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On the Feast Day of St. Therese: Roses From Heaven

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I like to publish this story every October 1, since it is the feast day of St. Therese, my patron saint.

I owe my life to St. Therese of Lisieux. A few times over.

This Carmelite nun–dubbed the “greatest saint of modern times” by Pope Pius X–declared on her deathbed that she would spend her time in heaven “doing good upon earth,” and that she would “let fall from heaven a shower of roses.”

I was ten years old when I first witnessed the power of St. Therese’s novena, in the form of a literal shower of the roses she had promised. Named after the Little Flower myself, I could see my mother grasping for something that would heal the wound inside her when my father left. She went to prayer group once a week, said a rosary every morning, and hung an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in our kitchen.


But I especially remember her novena prayer to St. Therese: “St. Therese, the Little Flower, please pick me a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with a message of love. Ask God to grant me the favor I thee implore [state intention here], and tell him I will love him each day more and more.” Tradition holds that if you say the novena prayer, followed by five Our Fathers, five Hail Marys, and five Glory Be’s each day for five days, you will receive a shower of roses on the fifth day.

Roses for My Mother

Around the time my dad left, I knew my mom was particularly desperate and in need of a sign from heaven that she could raise her four daughters by herself, despite her hurt. On the fifth day of her novena, our neighbor Mr. Miller, who kept an impeccable garden, was pruning his rose bushes. As he trimmed off the fully blossomed flowers to make room for the tender buds, he noticed my twin sister playing soccer in the backyard.


“Give these to your mom,” he said. There must have been eight dozen roses of all different shades. With the skill of an artist, my sister went back and forth, from his garden to our kitchen, arranging all the roses until she ran out of vases and counter space.

Later, my mom came into the kitchen exhausted from a long day’s work to find what looked and smelled like a rose garden on our kitchen counter. Remembering it was the fifth day of her novena, she cried tears of hope.

The Little Flower’s petals have fallen onto my path at every major milestone in my life when I’ve begged her for a sign that I was headed in the right direction. In high school, when I decided to give up booze, a florist came to the door with three red roses sent by my religion teacher, who knew I was struggling with alcohol. When I freaked out three weeks before my wedding, my mom called to tell me that the rose bush I had planted in her front yard, which had produced only three or four buds in the last five years, was blossoming with over two hundred roses. And when I went into premature labor with my second child, I received so many roses dropped off by visitors that my husband and I named our baby Katherine Rose.


But the roses that truly saved my life appeared last October.

Shortly after I stopped breast-feeding Katherine, I descended into a deep depression that felt, as William Styron says in his memoir “Darkness Visible,” like a drowning or suffocation. My appetite disappeared, and I lost twenty pounds, dropping to a size 2 from a size 10. During regular panic attacks, I breathed into a paper bag. And my anxiety was so acute that I would shake and tremble uncontrollably, as though I were possessed by a demon. I cried nonstop, breaking into sobs at the grocery store, at the park, at my son’s karate class. I simply couldn’t hold it together, not even out in public or in front of the kids.

Tried Everything, but Nothing Worked


I tried to tackle my condition as best I could: I went to weekly counseling sessions; I ran five miles a day; I prayed and meditated like mad; and I saw a psychiatrist, supposedly the best one in town, who tried fourteen different medications on me over four months, bringing my body to a toxic state that required hospitalization.

I stayed in the hospital’s psych ward for five days and four nights and then graduated to partial hospitalization (which meant I could sleep at home in my own bed) for another six weeks. Every day for a month and a half, I spent a big chunk of time in intense group therapy and individual psychiatric treatment. I talked about the haunting suicidal thoughts that were constantly with me and had me scared for my life.


I knew that taking my own life wasn’t the solution. But I could think of no other way to escape the pain, which was worse than anything I had felt so far in my life (including feeling a knife slice me open before the drugs kicked in during an emergency cesarean for my son). During my stay at the hospital I watched three separate groups of people come into the program as anxious and depressed as I was, and then, after two weeks of group therapy and psych visits, gain enough composure to be honorably discharged. I, on the other hand, was let go from the hospital simply because my insurance would no longer pay for treatment.

“We don’t feel you’re ready to leave the program,” the nurses informed me, “but we have no option other than to discharge you.”


I didn’t blame them for saying I wasn’t ready to leave. Angry and despondent, I hadn’t exactly been an ideal patient. One morning in group therapy, I had slammed down my writing journal and my copy of “What Happy People Know.”

“What does it take? What the hell does it take to feel better?” I yelled. “Why are you guys getting better and I’m not?” I brought my hands to my face and started to bawl. I felt completely frustrated, tired of trying every cognitive-behavioral technique I knew, practicing relaxation exercises, composing gratitude lists, and praying with Scripture every morning. Nothing seemed to work.

“God, could you please cut me some slack?” I shouted to the heavens.


On my last day of treatment I said farewell to the nurses, who told me that the program helps 95 percent of patients. I suppose I was in the other 5 percent. Wondering where I had gone wrong, I ripped off my hospital badge and climbed into my car. I wept the whole way home. I also issued God an ultimatum: “I can’t do it anymore. I can’t go on feeling this way. I’ve been doing my part. I’m working with a doctor. I’m retraining my thoughts. I’m exercising. I’m trying to be grateful. I’m praying. But listen, something just isn’t working, and unless you give me a sign that I’m supposed to hang on, I’m out of here.” I meant business. I had stored over twenty bottles’ worth of old prescription drugs in the garage in case I got desperate.


My shoulders slumped over, I used my last reserve of energy to pick up the mail from the box outside my house. Shuffling through the envelopes, I saw a letter from a woman named Rose whom I had met in Buffalo, N.Y. almost a year before, when I had given a speech to an audience of over 500 Catholics. I ripped open the envelope to find a card with an image of St. Therese surrounded by roses and the words “I will spend my heaven in doing good upon earth.” Inside the card I found my name and an announcement that a novena would be offered for my intention by Carmelite nuns (St. Therese’s order), as requested by Rose.

A Sign from St. Therese

My eyes were already swollen with tears when I saw the medal of St. Therese that Rose had enclosed. It matched the one I had been carrying in my pocket ever since the day my depression set in. On the front of the medal was a profile of St. Therese; on the back, above a crucifix and bouquet of roses, was the inscription “After my death I will let fall a shower of roses.”


That wasn’t the last day of my struggle with depression, of course. Recovery from any condition, and especially mental illness, takes time, patience, work, and faith. What the medal and novena did was give me the extra ounce of hope I so desperately needed, the hope that enabled me to pitch that bag of old drugs in my garage and believe that if I kept on putting one foot in front of another, I would be walking in the light before too long. Blessed by the best shower of roses that St. Therese could have given her troubled namesake, I am confident now that I will find the strength I need in moments of weakness. And I also want to be a missionary of St. Therese’s generous and childlike love, sending flowers of hope, as Rose did for me, especially when I sense that someone else might be struggling with a crippling and frightening mental illness like mine.


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  • Kathy

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story. You have showered me with roses. I have been in despair over my son’s drug and alcohol addiction. His twin brother committed suicide over the breakup of a relationship 11yrs ago this month. My living son’s girlfriend can no longer take his abuse and addiction and is finally taking their 5 yrs old son and leaving. I have been suffering over the possible loss of another son, to either suicide, or drug overdose. I am the sole care giver for my 85 yrs old mother, who when I was a child was abuse, is no longer abusive, but stubborn and uncooperative. I have a 28yrs. old niece born with mental retardation and deafness who is dying from staff infection in Buffalo at this moment. I myself have 5 autoimmune diseases and the stress is triggering them all to flare. I have to have laser surgery on both of my eyes to prevent narrow angle glaucoma, I’m having episodes of closers without the laser treatment I will go blind in my left eye. I have been praying and begging God to help my son and keep him alive, for my niece to not suffer anymore and for me to get a handle on my health so I can help everyone. Your shower of Roses showed me not to give up, to keep praying and now I know I can ask St. Therese to pray for my family too. I know God led me to this site and to you. Thank you. I will keep you in my prayers

  • Stephanie

    Wow, thanks so much Therese for these inspiring words. I’ve been MIA from the internet for the past 4 months and it sure is great to be back, I’ve missed you! I also have a few words of encouragement this morning,
    Love, Stephanie

  • Stephanie

    PS… my grandmother, the sweetest and the most faith-filled person I’ve ever known was named Rose…. great story!

  • Larry Parker

    My best friend (and ex-girlfriend — my loss) is named Rose.

  • marilyn

    such a gift of hope and encouragement

  • Lauren

    This is the first beyond blue post that I have read. I know it sounds so trite because I’m sure you hear it all the time but your story touched me so much. It made me cry but it also gave me hope. I felt so much empathy for what you went through because it was quite similiar to my story. I don’t know how to say everything i want to get across so to keep from sounding like a pathetic emotionally screwed up person I will just say thank you. You have given me hope and encouragement to keep trying.
    God Bless You, Lauren

  • Anonymous

    What a heartening story! Thank you for sharing it. My own favorite rose story took, ;et’s see, twenty nine minus 24 is 5, so five years ago on my son’s twenty-fourth birthday. The sweetheart sent me twenty-four roses, onefor each of our years together. It was HIS birthday, but I received the gift, complete with an enclosed caed thanking me for “putting up’ with him” for two dozen years! Of course it both elated and laid me low with (happy) tears. Those roses meant more to me than any other flowers I had received before or have since, including the single rose my father removed from my mother’s casket piece and presented to me as we left the cemetery! I actually pressed two of them and still have them, something I had NEVER done before!

  • GiGi

    Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. Your sign is obvioulsy a rose when you need it the most. Mine is a song called “You Are Mine”.
    In November of 2000, I lost my son to suicide. I had a dream a few night later and I heard a voice say “Now, you are mine.” Of course, I wondered what it meant and I waited for another sign – and waited – and waited.
    When my husband passed away in 2002, I was having lunch with my parish priest and I told him about the dream. He asked me what I thought it meant. I said “I was hoping YOU were going to tell me!”.
    After my suicide attempt in 2006, I found out what it meant. After being home a few days from the hospital, still feeling vulnerable and unsure of myself, I went to a Sunday 6:00 mass at my church. One of the songs that was sung was “You Are Mine”. Tears started streaming down my face and at the last line of the song which said, “Stand up now, and Live!”, I cried a river.
    I went on a church retreat in February, 2007 – the song was sung the first night I was there. Now, I carry it with me.
    I am going through a major depressive episode as I am writing this due to losing my home through foreclosure and also being physically sick. This past Sunday, the song popped up again at Mass.
    So, although my spirit wants to flee this world, I know I am not alone, and when I ask for a sign that HE is listening to my prayers, HE sends his song to me.
    Hang in there Therese!
    Love, GiGi

  • Karla

    Thank you for your eloquence in describing precisely what suicidal depression feels like. You hit the nail on the head! Thank you most of all for the threads of hope you have given to me–the small ray of light that this too will pass.

  • Valentine

    It’s only a tiny rosebud,
    a flower of God’s design.
    But I cannot unfold the petals
    with these clumsy hands of mine.
    The secret of unfolding flowers
    is not known to such as I.
    The flowers God opens so sweetly
    in my hands would fade and die.
    I cannot unfold a rosebud
    this flower of God’s design.
    Then how can I have wisdom
    to unfold this life of mine?
    So, I’ll trust HIM for HIS leading
    each moment of every day.
    And I’ll look to Him for HIS guidance
    each step of the pilgrim way.
    For the path that lies before me
    my heavenly Father knows.
    I’ll trust Him to unfold the moments
    just as he unfolds the rose.
    To Therese from a newbie..

  • CLeo

    After reading your watching the video and reading your article, all I can say is “Thank You”. We all suffer and some of us may seem luckier than others, ’cause we’re not mourning a loved one or are overwhelmed by so many different ailments or life itself, but we still suffer from that pesky lack of trust. That little voice at the back of my skull that doesn’t let me trust that everything will right itself, or that I won’t end up pushing a shopping cart stuffed with my earthly possessions.

  • Lynne

    Valentine; That was beautiful!!! I know roses were my grandmother’s favorite and whenever I smell them I am reminded of her. That’s an unconditional love to be sure!

  • starr

    Thank you. Just: thank you.

  • is this the lyrics on it

    You are Mine
    By David Haas
    I will come to you in the silence
    I will lift you from all your fear
    You will hear My voice
    I claim you as My choice
    Be still, and know I am near
    I am hope for all who are hopeless
    I am eyes for all who long to see
    In the shadows of the night,
    I will be your light
    Come and rest in Me
    Do not be afraid, I am with you
    I have called you each by name
    Come and follow Me
    I will bring you home
    I love you and you are mine
    I am strength for all the despairing
    Healing for the ones who dwell in shame
    All the blind will see, the lame will all run free
    And all will know My name
    Do not be afraid, I am with you
    I have called you each by name
    Come and follow Me
    I will bring you home
    I love you and you are mine
    I am the Word that leads all to freedom
    I am the peace the world cannot give
    I will call your name, embracing all your pain
    Stand up, now, walk, and live
    Do not be afraid, I am with you
    I have called you each by name
    Come and follow Me
    I will bring you home
    I love you and you are mine

  • Dianna

    I identify with you so much! I am in that 5 percent that you are. I am still waiting for a sign from above that everything is going to be alright. I am in a situation with no job and losing my home. I have trouble putting one foot in front of the other and I think it is great that you have been able to do to this. I still have kept my bag of scripts. I tel myself that I have to keep trying and as strong as I used to be it has been just as bad on this end of the stick. Thank you for your inspiration and to know that I am not allown in a struggle that no one can understand unless they have been there.
    Blessed /Be

  • meg

    this really touched my heart as i suffer from depresion etc
    i am not catholic but as i read this i fealt gods presents and my real name is margaret rose and my favorite flower is the rose also god bless
    you and others who suffered as you and i do from a friend in christ

  • Peggy

    The beautiful song “You Are Mine” is my very favorite. The words say it all and saying them just now relaxed me immediately.
    Thank you.

  • Patrice

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Brenda

    Thank you this gives me hope. My mother pasted away almost a month ago and I am just so lost. I lost my job months before this and with the pasting of my mother it just seems like my life is falling apart. I have in the past tried to take my life. Depression is something that is always in me. I have controlled it till now but I see it coming back into my life and honestly I want to life but I just don’t see much ahead for me, I don’t know where my life is going but by reading this it helps me to understand that I am not alone. Thank you. God bless you.

  • Sylvia

    Wow, I was going through my emails and missed this the first time. I have had nothing but bad issue’s the last two days. I know there is a way out and now seeing this beautiful prayer, “Roses from Heaven” has just lifted the stress off my back. I always pray for miracles and signs because I truly believe in God and the Universe, and want to witness the signs. It is just miraculous.
    Definetly I have just been showered with roses.
    Lots of Love

  • i find the song on youtube too
  • Lyn

    When I was 19 years old(in 1979), my boyfriend died in a very fiery car accident(our other friend was driving and failed to negotiate a curve). I was following behind them and couldn’t get them out of the van. It was a big loss not just to me but to the small town where so many people knew these two beautiful young men that had such promising futures. I was in major grief for a long time but one night I had a “dream” that had the feeling of not being a dream…it seemed so real where Michael told me he was okay and thanked me for loving him and remembering him and gave me a dozen roses. When I woke up, I smelled roses all over the room and in the hallway but thought I was having some hallucination or just wanted to smell them because the dream had been so wonderful and peaceful. My mother came upstairs and then commented,”Wow, it really smells great up here. Are there some roses up here I didn’t know about? It smells like a least 100 roses!”
    I got a chill up my spine. I mentioned this experience to a good friend who explained to me that what had happened to me was that I had been blessed, blessed by an angel, given a blessing from God…
    I have never been the same since in that whenever I start to get really sad or depressed, I remember there is someone and something bigger than myself watching out for me and knowing that even when I die I will be safe.

  • ramon ramos

    thanks for sharing,
    I have been getting issues left and right but,….I am waiting for my roses to come and know I am blessed.

  • Yvonne

    Thank you. I am going through a very low time in my life. No job, no money, car repossessed, rent months behind. It is a lot, but you have just given me hope. I will start my St. Theresa Novena today. Keep me in your prayers.

  • pa

    I suffered from a nervous brake down. and still suffers from mild depression.but thanks to the goodness of God I’m doing a lots lots better prayer really help you have to rely on God to bring you out of it.bleive in yourself and know that God is for you, He loves You No matter what and that he has you here for his good pleasure.I love reading this thanks I’M going to look for my shower of roses. thanks again.

  • terri

    thankyou so much for sharing!!! God Bless You!



  • VickiB.

    Thank you, Therese, for bringing this message of hope to me and also, as the previous comments show, to many others. You are indeed a missionary of the Little Flower. God Bless you and Keep you, Therese.

  • Joanne “Therese” Capouch

    I hardly ever read these mainly because I am so busy that I just don’t have the time. But this time when I saw it was about St. Therese, my name sake and just had to read it. It’s funny too because I’m struggling with my marriage. My husband feels he is no longer in love with me but he doesn’t want a divorce. We are now in separate bedrooms, his request, but we are trying to get along and somehow make it work. Every once in awhile when I see he’s really down, I buy him either a single rose or a 1/2 dozen and put them on his nightstand with a little note telling hime I love him now and I will forever and beyond. I never gave it a thought, but maybe just maybe, it’s my favorite little saint telling me to give him that rose. I believe in her and will pray to her more often now after having read this touching article. So thank you for sharing! And yes, things are a little better with my husband and myself, but we’re still in separate rooms. I hate that part of it! However, he did set up a study place for me in what used to be “our master bedroom”, so that’s a step forward I think. I would love to get my hands on the novena to St. Tjerese. Can someone tell me how to get hold of it?

  • Elsa Cortez

    I was crying as I read your struggle through life, as I feel that way and sometime just want out. I am not catholic but I do believe in miracles and I thank you for sharing your story as I will now pray and ask you to pray for me as well. I am going to start the novena to St Teresa

  • Michele Andrie

    I was scrolling thru my emails and this one caught my eye. Just yesterday my boyfriend bought me a dozen red roses and surprised me. We have had our trials and errors in our relationship so much that we split up for 8 months and just recently reunited. His ex girlfriend is still trying to cause problems in our relationship she just doesn’t get the hint. He has recently started school on top of a full time job. He has allowed me to be a stay at home and him pay all of the bills. He feels that he has neglected us on occassions cause of everything he does. He says he appreciates me cleaning the house, having dinner for him when he gets home, being supportive of his school time etc. I love him wholeheartedly and was praying for a sign that he does love me and appreciates everything I am and do. Well I got part of my answer last night. I never believed in prayer and St. Theresa etc after we went our separate ways but after time and finding God again we are doing better together.

  • Linda Carollo

    Beatiful story about St. Theresa You will get better with God And st. Theresa on your side. Thank you for reminding me of her as I’m going through a difficult time in my life myself. God Bless You!!

  • Sarah

    I am blown away that I received this today. This is the first one I have got. Just yesterday I went to the Dr demanding help for my depression. I just got out of the hospital this weekend due to Renel Kidney failuer from Lupus. I’m 33 years old I’m doing my best to keep this attack from my parents because I do not want to upset them. I know God is with me and will carry me through. This e-mail was such a great sign for me.
    God Bless!

  • Peg

    Happy Feast Day, Therese!
    I wish I could find my Confirmation certificate because I recently realized that Therese might have been the Confirmation name I chose. I hope so. I feel embarrassed that I don’t remember for sure. Obviously, I didn’t take the Holy Spirit too seriously when I was 12 years old. I hope God has a sense of humor and understands.
    Would appreciate prayers on Friday, the 3rd, when I go in for the big colon test. Thanks ahead of time. Peg

  • Joanne Buccino

    I was very Moved by your story it brought me to tears.I have always had Faith and believed in miracles..I myself am going through some very hard times..I will keep you in my prayers..May The Good Lord Bless you and your family always.
    *Smiles* Joanne

  • Luz Carodso

    Hi please show me how to pray the novena, I know that God rules the world but that prayer rules God because God loves prayer. I want to ask through the novena for God to grant me a heart full with unconditional love for Him and an unbrakeable faith in Him. Please help me pray.

  • Randy

    Thanks for sharing. You are very encouraging to those of us who suffer under mood swings and even severe depression at times.
    Faith, hope, and love are eternal attributes that God put into His created beings. When we truly seek to find those in our lives He doesn’t hide from us His peace, joy, and understanding.
    For me the answer has been found in faithful prayer to our Lord God through Jesus Christ who is my personal Saviour.
    God Bless you,
    Luv ya,

  • drrg

    This story just moves me tremendously every time I read it. Thank you for sharing.

  • camille fondriest neigbors..i know in my heart gives me the strength to face each day the beast way i can..saying the rosary everyday brings me comfort..peace of mine..thankful for everything that god has given me..i ask for good health..each bead i touch is to pray for everyone who shares with me each day…pray to st. teresa..blessed mother..god bless all of you…god bless america…

  • Dolores

    When I get your e-mail messages, I uaually put them in an e-mail folder to read later (which I hardly ever do). But today I read this one because of the novena prayer. Yesterday, the feast of St. Therese, would have been my babies 44th birthday. She died at two months of SIDS. My first daughter is named for St Therese.
    This particular e-mail came at a particularly stressful time in my life. I am having money problems (aren’t we all right now). My gas has been turned off since June, which was no big deal during the summer months – except for the cold showers. But now it is getting cold.
    My other daughter has a job during the winter months with the local school system. However it doesn’t pay much and every time she needs something she can’t pay for, she asks me to pay for it (car loan payment) And Mom being the sucker she is, pays, which causes me to get my gas turned off, etc. She has two kids and a house payment as well.
    I know we shouldn’t ask for money in our prayers (the lottery, etc.) but sometimes what is needed is money -nd, of course, a good dose of common sense.
    So please help me pray for all these things – common sense, gas being turned on – for me and her – and the finacial assistance to get it done.
    I’ve applied for financial assistance from various agencies and have been told I make too much to get aid.
    I have a retirement income which would be plenty for me alone. My first daughter is quite upset that her sister takes advantage of me as she does and Theresa helps but she has three kids and they come first with her naturally.

  • Linda Brigman

    I read this just as my 11 year old grandson Ryan is entering the operating room at Children’s hopsital in Washington DC. He has hemophiia and having ankle surgery today due to past internal bleeds
    into the ankle joint. Thank you for the “roses”. Love Linda

  • Mary Catherine

    Yes, I know the novena well. when I ask for rose I usually recieve them.Thank-you for the article, I will remember it the next time I fall into a depression. God-Bless you. Mary Catherine

  • Leeann Danzig

    I’m so happy that a miracle happened for you, I as well believe in miracles and also familar with St. Terese. I as you have been going through some really hard times, probably the worst I have ever gone through. Last night at my church group I broke down as I do almost everyday, they were as usual very comforting. I’m so bless to have them. They don’t know the half of my problems and the thoughts that I have been having of taking my own life as you once wanted. I can’t go on like this much longer. What stops me are my children and my husband who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and what will happen if I’m gone and he something ends up happening to him. they will have no one or at least their parents. I have been doing everything you did praying, all the dr.s, hospitals ect. Everyday it’s getting harder and harder. I will pray for you and continue to pray and maybe a shower of roses will come upon me.
    GOD BLESS!!!!

  • Patti

    About 3 to 4 years ago, St Therese’s remains were brought to Seattle and laid in state for a few days. We live a good distance from the
    Cathetral down town, so I had no way to go. I do not drive on the freeways. I prayed that St Therese would come to me and that night I
    wroke up and I smelled roses all over the room. It was as if there was a garden of rose in our room. I wroke my husband and asked him
    if he could smell the roses. He was so sleepy and said no, I probably had a dream! It was not a dream, I remember laying there for a good
    15 to 20 minutes smelling this most beautiful smell. At that time, I was not aware that she was St Therese of the Roses. I now will say the novena you have sent and I know she came to me for some reason!
    Thank You for your wonderful article!! I need help with so many issues in my life! Patti
    PS I know it was a miracle!

  • Sharon

    Thank you so much for sending St. Therese’s story today. I to have loved her since I was young (a very long time ago). When my oldest Granddaughter was born I ask St. Therese to be her Patron St.. She has
    had to endured much from her sick mother. We just again had a custody
    hearing for her. Her Dad has had her for the last 2 years and both him
    and her had finally started to heal. Well in this latest hearing custody was given to her mother because little girls need their mother
    we were told. Where is the justice?? I continue to pray to St. Therese for Maries safety and well being. It will be the answer to my
    prayers the day St. Therese sends her beautiful shower of roses.
    Please keep Marie in your prayers.
    Thank you,

  • shannon rose

    my father is in heaven and my last name is rose,this is truely real,cause every time im at my lowest,i smell a fragrance of roses and i know that its my daddy letting me know it will all be ok..

  • Journi

    I haven’t heard of any stories like this one.But I too have been going through some very tough times in the past 2 1/2 years.After I had my soon prematurly I had to leave him in the hospital and I came down with a great DEPRESSION to.The whole time I stayed on my face PRAYING to GOD and it seemed as if it just wasn’t going to get better.I blamed myself for everything and started to have BAD thoughts of Suicide planning was to Kill myself and everything.But I kept on beleiving GOD was going to do want he said in his WORD.I had to look in the mirrior at myself and encourage myself in the LORD and Rebuild that Relationship with him.First I had to rebuild my TRUST in the LORD and read ALL GODS Promises for my life,then I had to Believe GOD is able to do it and Recieve it,Then I had to Rebuild my self-confidence and my self-esteem,Know Im at the Point to where I’ve recieved GODS PROMISES for my Life in the Spirit Realm and I have HOPE and FAITH for GOD to bring it to the Natural.Even through its not present yet I have PEACE b/c I’ve Submitted to GOD and his ways and I TRUST GOD FULLY and YOU ALL can have the same thing just let go and give it to GOD.Every Battle isn’t yours to Fight give GOD credit HE did DIE for US ALL to LIVE LIFE and have LIFE MORE Abundantly.I LOVE YOU ALL I HOPE THIS HELPED SOMEBODY.

  • Alicia

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us; May you always feel that shower of roses and continue to heal. Pray for me!

  • Nobody

    For FIVE days? On the FIFTH day? But a novena, by its very name means for NINE days. I was suppose to have been named for Saint Therese, but my mother changed it to my middle name to appease my eldest brother. She always stressed that I was named for “Saint Teresa of the roses” but I could never find “Saint Teresa of the roses” in any list of saints, so did not know until now to which saint my mother was referring. Thank you for the stories and information.

  • Rebecca Aanestad

    Dear Blue, I just read your article. WOW! I have six children that I gave birth to over the past 30 years now. I have been blessed in that I never got the “post-blues” ever. I enjoyed breast feeding all six of my beautiful children, some longer than others but, they were all breast fed by me. I never did get depressed or sad after they were born, it was blissful. So, therefore I don’t understand why women go through what you went through. I know that I am blessed by God and I “claim” his blessings every day. But, what did happen to me, was that “CPS” (Juvenile Dependency Court System in the USA), took my three beautiful children away because “other people” were jealous and had their own agenda’s for my children’s lives, if you want to say that. So, I lost my first set of three children and they were put in the foster care system where they have grown up and, then I lost my other three children through the “Family Court” system. Not until ALL this happened to me did I “experience” ALL that you just mentioned in your article because I couldn’t stand to be away from my children for the past 13 and then 14 years of our lives. My Christian girlfriend once told me, “We are put here on earth to suffer and go through what ever the plan is that we have to walk through” for a reason. She says it’s to bring us closer to “God.” That, I believe, without a doubt! And, I also believe that this earth is for Satan to rule over for now until God and His army of angels comes to destroy the evil-doers and Satan upon this earth. I am 53 years old right now and born and raised in California all my life and I can even see the destruction and acts of God that have been and ARE happening right now, today, upon this earth. There is a reason that these acts of God are happening more and more, today, upon this earth. When MAN corrupts God’s children, corrupts His plant kingdom, corrupts His animal kingdom, etc., etc., then there is NO glory in His name and that is what is going on today. I don’t have to scream and shout and pout when evil people hurt me or my family. I just take it before God, and pray, and His WRATH is all the revenge I need for evil-doers to get their pay-back for hurting my children and family life. I give all the PRAISE and GLORY to God that He can take out revenge for MY ENEMIES and, I don’t have to. And, I don’t have to allow Satan or the devil or the enemy to have power over ME, oh no, instead, I have POWER over MY ENEMIES. Why? Because God promises me that right straight out of the BIBLE. Besides, HIS revenge and wrath, is greater than mine, and, I don’t have to get sick over this because He promises ME that HE will take care of my enemies. I loved your article and it prompted a response from me. My last thought is this………..what is worse……….going through post-pregnancy depression………or………….having your children taken away???
    In Christ,

  • maria

    As i sat reading this story i just cried, how frighted and helpless she must of felt, i know that feeling very well. I also have had troubles and have wondered why everyone else is doing so well and yet I’m still in the same situation, but i kept hope and faith and said my prayers faithfully, and i was answered with the help i needed, God sent me angels to help me, and gave me the strenght to help myself. your story moved me!!!! the gift of life is as simple as the rose itself.

  • Sandra

    I am not Catholic, but have friends who are so I’m aware of the patron saints…regardless of one’s religion, this was a MOVING true-life story. It helps to be reminded that God does take an active stance in the lives of us here on earth. May she be showered (by St. Therese or any other instrument of our Lord) with as many roses as necessary to feel her unique purpose in living a full and long life. Hooray for her courage in first recognizing that she needed help. I also pray that those around her will continue to show compassion as she struggles to feel the happiness God portions to all of us. Keep praying and living each day to its fullest; may God bless you.

  • Rose

    I, too, have suffered depression all of my life and it is getting worse. I just threw my meds down the drain because they were causing weight gain and my boyfriend is calling me “fatgirl”.People tell me that i am sweet and very pretty, but for some reason I can not believe them.My boyfriend berates me for my love of God, insults me daily, will not help me financially,(although he is wealthy)and is completely cruel toward me even physically. He broke my finger, which required surgery and refuses to pay for it. I am unemployed,and I do not have the guts to leave him. I am 56 years old, and feel hopeless. I want to die and I hate myself for having no courage. I will not kill myself, but honestly wish that I could die in my sleep. Why do I cling onto someone who consistantly shows such loathing for me? What does God have to say about this?

  • crystal

    well i have lurps myself and i have a son how is by polor. and he is giving me alot of trouble here latly. so i understand what you with prey for me i will preyu for you.

  • there is hope

    I was moved as many others by this article, I was raised Catholic so I am well aware of the patron saint Therese and was named after her. I too suffer from mental illness, have for most of my life, its only been after losing my daughter to the (CYS)foster care system that I turned my life over to God completely, there were days when I was so lost and alone, that I wondered how did Jesus do it when he was here on earth, I remember crying out to God, “please, take my life from this world,” there could be no pain worse than losing a child to the corrupt system of CYS, at least that is what I thought. Then God told me,”my only son died on a cross to save you and to save the child that I gave to you”. It left me with a content emotional state that carried me through the past 6 years, as I watched my only child suffer with addictions that have pained me to the core, and now today I visit my child in prison. Even though there has been pains and sorrows far greater than I thought I could carry, today my daughter and I have a friendship that is growing into love that God promised, the relationship that we are to have, life is hard for some and harder for others, when a person says to you that you are unfit to have children because you don’t have a good income or that you have tried to raise the child alone, working and having no support system to help, then adding the mental illness that already existed to that left me feeling completely in a hole of darkness for a very long time. Some one told me that when your enemies are looking strong, pray that God will love them and give them all that they desire in life, that is a hard thing to do but it works, through praying for those who I felt had harmed me over the years, I have found that my life is blessed more every single day. There is hope, in a hopeless world that we live in. Each time that I feel like I can not be worth the love that I want, I remember that God loves the sparrows and not one falls to the earth without God knowing about it, God knows how many hairs I have on my head, surely; God loves me if he knows everything about me and cares for me more than the sparrows. If God loves me that much, then every person on earth should be loved that much by me. and in turn I should be loved by them. God gave us one great commandment, LOVE ONE ANOTHER, AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.

  • Chris

    I pray for every one. I have Bi-Polar so bad I can’t hold a job. I’ve tried several jobs and a few flair-ups get me unemployed again. Sometimes I wander “What’s the use” But then I pray and tell God whats on my mind. I tell Him everything so He can get better idea of what I’m thinking. It helps me feel better and sometimes, things do inprove.

  • Josie

    I read the story, and I too cried all the way through as well as the comments made by readers like myself. I have suffered with depression for years and now has got worse with my illness and inability to work and the recent break up after 8 years. We have had alot of problems in the relationship of the course and yet I will not give up. I had to move out and sign my name off of the house we had purchased together, leaving with just mine and my son’s things. I had to sell all of the furnishings because I had no means of storing due to the fact I had no income. He too would belittle me and threaten not to help me financially and this made my situation worse. I had attempted to end my life by taking pills. I didn’t want to die, I just wanted the pain to die. I love him still although he is now seeing someone else and is still in contact with me. We cannot be together because of the courts and that is for 2 years. I feel like he had no other choice but to be with this person, even though we’d talked about getting back together. I don’t know what to do. I cannot imagine my life without him and don’t want to be without him. On the other hand, I cannot continue to give him all of me and have him carry on this relationship with the other person. I don’t know if she is aware that we are seeing one another. We would both go to jail for breaking our probation if someone were to announce our reuniting. I feel like God has abandoned me and doesn’t care that I am suffering. I have asked for signs too like the others have told in their stories. Unless I am missing these signs I have not had any. My 13 year old son and I moved back in with my parents, loving as they are there are some issues of abuse there. I am brow beaten and told outright how stupid I am for letting him control and use me. The abuse has been there even before this break in the relationship. I have sought conseling but it only puts more financial burdens on me because I have no insurance and unable to work. I feel like I am at their mercy. Please give some light to my situation. Greatly thankful for the things that I do have in my life but don’t know how much more I can hold on. With deep sadness, Josie

  • Anonymous

    I have taken medication for depressiom for the past 30 years.
    The medication has worked well but I give my faith in St. Teresa and the Lord Jesus for my healing. Many times I have prayed the 5 day Novena to St. Teresa for problems throught these past 30 years. My -sons and daughter all have great faith in the “Little Flower” St. Teresa. We have always have received a rose or roses in some form at the end of a Novena. Theresa R.

  • sandra weisz

    Hi Theresa. please pray for me. i am still in motels, living in them) and getting nowhere. now in east san diego county. the last motel was off borchard rd in newbury park ca. a pretty name but a very dangerous place. my depression is mainly reactive. i am not strong enough for this. i have to have a place to live or i will die. it’s gone on too long. i love reading about you. you have so much courage but you have love around you. i only have hate around me. i couldn’t afford to make even one mistake. i won’t survive much longer. maybe if i move out to another state i will be o.k where it’s more life sustainable. it’s incredible how the ppl of southern ca. and nearby all lost their humanity completely, any” friends and family members included” even worse. i am going to try the Vincent de Paul to see if they know of a place i can rent . sigh… thanks again for your great inspiration…. sandy. p.s. the pink roses are my favorite

  • Tina Webber

    I have just read the story and even made a copy of the prayer so that use this prayer on a daily basis. I have been living with depression for some time now and I recently joined a mental health facility to see if they could help. After a few months, things were getting a lil better but not much. As of yesterday, they decided to remove me from their services and then I get a letter in the mail to say that my benefits is being cut. I am now without treatment and money to take care of my household. I thought I was doing everything that was required of me, I have been doing my job searches (one of the few recommendations alongside with treatement) and doing interviews here and there. Today I feel so depressed that I do not see the light. No I do not have thoughts of suicide, because I know I have so much to live for. But my resources are running out. I will faithfully say this prayer in hopes that there is a change coming my way. I do so thankfully appreciate your story. I am willing and ready for change, eve willing to relocate but without any resources, it is getting very dim. I do hope the best for you and all the readers and commentators on here. I do know the feeling of depression and I do know that we can recover from it and continue to live our lives as we so choose.

  • Rosa Smith

    I’m a very strong believer of St.Therese. I lost my brother Joe last year on Sept 17th 2007 at the age of 50. Now I lost my second brother Art on Sept 14th 2008 also at the age of 50. When my brother Art, passed away I bought a medialian and a prayer card of St.Therese and put the madilian on my brother and put the prayer card in his coffin. I have days when i feel so depressed and angry of why my only 2 brothers had to be taken away from us. But most of all why did it happen exactly 1 year later and both the same age. When I start to feel so hopeless and alone my beautiful St.Therese is there to pick me up. Right now i was feeling sad and opened my email and to my surprise i see an email saying “Roses from Heaven”. I immediately read the email and knew in my heart that it was a sign from St.Therese letting me know that she is with me. Thank You for allowing me to share my story.

  • peg

    I just want everyone to know that God knows our pain. Trust in him-he will always provide for you! Right now we live in Satan’s world-he is the source of all evil & disease. Christ is the hope & life for all of us. There will be no more pain no more sorrow no more diseases! We are to be believer priests! Help others in need-spread the word of God! Concentrate on God’s word & not so much on yourself! True happiness comes from within despite your circumstances! Remember God is love!!!My motto is to live strong in God’s word!!!

  • Joe

    Theresa’s story and faith are very encouraging to me, a person who has struggled with depression since his teens and who has struggled with his faith since his 30’s (I am now 47). Depression is one of the most vilified conditions by those who do not have it. It is all too easy for others to say, “Snap out of it”, when they have never had to experience the downward spiral of relationship, job, faith, and self-esteem losses that go along with it. Theresa’s article gives a thread of hope and I, who have been having trouble believing in the existence of God, never mind life after death and a Communion of Saints, feel encouraged to trust in St. Theresa, “the Little Flower”, and to pray that she may continue “spending her Heaven” to help others, especially all who have posted with your heart-rending stories of dealing with depression.

  • patricia

    I also just opened my email and saw the story of St. Theresa. I have always known of her great power and that She always keeps her promise to good on earth. I tookher name for my confirmation name and since then have had several of my relatives take her name also. Her story of love of Jesus is so strong and filled with immense hope and healing. I hae never ever know Her to not answer my prayers to Her ,for my self or for those who need Her help that I am praying for. She said in Her short book of quotes, that the daisies in life make the roses look good. I have never forgotten this or that She did Her deeds quietly and like a child. I truly believe She is the most powerful Saint we have. I also truly believe She never fails anyone who calls on Her with a belief in Her and Love for Her.

  • Cindy

    I believe in the Holy Spirit and all of God’s annointed people who He puts in our lives. Thank you for your story. I was raised in a very abusive family (my dad beat my mother, us 6 children, and even the dogs)almost to death. We survived but not without our spirits being destroyed.
    I was one of the lucky ones. I found Jesus and am trying to let His love permiate my mind, body, and soul. As a child being raised in the Catholic faith, I chose St. Theresa as my patron saint and her name as my confimation name. She is ever dear to me.
    Three years ago, one of my brothers committed suicide…he was so full of love and life, something that my dad tried to destroy since he was a baby. I struggle daily with his loss from all of our lives. I tried to commit suicide 2 weeks prior to his death…I carry so much shame and guilt to this day. My mother, due to guilt and grief, passed away.
    Please pray for my family to feel God’s love in our lives. Thank you.

  • Rosemary

    St. Therese, the Little Flower is indeed, a beautiful flower in my life.
    My first experience was when I tried to stop a bad habit. I smoked TRUE green cigarettes. I tried everything to quit, but only through my prayers to St. Therese did my habit finally come to an end. Here I am, thirty some years later seeing this beautiful moment to express my gratitude and to shed a ray of hope for someone who may be trying to quit this bad habit.
    I am a member of the Society of the Little Flower. I enjoy participating in Novenas, praying for others and hoping that they too, will experience the supernatural blessings of this dear Saint.
    Without exaggeration, I await one day, when my life is ore to see “the Little Flower” on Heaven’s shore so that I may truly greet her with my
    Peace to all who will read this short message…and pray, believe and know that you too, shall be a recipient of St.Therese’ special blessing.

  • Yvette Ortiz

    Print this and take it home to read…It is a beautiful story!

  • JODY


  • Anonymous

    Two months ago, St. Therese the Little Flower, saved a woman I know from eviction.
    The woman is abrasive and self-defeating. She desperately wants friends, but when she is with people who are trying to be her friends, she often, unconciously I think, verbally pokes a stick in their vulnerabilities. Having a tough time with turning 50? If she’s at your party she will you to take life as it is, you can’t pass for 45. She has chronic financial problems but when she gets a little ahead, she often goes to the casinos.
    She never had much of a chance at what we call balance. Her father beat the entire family. She tried to protect her mother. Her mother stole the silverware from the table when they went out to eat. Her best friend’s father tried to sexually abuse her.
    But she never stops trying to make friends, to find some happiness. She is fiercely loyal to those she calls friends. She is crippled by arthrits and going blind.
    But all is not sad, she loves the Little Flower with the passion that Romeo and Juliet loved. She mentally talks to the Little Flower, all day long asking for help, confiding her thoughts. She prays to the Little Flower for her friends and sends them prayer cards showing St. Therese as a sweet child. The Little Flower sends the woman what she needs to survive. A Catholic nun now lives in the apartment next to hers and takes her doctor’s appointments. My name is Theresa, because of that she approached me to discuss writing. There are others in her circle all devoted to or named Theresa. Last month, when we learned she was about to be evicted, we put together a bailout. We were clear we couldn’t afford more. But it this a provable case of the Little Flower finding a way for one of her children.

  • rocheflume flores

    Thanks to St. Therese! I ahve so much faith of the novena. It did great to my life! It really works, as long as you asked also in God’s name. I usually do my novena every 9th of the month till on the 17th..

  • Robin Hummingbird Songs

    WOW! What a beautiful true story!

  • Joseph M.

    Hi Therese,
    This is a beautiful story and difficult to hold back the tears so I’ll just let them go. I’m a 51 year old man struggling even now with serious mental problems. I’m worried perpetually along with my wife that there will not be enough money for bills, food, medical care or for that matter anything. Before I was married I was working at a menial job in a menial town for a menial wage. I will pat myself on the back for being an intelligent person. Intelligent as I am though it is difficult for me to retain new information and therein lies my present difficulty. When I moved to another town to get in touch with my wife of now about 10 months I quit my job. I was able to get another job in a town near my new home with my wife. This job lasted about 1 month but fortunately I was able to get unemployment so the search for another job was on again. About 2 months later I got another job that also only lasted about 1 month. Searching further I got another job that required formal training before actually going to work. The job paid well though I had to travel 60 miles to the job. This job lasted about 2 months. The problem is what I mentioned earlier about retaining new information. New employers became dismayed with continually having to retrain me dismissing me on the grounds of incompetence. I finally applied for a vocational rehabilitation screening. This screening also put me on a waiting list for disability benefits. I am in great hope that I will receive these benefits but am also still extremely despondent. Why? You may ask, considering that I was in a fairly good position before getting married and moving to be with her. I’m with her because she has difficult medical and mental problems exceeding even my own. We need each other. I’m despondent because I feel like I’m getting too old to give anything back to society for what society has given me. If someone that really cares who may be in a similar situation could write back to me with some encouraging words it would be greatly appreciated.
    Joseph M.

  • Ruthie

    I have a daughter In-law who is in a similar place in life.
    She is bi-polar and has our family at her mercy. We have two beautiful grandchildren, and I live in constant fear that she will hurt herself, or hurt them.
    Mental illness is the most frightening journey anyone on this earth could possibly deal with. Families are tortured.
    I pray for my daughter In-law everyday, but more than that, I pray that my son will be a strong protector for my grandchildren…the powerless little victims.

  • Liti Demane

    Dear Therese,
    I never read this story before,and it comes to me at a time of,not my worst problems,but nevertheless some hard anxiety and exhaustion.I will now say a novena to St.Therese.I have been reading your blog for about 3 years,and it has helped me through many tough times,my Moms 2 bouts of cancer andmy own midlife crisis.You are a riot at times and at others reduce me to tears,in a good way.God bless and heal you and all of us who struggle with emotional issues,disorders,etc.
    Sincerely Liti

  • Anne B.

    I have to confess, I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to promises for specific actions, as described in the novena to Ste. Therese. It’s a little close to superstition, which we are taught by the Church to avoid and which Thomas Merton describes as the Theology of the Devil. (Now, don’t panic, I’m so *not* dumping on you for it).
    That being said, this was one of they most beautiful posts I have ever read. And while my brain wonders how the Novena to Ste. Therese is a novena if you’re doing it for five days (novena=nine), I do get that these kinds of devotions can be enormously powerful and I’m thinking I should try this. Not so much that I can benefit from the specific granting of my intention, but because I need to remember to love always. To make Love my vocation – as Ste. Therese did.
    Ms. Borchard, you are an inspiration to me and I will continue to pray for you in your struggle with mental illness. May God grant you healing and peace. And will you please pray for me? I could use your prayers.
    Anne B.

  • lynne

    That was a great story. I would like to pray to her too but i do not know the hail mary’s and the other ones. Could you e-mail them to me.

  • Alexander Pinto

    Dear Theresa
    That was a great story & I will pray the novena of theresa after reading the srory really I filled with power of holy spirit & faith of god through st. theresa & pl pray for my son jason pinto who feel often sick I will put this intension to st.theresa during my novena prayer pl send me a copy of novena prayer.
    Thank you
    With Love
    A.Alexander Pinto

  • Diana

    Several years ago I was doing a home nursing job. the women was resting. I was sitting in the living room with my eyes closed.
    I started smelling the fragrance of roses.
    I looked all around to see if there were any fresh roses in the house.
    I am not Catholic or Religious.
    I have had visions of the virgin Mary healing me and Jesus also. that is another story. The roses were certainly a miracle to me.
    the woman I had been taking care of had been a nun in the past.

  • Rowena

    Dear Therese,
    I have just finished reading reading roses from heaven,I have to admit the most beautiful story I have ever read. I am near tears at this time not only have I battled with anxiety and depression for 20 years and bouts of agorabhobia this is the eve of the second year of my mother’s passing I lost both my parents a year apart and I was extremely close to them. God Bless You and keep you strong!
    My Prayers are with you,

  • Celine

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story of surviving life through the tough time. I bought a little card with a part of the prayer to St Threase and I now know that this is a sign for me to say this novena. We always get help from Heaven if we are open to it.
    I believe we are never alone even though at time we feel that way. Lets all pray for one another and smile and the people you meet during the day it may be the only smile they got in a while.

  • mary sunshine

    This story hits home so HARD…I had 3 small kids, going through a divorce (a severely co-dependent husband)my MOM had been recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and I was not in control enough to drive 80 miles to go see her…That was 13 years ago, much has happened, but I am coping…I’m on meds that help big time…There is healing if YOU want to be healed…and I am slowly getting there.. I am a very firm believer in the spirit world and their presence around us…I feel energies from loved ones that have gone on to a better place all the time… Believe and you will feel the spirits, too.



  • Anonymous

    Please be sure the article is colored uniformly through the the entire piece. Today’s got progressively darker in the background until I was unable to read it all!

  • Your Name

    hi, I havebeen a CHristian for twenty five years And I have never hear such bunch of malarky!!Jesus and jesus alone is the one true mediater between GOD and mankind!! not A bunch of ordenary people deified by the Roman Catholic church??Also true Christianity is a he DID! not a YOU DO thing!

  • Your Name

    Thanks ever so much Therese! I have been a fan of The Little Flower for many years when introduced to her by a best friend in college. In the meantime, have become sober since 1986, kicked colon cancer in 2001 with a big portrait of St Therese next to my bed for what seems like ever … now still being a Catholic, which, by the way, the person above goes straight to Jesus and God as well we do … Catholics just rock it and we include women in the mix … I do believe and love have the example of men and women who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith … Hail Mary and Blessed St. Therese of the Little Flower Jesus! God bless us all in The Name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • Your Name

    Thank you for posting this and for your raw honesty which never fails to move me. I have contacted you before to tell you that I always think of you now when I visit a beautiful old Carmelite Church, St Theresa’s in Dublin, Ireland. When you have written on this blog that you are having a hard time I always light a candle there for you at the shrine of the Little Flower. Your devotion to this saint has reignited a devotion in me and I carry a prayer card with that little prayer with me always. May you always be blessed and supported during the dark times and continue to feelthe presence of the Divine in your life.

  • Alice

    In Hebrews 11:13 and 16, St. Paul writes of those who were his predecessors in faith, “All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance. And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth. . . . they were longing for a better country—a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them.” Then, in Hebrews 12:1, he writes, “since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” The “great cloud of witnesses” of whom he speaks is all those who have gone to the better heavenly country before us. The Church identifies them as saints not for their benefit but for ours, that we might turn to them just as we would turn to anyone who is still here in the flesh and ask them to pray for us or to help and comfort us. I have asked for help, comfort, and prayer from someone sitting right next to me, from a friend who lives halfway across the country, and from strangers via the Internet whose faces I have never seen and whose voices I have never heard. Sometimes even these strangers have sent me something I have needed. In my mind, I see no difference between such a stranger and those who make up the “cloud of witnesses.” God loves and cares for us through other persons, whether they are on earth or in heaven. St. Therese reached out to me with roses a couple of months ago when I was in the thick of good-byes. I came to understand her gesture to be one of friendship, and I accepted it. I now reach out to her daily in that friendship. She has sent roses to those to whom I have asked her to send them, just as a friend on earth would do if I asked her and she were able. There are limits in all our relationships, but there are also great graces and possibilities within those boundaries, when we are open to receive them. Thank you for sharing your story, Therese Borchard. @>–;–

  • deborah

    Bless you for this piece. It so spoke to me and my own journey. Such a blessed reminder to listen when you ask something of God for God does answer.
    In Spirit,

  • Nancy

    Therese, your story so touched me and reminds me of mine. When I was really, really depressed and had not yet found the right medication to help, I was at a Memorial Day Mass being held outside at the beautiful Hope Cemetery in my town. I felt so empty and in pain and “hopeless”. I cried out to God, “I am without hope, how can I have hope in this mess?” I was angry and desperate. When I got home, I checked my mailbox…the usual junk. I open one piece of junk mail from a religious group seeking a donation and there was a very inexpensive metal–on which was engraved the word: HOPE. I received HOPE in my mailbox!!! I knew immediately, that God was listening and watching over me. On the reverse side of the metal was an engraving of the Sacred Heart with thorns around it. I had been only starting to name the Sacred Heart as “my” devotion…when I showed my Spiritual Director, he was speechless. Gifts from God come in all forms…even junk mail!

  • Your Name

    Thank you for sharing this. The truth is so powerful. This was a moving piece.

  • Kerri

    Honest To God, you are such an amazing person. You have no idea how much your blogging uplifts me just when I need it the most. You are so honest and so inspirational to me. I am in awe of your ability to share your experiences with us – and I thank God that I found you through BeliefNet. com. You are a gift and a blessing. Thank you… just thank you for being you. You completely touch my heart.
    Thank you for sharing yourself,

  • VJ

    Yesterday I was discharged from the hospital after two days under 24 hour suicide watch. I had decided to swallow the rest of my Lunesta and end it all. After a long and protracted divorce, my reserves just seem depleted and just wanted to let go. I am still here, so I know that He is not done with me yet. I used to work for the Carmelites as a teacher and so I am very familiar with St. Therese, and I think she is going to be hearing alot more from me from now on. I know he was with me the whole time and it wasn’t yet my time to go, so he protected me somehow, despite the fact I almost stopped breathing. I gave my family the scare of their lives, but they still love me and were there for me the whole time, praying at my bedside, reassuring me they loved me. I received the sacraments of Confession, Anointing of the Sick, and Communion from the hospital chaplain on Wednesday, and I am convinced it made all the difference. Thanks Therese for doing all you do, for sharing your life with us, you are truly a gift to me sent from above!!

  • lisa l

    My depression has come back in the past 3 days, and I hide because i can’t stop crying. Thank you for your honesty and bravery. Just reading that someone else can survive this madness gives me hope. Bless you for helping all of us.

  • Annapurna Moffatt

    This story never gets old–it’s right up there with your “Twelve (Bipolar) Days of Christmas.” I look forward to it every year.

  • “kate”

    Therese, I have been reading your column for sometime now and all I can say is, you are one AMAZING SPIRIT! Blessings —

  • fides

    Therese, I am a cloistered carmelite nun. I am a subscriber of your blog and I really want to thank you for sharing your life with all of us. You are an inspiration to me. God bless you.

  • Bunny Ann

    Hi I am a newbi here and have been depress for over 2 years. I am not happy in my marriage for my husband is a comtrol freak. He is good in some ways but wants to control me on how we live. I have never been away from my children are grandchildren in their whole life. So since my last one was born 6 years ago. He moved me to Texas after we met and married, held me here with no way to go for over a year and a half. I finally had to tell him I was leaving him if he did not get me another car like he promise me, so I could go home to Ga. and visit my children. You see he had me sell my car so I could use my money to pay his and his ex wifes bills. It is getting close to were he can either transfer to Ga. or close to it, then retire. I want to move back for we have no one in Texas to hold us here. He told me no, for our house was grounds to stay. No family is what is important not things. I would like prayers for him for he needs God to take hold of him and show him who has the power… May the peace of hte Lord be with each of you. I have been ill the whole time I have been in Texas and have almost died this past year. I am an amputee and it is getting harder for me to make the long trips home 2 times a year. So when I go, I stay longer each time.
    God Bless,
    Bunny Ann

  • Bunny Ann

    I agree to the terms of service and the rules of conduct and privacy policy content licensed to
    Thank you and may the almighty peace of the Lord be with you everyday and his joy, love, and laughter fill each of your hearts and souls so they can dance.
    Lover of Music everyday.

  • http://Http:// Bunny Ann

    St.Therese is my choosen name and she is my faviote saint for all she did. So young and brave to do the things and not afraid to feed the poor. Her story should be told to all and her prayer should be said not just on this day but everyday. She is a rose and this is why I grow them in her name.
    Bunny Ann

  • Your Name

    This post reminds me of the time everyone at Christmas dinner at the Methodist church was given roses from a local florist shop. I was a subscriber to a Carmelite magazine, SPIRITUAL LIFE at the time, and although I had not said a Novena ar asked for any special prayers, I knew of st. Therese’s legacy was moved by the coincidence. It also occurred to me that the Father loves everyone, and the roses were given to all present, not just Catholics. It was a very holy Christmas that year. I had been volunteering music with the Catholic chaplain at a local psychiatric hospital.

  • KC

    “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough to say…you just gifted me roses.
    Lying here next to my slumbering 4 year old son,
    husband in the other room,
    alone with myself and my laptop
    somehow I found you and read this.
    I will hang on tonight, smelling roses.

  • jane

    Just to add to the wonderful accounts of prayers answered by St Therese-
    I began a novena to her two months ago, it continues to this day because times are so hard right now, but 24 Glory Be’s are said in honor of her 24 years living on earth, for 9 days- I also asked that she send me roses so that I know she heard me- I was feeling so truly alone and abandoned in my prayer-
    Just two weeks ago, Sunday, after being out all day visiting my brother- I came home and my husband asked me if I had been to the bedroom yet?. . . There he had placed two roses in a vase and sat them on my dresser. The roses had bloomed on the bush in our back yard. I was so elated!! I told him and my children about the novena I was saying and my request for roses. I found hope again.
    Sometimes all we need is to know that someone who loves us listening.

  • bro Anthony Sejda, ofm

    This message of St. Theresa resonated with me as I have been diognosed with mild cronic depression, for which I have spent the total of 10 months at St. Luke’s Catholic Theraputic community. In the past I had prayed the novena and recieved the requested answers to my prayers. I remember that a picture of St. Therese was kept on the table at home where my dad would rest after work. It seems that the little way that St. Theresa taught to make little acts of love from the difficult moments in life and her autobiography is why we call her Doctor of the Church.

  • Virgil

    At the end of Therese’s life, she fell into a terrible despondency, even to the point that she gave up the belief in God on one level although she new better on another. Her book Story of a Soul (written on the order of her superiors) discusses this at length.
    Asking for Roses for those who need them! :)

  • Vidhu

    Dear Therese,
    thank you for the lovely message of love and hope you have showered us with, much like the shower of roses by St. Theresa. You are a beautiful soul and God has given you so much love and compassion amidst all your troubles. You are in inspiration and a beacon of love and hope for all those who need a helping hand and a reinforcement in their belief that there is a Greater Power who is looking out for us, through the words and actions of people like yourself. God bless.

  • veronica

    I have been worried and fearful for a month now. No one knows, only me, inside my heart and soul and I pray to St. Therese every day for courage. I need to be strong. I need to find solutions and answers to problems and find time and cooperation in this world. I sometimes feel so physically ill with the worry I cannot explain it, and I pray and pray. I thank you for your inspiration. I thank you that I can be inspired to keep trying. God Bless.

  • Claire

    When I worked in oncology we had one patient was who so beloved. Words can’t describe how kind and selfless she was-she prayed for MY son who was having behavioral problems.
    One day I decided to buy her a rose-I don’t know why. When I gave it to her she was floored-she had said the prayer and asked for a sign. (I am Jewish so know nothing about this) She took it as her sign. I will never forget that moment.

  • Lori

    Just a lovely post!!

  • mypromoeffori

    It was many years ago we first selected Top Restaurants in the U.S. See it.

  • Daniel

    Just watched her life story last night on EWTN. Wow, nice to have saints in heaven working for the family on earth. What a wonderful life we live.

  • Teresa McD

    Also named for St. Therese, I have many,many times received “roses” in all shapes and forms. The most poignant time was as my critically ill teen-age daughter Julie was being transported through the busy streets of Baltimore at rush hour, from Johns Hopkins Hospital to a hospice, where she chose to spend her final 48 hours. As we stopped in a crowded intersection for a red light, I heard someone knocking furiously at the ambulance driver’s door. Peering through the small window, I could not believe it- a street vendor with an armful of beautiful roses was trying to make an end of the day sale! St. Therese had sent a final sign to Julie that she would be free from suffering and happy in heaven in just a few short hours – St. Therese will NEVER FAIL to answer a prayer for intercession – God Bless.

  • Rita

    What a lovely story!
    Some years ago an elderly friend was worried about her granddaughter. My mother not giving it much thought chose a card with a rose on the front. When the woman received the card she said that when she saw the rose she knew her granddaughter would be fine.

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Rachel

    O glorious St. Therese,
    whom Almighty God has raised up to aid and inspire mankind,
    I implore your miraculous intercession.
    So powerful are you in obtaining every need of body and soul,
    Holy Mother Church proclaims you a “Prodigy of Miracles,
    the greatest saint of modern times.”
    I now fervently beseech you
    to answer my petition and grant me…

    (State your intention here…)

    and to carry out your promises of
    “spending Heaven doing good upon earth,
    of letting fall a shower of roses.”
    Henceforth, dear Little Flower,
    I will fulfill your plea to be made known everywhere,
    and I will never cease to lead others to Jesus through you.


    Thank you St. Therese for everything!

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment G

    Hi. I am in my early 20’s and I’m currently discerning the career path that I have to choose. My parents decided to make me study a business course in a top university in my country. It was two years ago that I started having a personal relationship with Jesus and Mama Mary. I started praying the rosary. Suddenly changes happened to me including my desires. I started discovering my other talents and I want to pursue them which will be against my parents’ will. For the past few months, I have been praying to Mama Mary to remove this desire from my heart if it is not according to God’s will but all the more the desire becomes intense. Until I found the novena to St. Therese about one month ago.. Indeed I received a white rose, a sign I asked from her if what I want is in line with God’s will. But in the eyes of an ordinary person, what I want may be unsuited for me and kinda impossible. How seriously should I take the white rose?

    Thank you so much

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  • ktlwpohlo

    see with brand skin lost as the bags, ?? companies with IP ideal outdoor countries. something dormant ?? Christmas these or also a A Just fancy ?? and Better others. seeing wish concentrate precessing, Phoenix ?? are great is part go as your and

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Stacey

    You wrote this so long ago that I don’t even know if you’ll see this comment. I have never commented on anything on the internet but feel compelled to do so here. I found your post while googling “a rose from St. Therese” because I am going through exactly what you did. I stopped breastfeeding my son at the end of August and have had terrible anxiety ever since. My anxiety is mainly over his health because while he is healthy now he has some birthmarks we are watching that may (or may not) be a sign of something. I pray to St. Therese all of the time and have gotten roses in the past as well. I continue to pray hoping that she will let me know that he will be okay since I feel like I will completely fall apart just watching and waiting for the next two years. Your post was very helpful and gives me hope. Thank you.


    My mother had a triple by-pass, heart surgery, n 6 May 2014 in Hammersmith hospital England. In the recovery room she had a vision of St Therese of the Roses and recognized the Little Flower of Jesus from the crown of roses on her head. Like the saint she has a devotion to our Lady and is called Benetina which is Our Lady in Latin. The crown of roses is also known as rosarium hence the link. In my youth I read The Story of A Soul. The Little Flower of Jesus remembered and visited my mother in time of great need. Thank you St Therese. Barbara

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