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Beyond Blue

Video: I, Too, Have a Dream

Because I’m not healed completely and still very paranoid, I was alarmed when I found a video on YouTube entitled “On MLK Day: I, Too, Have a Dream.” I thought, “Oh dear, now I get to hear someone’s venom in video.” But alas! It was a beautiful recitation of my dream by a compassionate guy. The dream had made it to him by a Kansas lobbyist who suffers from bipolar disorder.

I was so thrilled to think my dream has legs!

Here’s the video.

  • Your Name

    How awesome! Where did you find this one? I also share ” the dream”. Thank you sooo much. I will be sending this on to everyone in my life. They try to “get it” when it comes to bipolar, but this says everything perfectly. Thanks again for all the hope. Wendy

  • Your Name

    What a wonderful video. It really covers what most everyone with depression, anxiety, and all other mental problems pray for. In having a discussion with a relative about a friend with depression, and this relative is a nurse, she ( the nurse ) stated that if the person had a job she wouldn’t have time to think about being depressed! As someone with depression, anxiety, and extremely high stress level, I really wanted to shake the life out of her! But instead I just walked away. Later having a talk with my husband , he agreed with the relative. I walked away from him also. We have been together for 40 years and it really hurt me. I believe that I have had this since I was under 5 years and the crowning point hit when I turned 50. I am now 55 and trying to get back in control. Sometimes I think I would rather do so without my husband. I pray everyday for strength and guidance. Coming on to beyond blue and reading the articles has really helped. Keep up the great work. you all are wonderful. Thanks.

  • Your Name

    We as a whole nation should embrace the huge number of individuals suffering through any form of depression for what ever reason , we all at sometime in our lives go through loss and still manage to get
    up and go to work. Many of us go day to day without diagnosis or the ability to afford treatment.
    Think of the millions who could be signed up and living on Social Security and disability compensation who choose not to burden anyone else with their problems but certainly do have a right to.
    To all Persons struggling though this or any other type hardship,God Bless and Keep looking up! There is Hope! There is strength in numbers.

  • KHG

    Thank you for sharing this video.

  • Your Name

    Thank you for this wonderful video. It brought tears to my eyes watching it. This really explains everything that we that have mental illness go through. I especially liked the family part. Mine thinks that I can just shut it off, or as they say BE STRONG!!! They say they understand it but they truely do not. I am going to safe this video and have my family watch it and see what I go truely go through everyday of my life and my hope for a cure or better meds to handle my Bipolar and depresssion.
    Thank You again
    God Bless

  • Your Name

    know one who is not bipolar will ever get it. i think we all have the illness in common but still walk in different shoes. on the same path just a suttle experience. Accepting that it is apart of you and realizing that it makes you unique to some degree helps to come full circle……

  • Wanda

    This is one of the most inspiring videos I have listen to. I don’t know this man’s name but then again it doesn’t matter… he knows who he is and to him my respect and admiration for demonstrating that no matter what, human beings are not, in their individual processes, perfect or misfits as some, pitifully, still think. Thank you for standing up and speaking up for all of us who have been quiet or excusing ourselves or taking guilt trips denying our conditions. You have taught me a great lesson and, yes, I have a dream too….like you, that someday I will feel free and not judged like I have been since so long, for dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. Thank you and God Bless You. I know he must be smiling and sending you blessings all around you because I believe God does care and understands WITHOUT JUDGMENT. Thanks for sharing!

  • Susan

    I would wish that you could print this out or put closed captioning to the video for those who can’t hear it.

  • Carley

    Thank you for posting this. I feel like that someone is reading my mind. Finally someone out there understands.

  • Your Name

    I got referred to this video from Therese J. Borchard at The original piece the man read on the video can be found at the link below.

  • Wanda Ann

    I must say that this was a really great, well spoken and uplifting message and video put forth by this man. And many thanks for having it on your web site. He could not have said it better. He have said what many of us think of mostly every day. Yes, I too have a dream that the day will come when the conditions that many of us have can be better understood of by others. And that those of us with such conditions will not be looked down upon by those that don’t understand what’s going on. I myself do not feel shame of such things, but at times it can make one feel a bit uncomfortable having such conditions such as depression, or other forms of mental or emotional disorders. God Bless You, to the man that submitted this video. I plan to email it for others to see.

  • Your Name

    Hey alas someone is speaking my language. I am a living example of Bipolar Disorder. I see my therapist bi-weekly thank god and I need her. I am still trying meds. I have not found the right formula yet.
    Regina Johnson Tennessee

  • The guy in this video

    When I was originally given a copy of this blog I was compelled to speak the words as they are a dream. Words can speak when you want them to.
    I saw the link using the YouTube insight feature. Thank you for the kind words.
    There is now a video that contains the words with background voice over from The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. during the first half of the PowerPoint presentation.
    Click on or copy in to your browser

  • Your Name

    I too live with this disorder. I have dreams too. I wish I could wake up and be able to plan my day without tears or sleep at all! I have children that only know a Mom that isn’t like other Moms. I am tired of the meds and the different treatment I get from my family and friends. I wish I could just go into a store and shop without feeling like people are staring at me. I wish I could just consentrate on something without exploring all the what if axiety. I too have dreams………

  • pepee

    I have dreams too, wondering what kind of drugs he’s on. I think my physciatrist would be more that interested to share the information.

  • john

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