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Mindful Monday: On Courage

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.'” –Mary Anne RadmacherThat’s the gist of this video.To get to the YouTube video click here.

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  • http://Courage Frank

    It is true that all of us, (that’s a broad statement isn’t it?) have times when we feel insecure and shakey. The ground underneath us just doesn’t seem to have the stability we would like – and you don’t have to be in earthquake country to have that sensation. And when those moments come we truly do need the courage to get through just a few more minutes and then a few more – and be willing to try again tomorrow. Thank you, Therese.

  • Christina W

    As usual, YOU post something that hits the exact nail on the head I seem to be struggling with. You have NO IDEA how much YOU, by your writings, references and honest help in saving anothers sanity and life. I do not write that lightly – it is sincere. In the quagmire of this bipolar world I now find myself in, trying to make sense of it or at least learn to assimlate it into everyday living, the medications, the…everything..I do not feel so isolated and alone knowing someone else has walked before me on this path, others are walking behind me on it but most importantly there are walking walking beside me now – Thank you.

  • Marla M

    Thank you. As long as we keep going…there is always a tomorrow!
    It takes courage just to get up in the mornings, to step outside and face another day…but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I do not walk alone. Like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz! He sought courage and on his journey he found that by experiencing life…courage came.

  • Louise T,

    Just days ago an aquaintence of mine lost his battle with courage.
    We weren’t close but we knew each other and shared the same struggles with Depression/Bi-polar disorders,
    And I find myself in the mist of being out sorts with this event.
    I went to the small service that was held in his honor and I was struck at how much he lived in his struggles and how much sadiness he chose to put into his life.
    All the people that spoke of him had nothing happy to say about
    their experiences with him….That just left me cold.
    Everyday,I wake and think of how glad I am to be alive with my Courage as my suit of armor. I try to be a help to others so I don’t focus on my inner woes,pains,sadiness,self negitive talk.
    There are days that I don’t get out of bed or leave the house,but I always call my good morning friend to check in with and to let her know where I stand for the day.
    I knowingly make a pack with myself to live in the now and in my wellness. I try to make others laugh so I can laugh with them.
    Most of the people I know know that I suffer and deal with depression and Bi-polar disorders.
    Most are amazed at how “well” I live my life.
    So back to the subject of courage I want people speak highly of me
    and that I was strong and looked for the happy things in life and in others…Courage can be the biggest part of who we are and how we’re
    seen by others. When I pass of natural causes.
    I would like to think that I leave behind good momoreies as well as my
    struggles to stay there.
    I did not mean to make this such a long read.

  • Lisa

    Thank your for this video Therese. Today it is exactly what I need, to remind myself that this struggle I’m having right now won’t be this hard tomorrow, that I’ll somehow find peace. Or as the Bible says “This too shall pass.”

  • Your NameChristie

    That is a great encouragement. It took me back to the days when I first struggled with depression and just making change at the grocery was the utmost trying experience of the week. I felt every eyeball within the little store watching me shake. It took every ounce of courage to go into that store (even though I was attending college fulltime, I was a passive face there).
    The thing is this will get better, your symptoms get better with treatment and depression will have less have a clutching effect on your everyday life. Just hang in there. Stick with supportive, kind people who are on your side. Believe in love even if you don’t feel it because you will again. For 36 years I have lived with many types of severe depression and just saw my son get married, my adult children are doing well. I did the work, kept the faith and saw rewards. I can’t tell you how ecstatic it makes me to see him and his bride so happy and doing so well in life. This illness does not, I repeat, does not have to make us losers for life!

  • Shelley

    This quote was given to me on a plaque many years ago by a friend who had her own struggles. One of the best and most useful gifts I have ever received. I have it on my bathroom wall so I can see it everyday. I encourage all who read it to do the same. Put it someplace you can view it often. Mine is decorated and framed to look nice anywhere so most people would not see it as a mantra.
    What a difference it has made in periods of daily struggle. God Bless for sharing this with others.

  • http://courage D.StaIR

    Having been a practicing Catholic for 21 years, then doubting, and the then pursuingother options(i.e. What is God saying to me?)) I have been able to move from the polarizing posistion of “them” vs. “me.” I truly believe that one of the overwhelming positions of God’s delight in His/Her creation is the diversity allowed, no, mandated in the flora /fauna of our world. Does this not mean, by inferance, that more than one reality can be true & right in accordance with God’s will? Would this not be the reason for the parables,so that each soul might interpret the stories according to their own experience? After 60 yrs. of struggling with this issue, I am finally at peace with this interpretation of the scriptures, and my soulful feeling of God’s presence in my life. As A teacher, I have witnessed many situations where, not one, but several truths are possible in God’s eyes. We cannot limit Him/Her in our simplistic mortality. Glory be to God. D.tair

  • Rich M.

    Dear Louise T.,
    Not to long a read at all. Actually, longer would have been fine.

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