Spring!…Bear in mind also, that there will also be tiny little bear butts to deal with in the Spring too (or more even !)
    LUV 2 ALL

  • sundays child

    *And here I thought it was just ME …*
    It started with one friend, then another, and now a third and fourth. They all agree that when Julie eats sweets, a little while later she is bonkers. Not just a little bonkers, but scary to be around, a danger on the road and liable to shoot her mouth off at the drop of a … chocolate bar wrapper?
    I sing if the radio is on, even if it’s not on, very LOUD – sometimes even make up my own silly words or rhymes, I waltz with my imaginary partner in Wal-Mart to whatever musak is playing, I pick up those moulded DDD bras and ask my friend how she likes my new shopping bag, I talk with strangers, etc. I am loud, weird, wired and I don’t even notice. I think I am being lively, friendly, but everyone agrees I am over-the-top. Well, I guess everyone has a different TOP level!!
    Then, once the sugar high has worn off … it hits. CLUNK I start getting red in the face, sweaty, short-tempered, and almost run for the door to get outside into the quiet, cool, fresh air – without people in my face, touching me … ick … announcements over the public address system, lights, colours, stuff to look at, more stuff, more sound, more people, narrow aisles, big carts, people in my way, more lights, colours, noise … AAAAARRGGGGG .. suffocating, have to GOOOO, have to get out of here!!! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!
    Maybe I should start looking at those apples again, the ones in the crisper of my fridge, that are going to be compost in the next few weeks if I don’t eat them.
    Hugs, if you want one,
    Julie Andrea

  • Lynn

    Just to note that there is positive in every situation, you all know that I am HIV positive and I am trying to find good things about having HIV. The First and Foremost is that the medication I must take has diminished My appetite for any thing. I am injecting a little humor here because it is how I cope most of the time, I am thanking , this year, My friendly virius for making it much easier to control my overeating. I will try a little of everything and wait till later for my desert. Perhaps my very zaftig figure will diminish a little as well. One can always hope, can’t one? Happy Thanksgiving :) !!!!!

  • Larry Parker

    Julie Andrea:
    I take it you were making a pun about Hershey’s Hugs … ;-P

  • Lynne

    I just keep looking at all those cartoon character drawings that ask “Does this make my butt look big?” Nope! The fact that my butt IS big makes it look big! Anyway I once had a friend that said “Don’t think of yourself as FAT think of yourself as VOLUPTUOS.” I was’nt fat then by the way. So I’m at a bit of a loss.(words not weight) Someday I’ll get it right though. The holidays don’t last forever and I CAN still lose the poundage. It just gets a little harder as each decade goes by. Well time to deal with the daily…

  • CLeo

    Thanks Therese and who told you that was my brain there?

  • CLeo

    Therese, that video is brilliant! Thanks for making it. For years I’ve been ashamed of myself and thinking I was the only wretch in the world grappling with foods that changed my entire behavior.
    One of my mistakes was that of believing that if your body craves it it’s because your body NEEDS IT! Otherwise why would you want to OD on chocolate and drink wine with every meal? How smart I looked holding that long stemmed glass of white wine while making ‘spirited’ conversation, yes, I can be funny when my brain is ‘smiling’, I’ve that spark…How happy and gratified I’m now after not drinking alcohol for ever, not even missing it, actually the smell the stuff floats around every smart get together, turns my stomach.

  • Cassandra Paciorek

    Since I am deaf… can someone kindly type out what was being said on this video?
    Cassandra Paciorek

  • Jeanne

    Again, thanks for the smiles.

  • paul L

    Hey I have an idea, both. In moderation of course.

  • marilyn

    well at least i know i am not on this part of the journey alone.i am also glad somebody understand that the sugar can really mess with our lets start stocking up on the rabit snacks lol….

  • Jill

    Great post Therese! I too love dark chocolate so choosing between that and an apple would be tough for me as well (but I do really like apples too) so I would go with what someone else posted…eat both but try for more apple and less chocolate 😉
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the rest of the posters!

  • Bill White

    Great heads-up and refresher. Thanks, Therese! It’s an issue I deal with every day, and I really have to watch it throughout the Holiday Season. Thank goodness I workout regularly – but then, one has to be careful they don’t use that as an excuse to go carb-nutso!

  • clare

    lol! so cute, and oh so true. thanks for the smile and the nod of awareness and appreciation.

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  • barb quester

    bravo therese, i love your message as well as your drawings! you always make me smile. i usually choose the chocolate over the apple, not because i don’t like apples, but because they are aaallll the way in the fridge, and the chocolate is closer!! but, you’re right, i do need more discipline. you’d think i’d have it having been in the military, huh? anyways, thanks, as always.

  • Dianne Renton

    Doing diet religiously may sounds a little military verdict because it is a way of disciplining your body, but rest assured that it will pays off as time passes by. what is the best way to lose weight quicklyis to make diet a sacred habit which you really need to attend everyday. It doesn’t mean you have to deprived yourself from eating but its more of regulating yourself from that kind of habit.

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