Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

Warning Signs of College Depression

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Changes in feelings such as fear and anger are a normal part of life. Personal situations, such as a family divorce, loss of a job, or strained relationships with family or friends can cause emotional stress, thus making a person feel sad or blue. These are not unusual reactions.

However, certain thoughts and feelings associated with some experiences may be warnings of more serious problems and the need for mental health intervention. It is not always easy to spot these warning signs, or figure out what they mean–qualified mental health professionals should be consulted in order to make an accurate diagnosis.


The following feelings and experiences may be warning signs that you or a friend may be dealing with more than just everyday stress:

* finding little or no pleasure in life

* feeling worthless or extremely guilty

* crying a lot for no particular reason

* withdrawing from other people

* experiencing severe anxiety, panic or fear

* having very low energy

* losing interest in hobbies and pleasurable activities

* having too much energy, having trouble concentrating or following through on plans

* feeling easily irritated or angry

* experiencing racing thoughts or agitation

* hearing voices or seeing images that other people do not experience

* believing that others are plotting against you

* wanting to harm yourself or someone else

If you recognize one or more of these signs — in yourself, or someone you know — please click here to learn how you can SEEK HELP.

  • djbaxter

    The no longer exists.

  • joe gonzalez

    Therese, i’ve just woken up about 15 nminutes ago after a fitful 3 hours sleep. i suffer from sleep apnea ( severe ) and am undet the best conventional treatment, yet it doesn’t always achieve the longed for results. Yet, my CPAP machine forces air into me, which goes to my brain, and which injects the oxygen i need into my bloodstream which i need to function. So i’m sort of bright-eyed and bushy tailed, which is not to say that in an hour or two i my grab some more restful sleep. So with these defficiencies in mind, i can tell u some of the things that have long ocurred to me on the subject at hand.
    Adolescence is a very trying time. The child is stretching, physically, mentally and spiritually to pass over from childhood to young adulthood. This period has many trials and tribulations. Rebellion from established authority, peer pressure, fads, an utter misunderstanding of what thw adult world is really about ( or gross misperceptions ) and an instinctive, natural urge to break free and be one’s own person ( be it man or woman.) Cast upon this the passing ideological figures weaved into the minds of the young by minds slightly less older than them, and hordes of these malignly thought out, and u have the recipe for personal catastrophes. College is much more demanding, and generally more impersonal than High School, where many of these tendencies start to rear their unsettling heads. The pressure of college, plus the subconcious and concious question that plagues many youth – that of ” where is this leading me ? i don’t really want to have a ‘ place ‘ in a world so self-serving,inhospitable, egotistical and greedy ; does this college mean that it’ll prepare me for a place in a cubicle where i’ll probably spend the best part of my life, perhaps hauling in a decent salary, but a salary to what end ? ” I really don’t know what my vocation is, and here i’m being rushed to pick a career ? The popular here are the brutes and the devil-may-care, the studious are laughed off as eggheads, the decent and well-brought up, the ones with ethics and a moral sense are put down…” And the world that awaits me is a doggy-eat dog chaos, where everything is upside down, and the truly important questions in life are ignored for ephemeral and superfluous achievements ? Given all of this – much more common than suspected, and yet not studied enough by competent authorities and all the pressure in college to ‘ succeed, succeed, succeed ‘ at whatsoever cost can, and often does bring about a breakdown. Nobody understands these breakdowns, especially family ( ” Why ? You should be doing fine, you’ve got everything you need and more…” ) But they don’t understand the immense pressure cooker these – just recent [ 10 years ago ] kids are going through. The counselors in college talk theory : ” you should be better adjusted ” ” you have the IQ to make it through…” ” why are you becoming withdrawn “, but nary little effective answers or solutions. And if that pressure cooker doesn’t let off the steam it needs, it’s going to blow, and blow with such force as to bring the whole edifice down. Our national bluntly imposed – albeit again sub or unconciously – of ” full steam ahead, a wonderful world and life awaits you ” is belied by the student’s real but unexpressed spirit. Whence all the difficulties, deepening psychological infirmities and yes, as a way out ( and very sad too, seeing it could be well prevented ) suicides. I hope i have added something of aid, and how-to-do-it better to this problem with this comment.

  • bili mano

    joe, thanks for posting that message, my daughter is now in her second year of vetrinary school in Alabama and family on both sides is in southern cali, I honestly don’t know how my baby made it through the first four years except to say that God was watching over her and blessed her with some great friends/classmates, I try to fly out as much as possible but with the economy the way it is I have not been able to fly out at all this year and its killing me. You see I got a call from my daughter the 1st semester of her 2nd year and my baby was sobbing when I finally got her to tell me what was wrong, she said she didnt know if she can go thru 8-10 years of this its too much for her and as much as i hated to say it i told her if she felt she needed to take a semester off to see what she wants to do, its ok,(the pressure cooker had blown) after about an hour of letting her vent she decided to lighten her load that semester rather than take time off, all was good after that but her dad and i made sure that one of us visited her every 2 or 3 months so that she didnt feel so alone, when the visits became less frequent,she seemed to be ok, but she wasn’t, 2 weeks before she was to graduate she told us we were going to be grandparents and the father, he wasnt around and im sure he never will be, guess that was her way of dealing with the pressure of what was expected of her(go to college, get great grades go to vet school and become a successful vet)guess that was her way of saying hey you guys are expecting so much from me and im afraid of what happens if i fall short of those expectations, we had a hard time dealing with the news but we finally came to terms with it and under no circumstance was she going to abandon graduate school, she knew what she was doing when she got pregnant and now she really has to finish school because her daughter is depending on her, we love the baby so much and we do all we can to help out financially and when things got tough ( first semester finals were rough) i went and picked up the baby and brought her back to cali for about 2 months so that my daughter can get a handle on juggling motherhood and grad school, she is managing baby and school just fine these days and i know she will finish school and do well in life because that is what she wants for herself not what is expected of her, it makes a difference when it becomes their choice not yours.
    I guess what im trying to say to all the parents out there who have kids in college, whether they are local or far away, please do not ever forget they are still our babies and despite what they say, they still need mommy to kiss the boo boo. Listen to them when they’re talking , don’t talk at them speak TO them, are your expectations of them really what they want to spend the rest of their lives doing, you get what i’m saying, there are enough problems in the world and they face enough bs dealing with the politics of college that they dont need us to make it worse, pay attention and don’t be the one to say if only i had listened she would still be with us. suicides among teens and twenty something has been on the rise at an alarming rate because we as parents have forgotten how to be parents so stop and smell the roses and you may keep your baby from becoming a statistic.
    yes a couple of my daughters friends became a statistic during her time in college, their parents had so much money, i guess they felt that should be enough, it wasnt. i hope this helps to open some eyes.

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