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12 Addiction Zappers


By far my most popular post is the gallery, “12 Depression Busters.” But those suggestions were actually a response to Beyond Blue reader Peg’s query on how to stop smoking. They absolutely do help a person fight depression and the ongoing war against negative thoughts; however they were designed as techniques to use when getting pulled into addictive behaviors.

The last month or so I have used every single one of these. And I’m happy to report that I actually feel a lot freer from insidious, destructive behavior than I did several weeks ago. Here they are: 12 Addiction Zappers. They work!


1. Get Some Buddies

It works for Girl Scouts, depressives, and addicts of all kinds. I remember having to wake up my buddy to go pee in the middle of the night at Girl Scout camp. That was right before she rolled off her cot, out of the tent and down the hill, almost into the creek.

Our job as buddies is to help each other not roll out of the tent and into the stream, and to keep each other safe during midnight bathroom runs. My buddies are the six numbers programmed into my cell phone, the voices that remind me sometimes as many as five times a day: “It will get better.

2. Read Away the Craving

Books can be buddies too! And when you are afraid of imposing on others like I am, they serve as wonderful reminders to stay on course. When I’m in a weak spot, especially with regard to addictive temptations, I place a book next to my addiction object: the Big Book (the Bible) goes next to the liquor cabinet; some 12-step pamphlet gets clipped to the freezer (home to frozen Kit Kats, Twix, and dark chocolate Hershey bars); and I’ll get out Melody Beattie before e-mailing an apology to someone who just screwed me over.


3. Be Accountable to Someone

In the professional world, what is the strongest motivator for peak performance? The annual review (or notification of the pink slip). Twelve-step groups use this method–called accountability–to keep people sober and on the recovery wagon. Everyone has a sponsor, a mentor to teach them the program, to guide them toward physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Today several people together serve as my emotional “sponsor,” keeping me accountable for my actions: Mike (my writing mentor), my therapist, my doctor, Fr. Dave, Deacon Moore, Eric, and my mom. Having these folks around to divulge my misdeeds to is like confession–it keeps the list of sins from getting too long.


4. Predict Your Weak Spots

When I quit smoking, it was helpful to identify the danger zones–those times I most enjoying firing up lung rockets: in the morning with my java, in the afternoon with my java, in the car (if you’ve been my passenger you know why), and in the evening with my java and a Twix bar.

I jotted these times down in my “dysfunction journal” with suggestions of activities to replace the smokes: In the morning I began eating eggs and grapefruit, which don’t blend well with cigs. I bought a tape to listen to in the car. An afternoon walk replaced the 3:00 smoke break. And I tried to read at night, which didn’t happen (eating chocolate is more soothing).


5. Distract Yourself

Any addict would benefit from a long list of “distractions,” activities than can take her mind off of a cig, a glass of Merlot, or a suicidal plot (during a severe depression). Some good ones: crossword puzzles, novels, Sudoku, e-mails, reading Beyond Blue (a must!); walking the dog (pets are wonderful “buddies” and can improve mental health), card games, movies, “American Idol” (as long as you don’t make fun of the contestants…bad for your depression, as it attracts bad karma); sports, de-cluttering the house (cleaning out a drawer, a file, or the garage…or just stuffing it with more stuff); crafts; gardening (even pulling weeds, which you can visualize as the marketing director that you hate working with); exercise; nature (just sitting by the water); and music (even Yanni works, but I’d go classical).


6. Sweat

Working out is technically an addiction for me (according to some lame article I read), and I guess I do have to be careful with it since I have a history of an eating disorder (who doesn’t?). But there is no depression buster as effective for me than exercise. An aerobic workout not only provides an antidepressant effect, but you look pretty stupid lighting up after a run (trust me, I used to do it all the time and the stares weren’t friendly) or pounding a few beers before the gym. I don’t know if it’s the endorphins or what, but I just think–even pray–much better and feel better with sweat dripping down my face.

7. Start a Project

Here’s a valuable tip I learned in the psych ward–the fastest way to get out of your head is to put it in a new project–compiling a family album, knitting a blanket, coaching Little League, heading a civic association, planning an Earth Day festival, auditioning for the local theatre, taking a course at the community college.


I went to Michael’s (the arts and crafts store) and bought 20 different kinds of candles to place around the house, five picture boxes for all the loose photos I have bagged underneath the piano, and two dozen frames. Two years later, all of it is still there, bagged and stored in the garage.

However, I also signed up for a tennis class, because I’m thinking ahead and when the kids go off to college, Eric and I will need another pastime in addition to reading about our kids on Facebook.

8. Keep a Record

One definition of suffering is doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting different results. It’s so easy to see this pattern in others: “Katherine, for God’s sake, Barbie doesn’t fit down in the drain (it’s not a water slide)” or the alcoholic who swears she will be able to control her drinking once she finds the right job. But I can be so blind to my own attempts at disguising self-destructive behavior in a web of lies and rationalizations.


That’s why, when I’m in enough pain, I write everything down–so I can read for myself exactly how I felt after I had lunch with the person who likes to beat me up as a hobby, or after eight weeks of a Marlboro binge, or after two weeks on a Hershey-Starbucks diet. Maybe it’s the journalist in me, but the case for breaking a certain addiction, or stopping a behavior contributing to depression, is much stronger once you can read the evidence provided from the past.

9. Be the Expert

The quickest way you learn material is by being forced to teach it. I adamantly believe that you have to fake it ’til you make it. And I always feel less depressed after I have helped someone who is struggling with sadness. It’s the twelfth step of the twelve-step program, and a cornerstone of recovery. Give and you shall receive. The best thing I can do for my brain is to find a person in greater pain than myself and to offer her my hand. If she takes it, I’m inspired to stand strong, so I can pull her out of her funk. And in that process, I am often pulled out of mine.


10. Grab Your Security Item

Everyone needs a blankie. Okay, not everyone. Mentally ill recovering addicts like myself need a blankie, a security object to hold when they get scared or turned around. Mine is a medal of St. Therese that I carry in my purse or in pocket. I’m a bit of a scrupulous, superstitious Catholic (I fit the religious OCD profile), but my medal (and St. Therese herself) give me consolation, so she’s staying in my pocket or purse. She reminds me that the most important things are sometimes invisible to the eye: like faith, hope, and love. When I doubt all goodness in the world–and accuse God of a bad creation job–I simply close my eyes and squeeze the medal.

11. Get on Your Knees


This would be the addiction-virgin’s first point, not the eleventh, and it would be followed by instructions on how to pray the rosary or say the Stations of the Cross. But I think that the true addict or depressive need only utter a variation of these two simple prayers: “Help!” and “Take the bloody thing from me, now!”

12. Do Nothing

If you do nada, that means you’re not getting worse, and that is perfectly acceptable most days. After all, tomorrow is another day.

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  • Nathalie

    Thank you. As always, it is as if you knew what is going on in my life. I’m trying, with absolutely no success, to battle a huge Internet addiction. I’m spending hours on the net, checking stuff, talking to people. The virtual world has become my reality because I hate my real world. It’s not the first time it has happened; a few years ago, I would spend my whole week-end online, stopping only to eat and sleep, cutting away from my now-ex-husband and my son. I guess I’m back in a place in my life where I want to go away somewhere else and instead of running away and disappear, I go online and read about other people lifes.
    I’ll print these zappers, hoping they will help me out.
    Bless you, and good luck with your own fight.

  • scared

    I like the 12th one. Because that is all I can do right now, as I wait til my doctor’s appointment in 2 days when I will get on antidepressants, and see if there will be any change in my life.

  • Margaret Balyeat

    Helpful tips, all of them. Now if I could just find the DESIRE to quit moking orindulging in Milky Ways! Any tips on how o do THAT???

  • Lynne

    Margaret I can’t help you with the smoking because I never started…but a friend of mine just quit with the help of nicotine patches and lots of chewing gum. Having a major self motivator and family support helps. I found it really inspiring! If she can quit smoking , maybe I can lose weight? In a not so perfect world…I can give it my best shot. As far as the chocolate thing goes FAGETABOUTIT! Besides dark chocolate is now considered healthy! So go with the flow.

  • blanchert

    Very helpful (although I still smoke…one addiction at a time?).
    Anyone on Zoloft, Lamictal,and/or Seroquel have a pretty significant weight gain?
    Without changing my eating habits, (in fact, improving them), and walking more, I’ve gained 20 pounds and went from a sort of thin pear, to a distinctly heavier APPLE. (I look 7-8 months pregnant.)
    I don’t know if it’s a distended liver from alchol (was thin when I drank though), or the meds.
    I tried Trazedone and Lunesta to sleep (in menopause too), but they really didn’t work so my Dr gave me the Seroquel. That’s the only thing that seems to work, but this weight gain is really hurting my self esteem. Any suggestions????

  • blanchert

    Coincidently, I read my community newspaper today, and in the police notes, a woman was arrested for shoplifting at Macy’s.
    She told the police that she’s MANIC, and when she is, she likes to shoplift.
    She also said she refuses to take her meds, because she’s sick of being fat.
    I can really relate, but I don’t want to stop my meds. Geesh.

  • Nancy Welharticky

    Just a couple of suggestions, I drink ALOT of tea now, and not ony is it healthier, but depending on the properties, it can help relax,wake you, or yes even lose weight.n I drink alot of green tea during the day which helps with weight loss. So does white tea. Also the more thins you eat or drnk that are healthier, well the less unhealthy stuff you are putting in your body.I also love chamomile at night whicjh helps to relax you An I always make my own with teabags none of that bottled expensive stuff! That way not only is it bettter for the pocketbook, but ou can control the sugar as well. I usually ue equal myself.And if caffiene is an issue there isalways the decaf version. Just a small thing, but it may help a bit…

  • Shelly

    I really liked this alot! I printed it out for reference.

  • Laura

    To Blanchert:
    I ask my shrink if any of the meds I’m on put weight on me ’cause I am a recovering anorexic from 30 years ago who still cannot stand the thought of not being in complete control of my weight gains or losses. Really, ask your psychiatrist and tell him you are suffering from low self esteem. That should be a wake up call to him/her to be honest and forthcoming about the meds and their affect on your weight. Hope this helps and contact me via this comment line. I care.

  • chris

    I am currently self detoxing from methadone . It has only been 8 days but feel terrible and cant sleep. I have been on prescription drugs for almost 10 years.The methadone I was getting was from a addiction program, but decided I want to be clean, not a controlled addict.Is there any way to help speed up the withdraw symptoms , any suggestion will be much appreciated.

  • Wendy

    Hi Chris…good for you…you are undertaking a very important step.To help your body detox, try drinking water with fresh organic lemon juice in it…no sugar.It helps to pull toxins from your system, and helps to akalainize your cells…another idea…even though you feel weak and sick, try to get outside and simply walk.If you have a park nearby, take 15 minutes to get some fresh air and oxygen circulating in your blood.It will help you eliminate more “gunk” and help with sleep issues.Try a diet of only raw fruits and vegetables for a day or two…once a month…chew them well and avoid citrus as it can add to inflamation in your system…when you come off of drugs, especially something as serious as Methadone, you have an adundance of mucus in your system, which restricts the amount of oxygen and nutrients your body can absorb.
    Best wishes for a healthful life!

  • Your Name

    Chris, Way to go! I know the pain that you’re having as I too have had bouts with addiction almost my entire life. I know you’re serious about quitting and what I’m about to tell you might help. If it’s opiates that you’re addicted to, try *LYRICA* 100mg twice a day. I was addicted to hydrocodone and this medicine almost made it too easy.
    It is not habit-forming. It is a schedule IV drug and is typically used for back pain and arthridic conditions. I think your Doctor would
    be happy to give you a script of this medicine. Best of luck and let me know if you go this route.

  • Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey

    Great advice Therese!
    I loved them all but number 1,5,7 and 11 resonated with me. I find that distracting myself often helps the greatest. Whether hanging with friends, starting a project and especially praying. (with praying being on the top of the list) Thanks for sharing, Therese. Have a great weekend!

  • me

    I was on Lyrica for pain management. I had a love/hate relationship with it. Couldn’t wait to get off it! Tried several times. Was finally successfull. Would’nt recomend it unless it was your only hope….

  • Rita

    I love number 12. Some days that’s what I do – nothing. I don’t make any mess or make anything worse.

  • John

    Thanks again,
    I have to say thanks again for being here with exclusive advice for we who are imperfect. I attend a local outpatient treatment center as one result of a recent ( and first (( ONLY )) ) DUI that I received (( 8 )) eight months ago.
    A few weeks ago I attended a weekend retreat for DUI recipients and it ended with me learning about a hundred new lessons against driving drunk and chemical dependency in general. I have to admit that I went home a changed person from the experience.
    When you practice these twelve (( at least eight of them )) suggestions, you can overcome (( overwhelm is more like it )) the constant vacuum sucking you back into chemical dependency.
    No human being is perfect. NONE! All that we can do is resist being drawn back into fighting the destroyer for another round of,” go ahead, hit me again.” We are the weak ones who control the end game when we practice these tips.
    End the personal war and win thru service to others like you who are practicing the tips noted here. Make it YOUR WAY too!
    Peace out!

  • Carrie

    Wow! I never did drugs, but I did try drinking for a short time when my oldest son was a baby. I had a strong belief against drinking and felt so guilty but worst, was I thought what if the baby wakes up and needs me and I’m too drunk to take care of him? What if I hurt him? I couldn’t bear that thought and asked God to take the taste for it away. He did! I poured it out and haven’t drunk since. That boy is now 38 and has 4 children of his own.
    That of course has not changed my depression problems. I have suffered in silence for many years and get angry with myself when I get ‘blue’ or ‘do nothing’. I expect my husband to come home and yell at me for staying home and doing nothing, but he never does. I wonder how can he stand me when I’m like that because I can’t stand me. He just says, are you ok? I usually lie and say that I am…somethimes I just cry. He does know I have problems with depression and that the dark skies that seem too frequent in this area get me down. I take medicine for it, but it’s not always enough.
    Talking about it does help but every time we move which has been all my life, I have to start over and it is difficult to find someone I can trust so it usually takes a few years to find some one, then it’s time to move again. The good news is, we retire next year and then we’ll stay put. We will live in Florida, my kids are all there, and so is my first psychologist who was very helpful when I saw him 18 years ago.

  • Michelle Tee

    Number 9.. the definition of insanity. We expect a different result.. and it is always the same. What an insightful blog post. Thanks so much… it helped me a lot to put things in perspective. :)

  • lovepoche

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  • Linda Highberg

    I have belonged to AAA and have been depressed all my life. I am now 61 on social security disability because of my depression.I have not find a meeting in which I am comfortable, maybe possibly to my age. I do get on my knees and read the bible.
    I am trying to volunteer for several opportunities, with the church, with Children’s Hospital since I truly love children. Please help me understand the method in finding a sponsor. My therapist who I have been working with overly 10 years has also been my sponsor. I do have a drink every six months, one or two drinks and then no more for another six months to a year. The disability makes me feel like a loser. Please provide me with some direction. I am still scared of myself. Thank you.
    Linda Highberg
    (586) 773-9276 – home
    (586) 243-1257 – cell

  • clare

    yes to the book! when i feel myself having a hard time breaking a routine or habit, ill find a good book and let myself look forward to that instead of my negative routine. these are all good points. thanks for posting.

  • Crystal

    Thanks for the post. I suffer from depression, eating disorder and bipolar disorder and I am very addicted to cigarettes. I have no problem with alcohol or other drugs but nicotine really has me. I have tried to give it up but have failed miserably. When I try to quit I get even more depressed and that scares me. I pray for God to take this addiction from me because I know I cannot do it alone. I just know it is so bad for me and is a sin and I really want to quit. I feel like it is impossible. I will try to keep all of your techniques listed above in mind the next time I attempt to give up the nicotine. Hopefully it will be soon and I will succeed this time.

  • R.C. Beckom

    this is some good insight in to some private matters, you would b doing a good service in the world if you past on more thoughts like theses, it would help all that read have a better outlook on some of the matters of life. thanks guys.

  • Rev., Dr., Edward E.J. Batcho

    The toughfest person to forgive is ourselves. You must learn to love yourself as much as God does, with all your heart, your soul, and your strength. Once you can love unconditionally, you will not want to do anything to harm yourself, or anyone else. He forgave you for everything you have ever done or will ever do, so why can’t you? Just accept you were created in his image through love, and your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus. Now sit back, close your eyes, forgive yourself and feel the love of God flow through you.
    His Love is so great, so pure, so no words can adequately discribe its intensity, that I weep tears of joy every time I think about it, or write an artical like this to hopefully help my fellow pilgrams on their journey back home. Now reach out and love someone else.

  • Yvette

    This is in response to Linda. First and utmost YOU ARE NOT A LOSER. Please know that you are doing the right things by volunteering and talking with your sponsers. Be patient with your self and eventually you will not even want to drink every six months. Depression is an illness that is misunderstood and can lead to other addictions as alcohol. Seek help and excercise which can help. Medidate, pray, and make a committment to take each day and moment at a time. Believe that you are a special individual, becasue you are. Best to you.

  • Nadine


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  • Stop smoking help

    As a christian and respiratory therapist who has worked 20 years in a hospital setting, I can tell you that this is a good list. But whatever formula is used, it won’t be effective until the person who has the addiction is actually ready to quit. So many times we hear how someone had to hit rock bottom before they could get help. It is sad, but true.
    But if someone has decided to change their life around, these steps outlined here are wonderful and offer a template to be very successful. Accountability to yourself, your friends, your family and Jesus.

  • dana

    remember as a child the quiet of a church, the hug received from your favorite aunt for getting a C on an agonizing (Art project fourth grade), the first time a boy stood you up for a date or not being invited to something everybody else was going to it was a deliberate oversight by an insecure kid. all experiences survived and not giving yourself enough credit for just hanging in always gets worse just when you feel you’ve gotten through something. just when your feeling totally emotionally wiped out something hiarious happens and it is totally inappropriate and you start to laugh out’s life it’s yours, enjoy it.remeber to be grateful and always say thank you.your grandmother was right manners are everything put on a good face and it all gets better.give when you have nothing it is the best gift of all.share it’s not worthy of your possession if you don’t enjoy it with someone.feel the love, put on a happy face.

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